Orci: Star Trek Sequel Scouting Underway + Comics To ‘Foreshadow’ Sequel

We are still awaiting official announcements regarding the Star Trek sequel, but in a new interview co-writer/producer Roberto Orci gave a brief update on work being done currently. Orci and Star Trek comics writer also talked about how the new IDW series will tie into the sequel. Details below.


Orci: Scouting for sequel underway

In an interview focusing on the new Star Trek series of comics, Star Trek sequel co-writer/producer Bob Orci also gave a quick update on the film’s progress and confirmed reports that JJ Abrams will be directing:

Orci: The cast is excited. We have a director. We’ve started scouting locations. The second time around the crew is already together from the start, so we can jump right into the adventure.

New Comics series to tie into Star Trek sequel

Orci and Star Trek comics writer Mike Johnson also talked about how the new ongoing "Star Trek" comics will both retell TOS stories and tie into the upcoming sequel:

Johnson: As we get closer to the next movie, the stories will begin to foreshadow the events of the movie, such as possibly introducing new characters we will see onscreen… pun very much intended.

Each episode will be told in two issues, so in issue #3 and #4 we will revisit the events of “The Galileo Seven.” I’m excited about this one because it’s a Spock-centric story that explores his brief experience as a commanding officer and how he was affected by losing command of the Enterprise to Kirk in the last movie. I can’t spoil which episodes come after that, but I can say that events will deviate more and more from the TOS versions as the new timeline evolves.

Orci: Re-visiting original episodes in the new timeline is great for two reasons. First, we can do things we can’t do in the movies, simply because we don’t have the time to explore so many different adventures in the course of one film. And second, it’s so much fun to revisit the classic stories. Imagine being invited to jam with your favorite band. The classic songs will never change, but you get to play them in a new way.

For more from Johnson and Orci visit the official Star Trek site.

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Hey Trek Movie Staff. I did not now you were waiting for an announment RETARDING Star Trek. Lol.
Ok. Let’s just get this thing going and get into production and get us a Real Release Date. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some Story’s I really want to see in the comicks is Doomsday Machine and Amok Time. Also. Tomorrow is Yesterday will be great. But. You guys must do City on the Edge of Forever.

Just hoping that the new ST movie is not just a new collection of ‘classic songs’ (as Orci refers to the comic book episode do-overs).
I want a new album of NEW songs, not a tribute concert….

It’s a shame that this (so far excellent) Comic series isn’t being done as a TV series that could tie into the movies. Trek belongs on the small screen.

That said, the first issue was very very good and I look forward to the rest of it.

Damn I have got to find this comic! I cant believe I live in a large urban area and yet theres no comic book stores close at hand.

And B&N doesnt seem to carry it here, although it does in some other cities.

Any way to order em online?

Great, they are scouting locations (sarcasm intended.) One small step for Trek…..uh…..one giant leap for for getting this movie underway? “Humph”

I am split on this. Current fans like me could think oh no they are doing the Klingons, Romulans, Borg or Khan again can’t they come up with something new? However new fans the the movie got would have never seen the Klingons, Romulans, Borg or Khan and might think these villians are cool. Would it still be interesting to see how the new cast takes on old TOS villians?

Cool…will be fun to try and second guess what events might be tied to the sequel as the comics progress.

What I said above would only apply if the sequel is done like the these new comics.

If new fans want to see Trek’s classic adventures—well, there are these things called DVDs. Pretty sure the young ‘uns have access to ’em.

New universe.
New adventures, please.

Looking forward to the new comic series. After the countdown comic I was awaiting a series in the new universe. Also can’t wait for the PS3 Star Trek game coming in 2012, finally a decent looking console Star Trek game.

To a certain degree I do want something new but then again the Klingons have been “done” twice in the grand scheme of things, the original series version and then from the Motion Picture to the present. I would LOVE to see how the new supreme court presents the Klingons, I think it would be so badass!

Whenever I watch the new movie, I always go back and watch the scenes which were cut, because there was some good stuff there especially the only scene with Klingon characters.

P.S. Bob lets make sure we get some new editors for the movie, there were some pivotal scenes cut which would have enhanced the story if kept in. In my opinion and only my opinion, Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey have no idea what the hell they were doing, and should not be editing the next movie.

The Rura Penthe scene was awesome, Klingons are the classic adversaries of the original series and should be in either the upcoming movie or the one after that. Baby Spock was also a pivotal scene and it was cut. So we get baby Kirk but not baby Spock, not cool.

I wonder how they will handle the topic of Nazis, Mobsters, and Cowboys living in space?

I hate cover versions of classic songs.

hmmm… The more i hear about this, the less i believe this sequel is going to be a “fresh” story. Sequel based on a old story? Or a new story? Khan?

Hey Richard. You forgot Hippies. Yeah Brother!
I reach!!!

