J.J. Abrams’ Super 8 hitting DVD and Blu-ray November 22

Super 8, the original sci-fi project written and directed by J.J. Abrams, will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on November 22, 2011. The movie will be available as a two-disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo pack or a single-disc DVD. Details over the jump.

J.J. Abrams’ third film overall — and first after Star Trek — Super 8 grossed more than $250M worldwide. Included on the two-disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo pack with Digital Copy will be more than two hours of special features including eight behind-the-scenes featurettes explo3ring the origins of the story.

Here’s the list of special features:


  • Commentary by writer/director J.J. Abrams, producer Bryan Burk and cinematographer Larry Fong
  • Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes
  • The Dream Behind Super 8
  • The Search for New Faces
  • Meet Joel Courtney
  • Rediscovering Steel Town
  • The Visitor Lives
  • Scoring Super 8
  • Do You Believe in Magic?
  • The 8mm Revolution
  • Deconstructing the Train Crash
  • Deleted Scenes

Super 8 will also be available on a single disc DVD that will feature a Digital Copy, the afforementioned commentary track with Abrams, Burk and Fong, and two of the featurettes: The Dream Behind Super 8 and The Visitor Lives. Suggested U.S. retail price will be $29.99 for the DVD and $39.99 for the Blu-ray/DVD Combo.

Called “this year’s most thrilling movie” (Richard Corliss, Time), writer/director J.J. Abrams’ (Star Trek) breathtaking adventure SUPER 8 debuts in a Blu-ray™/DVD Combo Pack with Digital Copy November 22, 2011 from Paramount Home Entertainment. Produced by Amblin, Bad Robot and Academy Award® winner* Steven Spielberg, the exhilarating story follows a group of friends in a small Ohio town who witness a catastrophic train crash while making a super 8 movie. When they realize that it was no accident, they set out to find the truth—something more shocking than any of them could have imagined. Combining action, humor and heart, the film features outstanding performances from a fresh young cast including Elle Fanning (Somewhere), Gabriel Basso (“The Big C”), Zach Mills (Kit Kittredge: An American Girl) and newcomers Joel Courtney, Riley Griffiths and Ryan Lee, along with veteran actors Kyle Chandler (“Friday Night Lights”) and Ron Eldard (“Blind Justice”).

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Can’t wait to buy this!!!

This was a good movie.

We need that Kyle Chandler in ST12

What an instant classic this film turned out to be! Before the J.J-haters come out to insist otherwise:

“Super 8” made over $250 million worldwide! A big sleeper hit.

I really enjoyed the movie. I will get it when it comes out.

Great film…loved it all…and $250m is pretty decent cash considering it cost $50m to make

Is that really the packaging? Yeesh.

$40 for a Blu-Ray that looks like an old bag of Fritos or something?

I guess we can say about JJ Abrams what Kirk once said about Spock: “It’s his way.”


Did you see the movie? It looks like a box of Super 8 Kodachrome film.

I never watched the movie but seeing all the responces saying how good it is I will red box it. I got rid of my netflix… not a fan of the large raise in my monthly fee.

Good movie, but kind of a forgettable movie.

Saw Super 8. Best parts of the movie were the trailers. Its a Friday night weekend afternoon SyFy TV movie. Special effects were cool. Not JJs best work in my humble opinion.

Did this even get a UK cinema release? It certainly didn’t create much of a buzz here if it did.

I never got to see it here, was on one week and off the next.

Thank god for Blu-Ray though. At least I’ll get to see it if someone can convince me its worth it??

I missed it in the theater, I wanted to see it.

its a great homage to movies of the 70s n spielberg in particular–u will like it the most if u r a spielberg fan-

Dear Paramount,

I do not DVD’s anymore or digital copies. I have two blu ray players. Please stop selling me products I don’t want/need with the products I DO want. I bet you could shave $10 off the price of that movie…btw, you can buy the original and prequel Star Wars trilogies for $30 each at Toys R. Us, the same price as your $30 movie.

P.S. Please change that absolutely god-awful packaging. That has to be the ugliest Blu Ray package I’ve seen in a long time…for a great film too. Why not just use one of the movie’s actual posters as a cover?

“The movie will be available as a two-disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo pack or a single-disc DVD.”

I thought this means that a two-disc combo pack is available in both Blu-ray or DVD. Can anyone confirm this? I do have a Blu-ray player, only a DVD player, so I would be going for the DVD combo pack.

it was ok- but i was dissapointed & had to apoligise to my unsignificant over for taking them to see it.

unsignificant “other” lol

it started off great, like an 80’s spielberg film but, yeah.

Time for some Saturday morning whining.




Good film. Really enjoyed the kids, which is a rare statement on my part. They were very natural and doing things I remember doing.

I’d also love JJ to try to make a movie without a “twist.” Just do the story of the people… with no monsters, aliens, zombies, or vampires showing up. Sorry, can we not have that kind of movie anymore??

Buzz Cagney, Yes is was released here in the UK I saw it and thought it was great. One reason it might not have been plastered all over the place is that there were no big name actors in it to prance down the red carpet. I can tell you that it made $11,983,688 here in the UK that is very good for movie with no big stars in the movie.

Enjoyed this very much! Not the summer blockbuster style of movie, yet extremely well done! Def purchase!

I haven’t seen it. May be a good movie as a lot of people say. But it sort of turns me cold ‘cuz I blame it in part for the Trek sequel delay.

