Catch Star Trek (2009) On IMAX For Only $7 At AMC

The 2009 Star Trek movie is headed back to the big screen – the really big screen. Starting tomorrow select AMC theaters will be presenting Star Trek and two other films on IMAX for a special one week run at a discounted price of $7. Details below.


Catch "Star Trek" on IMAX for $7

AMC Theaters is holding a special one week event, screening three recent "fan favorite" films on IMAX for just $7 each. From Friday, September 30th to Thursday, October 6th AMC IMAX theaters will be showing Star Trek along with this year’s Vin Diesel-starring car movie Fast Five and Christopher Nolan’s critically-acclaimed 2010 movie Inception.  

Go to for details and to buy tickets.

Star Trek returning to  IMAX for one week – only $7

Star Trek IMAX Experience Abrams intro and trailer


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Never caught it in IMAX the first time around, this should be fun!

Dude, welcome back!

Yay. For so many reasons. Glad to see you back in the saddle Mr. Pascale. ;-)

$7 for a old movie? I’d rather see STII.

Nice to have you back Anthony.

I’m going to cry…

WHY do I have to be out of town for EVERY SINGLE cool event that is happening???!!!

The movie was too shaky for IMAX.. I literally saw this movie 8 times in theaters and the IMAX version was my least favorite.. Granted, I might have been sitting too close.. But you can tell it wasn’t filmed for IMAX.

Welcome Anthony Pascale!!!!… We miss you… :-) :-)

Great about Star Trek!… but September is ending and no announcement about Trek Sequel… Hey Mr. Bob Orci… are you there?…

:-) :-)

I would love to see this in IMAX!! But we don’t have any AMC’s around here. :(


Thank goodness Anthony is back! Anthony, did you get my emails?

Yeah! Glad you’re back. Hope we still see articles and comments from Rosario, too – did a great job in your absence!

I’d be more interested if it was IMAX 3D. Not really worth the drive for me.

7. Blake Powers – September 29, 2011

Maybe you were sitting too close, man. Awful way to watch any movie. And if you went to a multiplex IMAX you probably got scammed with the rest of us because THAT is not the true 1.33:1 MEGA screen IMAX in 70mm. IMAX has now become a brand name to sell, cashing in on people not knowing the difference; multiplex IMAX is just not much different than the regular screen showings. But at $7, sure! I’ll go again!

15. “Acknowledged”

AMC is cool. They seem to do things like this more than other theatre chains. They showed Back to the Future and LOTR. Fun for sure. They seem to “get it.”

@4 STII is even older than ST 2009. I know what you mean, but 2 IS and always shall be your friend… wrath of khan.

Just got a large screen HDTV for my birthday. First thing I watched was Star Trek. It looked great. I don’t need Imax.

Welcome back, Anthony. I misbehaved only a little bit while you were gone. Others weren’t so civilized but I’m not a tattletale so I won’t name any names.

Has anyone else been able to find any theaters showing this in Southern California next week….I have not been able to find any theaters here using their zip code search engine?

17. garen – September 29, 2011

Yeah, they do. They also seem to be more concerned about image/sound quality than other chains I’ve been too.

I saw the signs at my local AMC, but figured it was just a local thing or I would have sent in a tip! Really excited to see it in IMAX. Didn’t get the chance the first time around.

Zip codes in SoCal working now….will see it in IMAX next week….C O O L ! ! !

no imax screens it tacoma-it is playing in seattle at the imax seattle ctr the only real imax in puget sound although there is a chain imax in southcenter n one in olympia too-i like the oly one saw tron legacy there in imax 3d n even tho its only a bit bigger than regular screens its still better clearer n the sound is the best—i find it worth going to for movies i like seeing–tacoma should have one too but we dont–and yes welcome back sir anthony lord of the website–we dont wanna admit it but we missed ya n we appreciate your hard work on our behalf—

Don’t forget the Dramamine!!

Welcome back Anthony, you’ve brought balance back to the Force!

Awesome, a reason to go to the theater!

Would love to see Trek 09 in Imax one more time. Welcome back Anthony.

Welcome Back Anthony!

**sobs unashamedly**

Welcome home.


Nice to see you back, Anthony.

Reminds me of TMP when Kirk first appears on the bridge.

THe shakey cam sounds bad for IMAX. Is it worth it? Hmm. I will have to seriously think about it – FAST.

18. Allen Williams

Funny, Iknow. FYI, I did have a great opportunity last Friday to see
“Wrath of Khan”, but just as I saw the ad online, I also noticed it had
just ended. Bad timing.

Hmmm… ST09? It is only $7.

I’m glad Pascale is back. It must be tough to measure all that pressure….

…OK, bad physics pun…sorry


Nice to see you back, my man! BTW, the films are running for TWO weeks in the Twin Cities. Yay!

You’re back!!!!! Great to know you’re okay.

“The Fast Five”, “Star Trek” and “Inception”. Great movies!

Welcome back Anthony! :)

Anthony, you made my weekend…in more ways than one. #1-“Heeeeee’s back!!!!!!” #2-I am thrilled to get to make a trip to Omaha with my family to see this in IMAX, again! #3-Star Trek lives and so does TrekMovie!

Wow what luck….. no theraters in my zip code, or Portland either…

Welcom back Anthony!

Showing STXI on IMAX again is genius! And at only $7, my family and I will be there this week!

Well, I just SAW it again, and it looked fantastic! And the opening still brought tears to my eyes, and this time I got all hazy-eyed during the transporter scene after Spock lost command too. Still packs a punch, and I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a two hours that moved that fast, even knowing everything that was coming.

#45 – I agree! Went yesterday to the nearest AMC IMAX (in Tukwila, WA) for my 24th theater viewing! Still amazing on the big screen.

Thanks, Trekmovie, for the tip about these screenings – would’ve missed it otherwise.

Went last night, (10/2/11). LOVED it even more than I thought I would. so great to see it on the big screen and awesome sound again!

Anthony! I’m so glad to see you back in the command chair again! The sight just hasn’t been the same without you. But I must give HUGE kudos to your crew for keeping the sight up and running and the masses content. :)

Went to see it in Virginia Beach last night. I was literally the only one in the theater. Kind of cool to get a private showing, but kind of creepy as well.