4. claypool2011 AGREED! Star Trek movies are a treat but Star Trek is meant for the small screen, those eagerly awaited weekly adventures, and not years apart. But I guess CBS Paramount are hesitant to put Star Trek on the small screen again after the lack of viewers with Enterprise which was really the UPN debacle (at least in the US). Here in Canada it was on the Space channel where it belonged. After the (cross fingers) success of the next movie, along with the sales of The Next Generation HD Blu-ray, CBS Paramount might start to consider a new TV series.

5. Hugh Hoyland That blows! I live in a city with 500,000 peeps, we have three comic book stores. A large urban area should have at least……what…5 comic book stores! I am sure you will be able to purchase them online.

10. Vultan But yea…..going back and watching those are still not Orci and JJ’s version of Klingons, or should I say Neville Page version of Klingons. New universe does not always mean new ideas are best, your logic is flawed. It all depends on how the ideas are executed.

Older Trek Movie article regarding Neville Page and the approach to creating Klingons for the new universe, and personal I find it refreshing. Rehashing an old ideas is not a negative thing if its done right.


Kirk to Scotty.
Youg Minds fresh ideas be Tollerant!.

This is encouraging to say the least. Now all the fine parts are oiled up, and this production should be smooth sailing from here.

Mr. Bob Orci. I must express the need for the franchise to return to It’s television roots. Please express my opinion to Mr. JJ Abrams, along with my advanced blessings for a prosperous new Star Trek film.

…yes……………….still waiting “the announcement”..

… but Mr. Bob Orci said something…. a bit but something… LOL

:-) :-)

Hmmmmm…”Galileo Seven.” Interesting choice, guys! I liked the story back in the day, even though the monsters were pretty corny. As an adult I found it an interesting metaphor on faith. It’s kind of poignant today because we have had two space shuttle disasters since the show aired. You wonder what the Columbia and Challenger astronauts thought or said to each other as they faced certain death, burning up in a decaying orbit or blowing up on liftoff. I hadn’t seen the show in years, and viewing it as an adult I was almost in tears. You can’t look at “Galileo Seven” today without remembering our own real astronauts.

But in the Star Trek world, the crew are going to die and their commanding officer is basically an atheist (“I for one do not believe in angels.”) He has no words of consolation for any of the crew, but it is ironically the atheist who engages in the leap of faith at the end.

It’s strange but Mr. Nimoy always felt that this one was a bit of a flop for him. I would beg to differ, especially compared to the type of Spock we’ve gotten from Mr. Quinto, who is barely in control of himself. In “Galileo Seven,” Nimoy’s Spock is probably closest to the somewhat emotional and unstable Spock we’ve come to know from Mr. Quinto. Nimoy was practically hysterical as he limped aboard the shuttle reprimanding the crew for rescuing him and screaming, “Get us off, Scott!” Most people fail to notice that Nimoy went subtly back and forth between “Vulcan” and “human” in many episodes. That’s what gave the character snap, crackle and pop. I can’t wait to see how Mr. Quinto would handle his first command.

I would love to see this episode get the Star Treatment! And as there are many flawed episodes of Star Trek, there must be lots of undiscovered nuggets of story ideas to mine. The classic episodes can therefore, stay classic. Fiendishly clever!

:) This bit of news can do nothing but make me smile!! It’s good to know that everybody else is ready now,because I’ve been ready for a long time!!

The first comic was boring. It was far too similar to the original episode.

So do we need to read the comics to fully appreciate the progression that’s going to take place from ST.09 to the sequel?

Commodore Mike…

As much as I agree that a “reimagining” of City on the Edge of Forever would make for a very intriguing comic, I doubt it will ever happen.

Harlan Ellison has been notoriously litigious with anything that is based on or is derivative of his works, so I could only imagine any comic that spins off of that story would grab his attentions… and that of his lawyers.

Unless they can get him to sign off on the comic, I think they will probably want to stay as far away from that story as possible!

#23 It sounds to me like the comics and the new Star Trek video game will be tied to the new movie. If so I wonder if they plan on just redoing the TOS series for the sequels with the new cast? I wonder if Paramount saw it would be cheaping redoing TOS on the big screen then on TV and we wont see a new Trek series for a long time?

Sorry i meant to say cheaper redoing TOS.


“Harlan Ellison has been notoriously litigious with anything that is based on or is derivative of his works”

Mister Ellison, has stated publicly, and on countless occasions, that all he asked for was proper credit where it was due. And payment of course. Even though ‘City’ was subject to rewrite, as is most episodic television, Harlan gave birth to the idea, and was never fully compensated for his contribution…
But never, was he opposed to going down ‘that’ road If he was given due credit.


Did I say anything about not using their version of Klingons and other races? As far as I’m concerned, they can throw whatever alien races they want at us, but if they’re going to just use the same plots as the classic TOS episodes, then what’s the point in even rebooting Trek?

I hope our supreme court tells Giacchino to somehow incorporate Guile’s theme http://youtu.be/R5izsjeLCQ4

We have had the most important announcement and that is that JJ Abrams is directing the Star Trek sequel. It is officially in pre-production phase. Bob Orci has just confirmed this, saying also that the cast is excited. We do not need to know anything more at this stage. Having knowledge of a new release date will not make it come any faster nor is knowing the movie’s title (if it is to have one) important or relevant at this stage.