I know. I’m selfish.

I am so ready for this!! And #21,Aurore,hello my friend! How are you? I fully agree with your post there,I had so hoped it would be sooner!!

I’m getting annoyed with movie studios releasing these vanilla DVDs, I mean compared to BluRay most DVDs these days are practically vanilla releases.
I for one have no intention of switching to BluRay.

I’ve been less inclined to buy DVDs in the last couple of years as there are seldom any extras to justify the price of the disc.
Would it hurt to release 2 disc DVD set, so those without BluRay can enjoy the extras too?

If I do buy a DVD it’s when it hits the bargain bin and is down to £4 or £5.

It must be weird post weekend – saw a couple of “it’s okay, but not really” posts?? Come on, either you liked it, or you didn’t….

I think I hear it “hitting” now…

I like the packaging. Didn’t see the movie yet, but looking forward to it.

Great movie but I hate it because it took time from him so he couldn’t do the Trek sequel. As much as I liked it, I could’ve waited two more years for Super 8 just so STXII could’ve come out this year.

That sure is the ugliest ass packaging I ever did see.


I’m fine.
I was so happy to read your posts on the much awaited “J.J. Abrams will direct etc… ” thread the other day. How are you ?

Regarding Super 8, at least, you already watched the movie.
I have yet to see Super 8 (I wasn’t interested in watching its dubbed version).

Apparently, the film was well received,here.


A good movie…:-) :-)

Good movie but not great. I will pass on owning it…

I agree it was a very good and entertaining movie, but I am not going to buy it.

I bet the same people who post statements like “it was a good, entertaining movie but I won’t be buying it” are really saying “I’m really angry at J.J Abrams for directing this movie first instead of the Trek sequel and the only reason why I saw “Super 8″ was because it was critically acclaimed and I don’t want to feel like a black sheep on this site”?

I’m also happy that no one is able to twist the box office gross numbers to fit their own arguements about the film sucking. This article should put all that to bed.

“Super 8” is an unqualified success. It’s return on investment was five-fold. Paramount is no doubt extremely pleased by this. But the anti-J.J crowd are not because they no longer have a leg to stand on.

#33,Aurore,I wish I could say I was feeling good,but I just spent my day watching my VOLS get kicked in the butt by the Gators for the 7th year in a row!! I’m kinda a sore loser. Anyway,I hope you really enjoy Super 8 when it does come out,I saw it 2 times and just loved it! And you know,I would be so jazzed if JJ told us more good news like he did the other day!! :)

hmm the packaging is similiar to kodak super8 film packaging-youd have to be old nuff to remember making your own super 8 movies as teens to notice–we did we did scenes from the omega man n used a honda ct70 mini bike–we cassette tapes the sound from the movie n made scenes to match it haha

As for saving $10 by giving a non-DVD BluRay pack — no. DVD pressing costs are dirt cheap. The big costs are the content, packing, and distribution. Throwing a DVD into the existing box costs next to nothing, which is why the studios are doing it. Even people that have BluRay at home still have laptops or portable DVD players that don’t do BluRay. However, the 2nd DVD will eventually go away, probably replaced by the digital copy option.


The studios also know that people with Blu Ray players who buy this movie know others who don’t and this is a way to allow sharing of movies while reducing piracy and allows them to still make money.

I would be so much more excited by this if only this movie’s uninspired ending, stupid CGI creature FX (another drooling, gooey, roaring space traveler) and illogical ‘plot’ didn’t ruin an otherwise stellar triumph in production design (it looks like a vintage Spielberg movie at times) and the efforts by the best young ensemble cast since 1986’s “Stand By Me.”

This one came so close. But my frustration over some very basic problems with this movie will, for me, keep it off of my dvd shelf…. :-(

Love the packaging!


No really just thought the movie was okay. It was not stellar to me and I don’t think it was JJ best work. Now you are correct in that from the box office numbers I may be in a minority. But everyone is allowed their own opinion. I would not even rent it from a redbox to view a second time. I had the movie figured out within a few minutes and could have told you how the next scene was going to unfold thru out the movie.

As to your other comment, no I am not “mad” JJ did Super 8 instead of Trek, just didn’t think the movie was all that great. When he does ST I will see it as I am a fan and yes I would like the new movie out sooner rather than later. I do however go on with other things in my life, my career, my family, my friends, Georgia football (sad season start we have had) and other activities of daily living.

It is never a good idea to make assumption regarding the motivations of others opinions without factual information.

It’s so…yellow!

The packaging is absolutely appropriate. The kids were making a Super 8 film, which is what got them directly involved in the plot. I think it’s clever.

I loved the dialog and set decoration in that movie. Gosh, it was like being back in that time period. I was laughing through much of the film because the old products and TV show excerpts in that background prompted fun memories. The kids were great, especially in their interactions. They could have been me and my friends at that age.

Sure, it wasn’t the deepest plot, but the story was told/shown very, very well, and I enjoyed it. The characterizations are what stood out and are, in my opinion, what make the movie wonderful. We are looking forward to owning our own copy.

Kyle Chandler is awesome. I became a fan of his after watching “Super 8.” I was thrilled when he won the Emmy for “Friday Night Lights,” though I’ve never watched the show.

My next blu-ray purchase next to Star Wars TCS! (*ducking tomatoes!) lol

Gosh this was a freakin’ awesome film…I’m buying this. I wanna see a movie where the alien or another alien from the same species battles an 8472!! That would rock.