@ Bob – Have any of the cast seen the script yet? I am asking this because I am assuming that would be the reason they are excited. I hope that Chris Pine is learning and improving on his “Kirk moves” and likes his young beagle mascot? Remember – my suggestion for a lovely cameo with Scott Bakula and/or Bruce Greenwood in a scene where Kirk is given the young beagle. The movie also needs some whimsy…:)

Better still, some really great moments of unforgettable and wonderful cheesiness…hehehe. (Afterall, cheese is high in protein, calcium and fat soluble vitamins and not bad tasting either…) For anyone who has a problem with cheese, see my clenched fist and watch the second finger raising itself higher and higher…:)!

#30. Keachick…

…I think you are wanting to know much at this stage… just keeds…:-) :-)

##30. Keachick…

And CP still hot, tanned and thin… I’m wondering if it’s he who is “scouting locations” for the film?… LOL

:-) :-)

Good to know that preproduction will begin soon……I think……I hope!

Also good to know the comics will tie in with the movie. But I think I’d prefer to see original stories instead of rehashin old TOS episodes. thumbed through the recent comic reimagining of “Where No Man Has Gone Before” and apart from the visuals, it was a frame by frame remake.
I thought to myself “What’s the point of this?”

Anyway, I don’t mind if elements of TOS, like Klingons, Tholians, Gorn etc are used but I’d prefer some NEW story ideas. It’s a new timeline/universe, so let’s BOLDLY GO WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE!

#7: Hey, maybe the new villain will be Khan Borgulan!

The Iconian race is such a mystery in Star Trek lore, it would be interesting if the Iconians or some other legend were explored in the new movies somehow. But then again that would be dealing with an aspect of TNG and some people might be up in arms about that. Do we stick with TOS guidelines in the new movie series or is all Trek lore fair game in this new universe.

Khan = “onscreen” pun? As in Kirk and Khan were never face to face in person in ST2?

Yeah, I didn’t notice any pun either.

Don’t really dig the comics. Just start making the damn movie and stop trying to drag things out guys. Maybe if these comics had started coming out a year and a half ago I would feel differently. But this comes across to me like a lame attempt to pacify the fans given the continuing delays.

So some time will have passed between movies. I’m wondering now how much, and hoping it’s not measured in years.

You know what would be REALLY wicked…. is if they adapted the comics to be a digital “Moving” comic…. with voice actors and moving people.

#33 – “Good to know that preproduction will begin soon……I think……I hope!”

Pre-production has already begun. No doubt scouting for location is another part of that process. On IMDb, The Untitled Star Trek sequel’s status changed from “Announced” to “Pre-production” at least a fortnight ago and the film’s status has also changed on all the seven actors homepages as well.

Peter Jackson is in the middle of filming the Hobbit movies and yet three months ago, a helicopter was scouting for suitable locations for the next stage of filming the Hobbit to take place…

@35: I think all lore should be fair game. The Iconians might be very good, but if done wrong it could come off looking like a ripoff of Stargate SG-1, despite that the Iconian Gateways were devised BEFORE Stargate.

I do agree that they need to be all-inclusive and fluid and incorporate elements from ALL Treks.. The Borg for example NEED to be dealt with, as it was hinted that V’Ger was a Borg of a type in various places and in the Nero comics was implied that V’Ger was twisted into the Narada somehow. Also: The Borg are due to attack Guinan’s home world within 30 years or so circa the 2009 movie’s era.

But they need to also incorporate Enterprise elements more since that was 22nd Century…they should intermix echoes of The Suliban, The Xindi, Denobulans, if elder T’Pol made it off Vulcan before it blew… they already mentioned Archer and his penchant for beagles in the 2009 film…

As for TNG onwards, maybe a run-in with the Q, I remember a TNG novel called Q-Squared that said Trelane was a Q…so thats possible…

Also the Cardassians should be worked in somehow, and perhaps a pre-Occupation Bajor…and maybe The Prophets and/or The Dominion…

As for Voyager, it’d be tough to work in many elements, but with the new, faster warp drive in the new film series (7 minutes at warp to get to Vulcan?) it might be possible to work in some Delta Quadrant races such as the Hirogen and possibly that dinosaur species that’s a ripoff on the Doctor Who Silurians, called the Voth…

They might even tap the new-era novels and get the Caeliar from the Destiny Trilogy involved… who knows…

@40 “You know what would be REALLY wicked…. is if they adapted the comics to be a digital “Moving” comic…. with voice actors and moving people.”


23. No. But it might add to the experiance.

@43 Sarcasm notwithstandin #43, #40 was referring to motion comics, such as was done with the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 comics.


@45. OK, thanks. What’s next then, Trek puppet shows?

#47 YOUR sarcasm notwithstanding, I don’t know. HOWEVER, done right, a motion comic could provide a good add-on experience at a low budget.

If you say so. :-)


Bob, are you saying we learn experience from our mistakes?

Gawd, I love teasing the heck out of you!