Star Trek Gaming Update: Visitor & Auberjonois Talk Infinite Space + STO Gearing Up For Free-To-Play

It is time to catch up on some Star Trek gaming news. First up we have a new video interview with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Rene Auberjonois and Nana Visitor talking about the upcoming browser game Star Trek: Infinite Space. Plus Cryptic has updated their plans on moving Star Trek Online to the free-to-play model. .


Auberjonois & Visitor Talk Star Trek Infinite Space

Later in 2011 Gameforge will release their free-to-play browser-based online game Star Trek: Infinite Space, which is set in the Star Trek Deep Space Nine universe. The publisher has just provided us with this new video interview with DS9 stars Nana Visitor (Kira) and Rene Auberjonois (Odo) talking about the game. 

Here also are a couple of recently released videos showing off some of the combat functionality for the game

For more info including details on how you can secure exclusive items and benefits, such as beta key priority, you can pre-register for the game at

Star Trek Online Continues Move To Free-To-Play

In other "free" news, Cryptic is continuing to transition their MMORPG Star Trek Online to a free-to-play model, which was expected following the purchase of the company by Perfect World who specialize in the F2P. Starting later this year you will be able to download and play Star Trek Online for free, with some features of the game being available via al a carte purchases. You will still be able to play paying a monthly subscription, which includes additional benefits. Cryptic have set up a special "Path to Freeplay" section of the STO site that explains how it will all work. They have also issued an "Ask Cryptic" about F2P and a development blog, with the 2nd entry just released yesterday.

They also have a Free-To-Play intro trailer.

Star Trek game still in development

As for the the "Star Trek" co-op console game set in the new universe (see TrekMovie E3 first impressions), the game is still in development at Digital Extremes and is scheduled to come out in 2012. The only new bit to show for now is a new version of the trailer with the "accolades" the game picked up at E3.


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Not much here do i like

Looking forard to these games and would love to Play Star Trek Online. As Scotty said.
I like this Ship. It’s Exciting!.

Intrigued by Free to Play, but please hurry up and add Mac support for STO!

I’m excited for all of these, especially Infinite Space and the new console game coming next year.

You can pay me money to play STO and I still wouldn’t. That game bites.

If there was ever a time to play STO, F2P is it because ALMOST EVERYTHING we’re paying for now, all the new content we since funded to develop and much of it that we are still waiting on because it’s being held back for F2P launch, you will all get to enjoy for FREE in a few months!

Now Isn’t that wonderful??

Rants aside, many are looking forward to the (hopefully huge) influx of new players :D (seriously)

and when you get to Earth Spacedock, ask around where to find Sulu… trust me!

Cant wait for the PS3 game, it’s about time! Should be the first of many I hope.

As much as I didn’t like the new movie, the game looks cool. Infinite space looks like it might be fun. I’ll be giving it a shot. STO going free-to-play… I dunno. Something tells me content will get worse and worse until no body plays it any more. The problem is, when you watch that trailer up there for STO, it talks about discovering, and exploring, which in reality you only do 5% of the time.

The rest of it is consumed with battle. It gets old after a while. But I’m praying they’ll make it better.

Those interviews with Auberjonis and Visitor were hilarious because you could tell they had no clue what the heck they were talking about. And that interviewer was terrible. I wonder if Star Trek Online going f2p has anything to do with this game (and future browser-based games from this company, according to them Infinite Space will be the first of many?) coming out soon?

Okay. It’s October 1st. Where is my DS9 on Netflix??

:::two hours later ::::

It is here! Yeah, baby!

What are the Mild Suggestive Themes? The catsuits? Or the fact that your player always seems to be looking at everyone’s arse?

I kidz. I think.

Do they have any games where there’s an actual script and you try to resolve some interesting first contact situation that doesn’t involve blowing the crap out of starships? I’d really like to see Trek remembered as a journey of humanity, not a kill-em-all-and-let-The-Great-Bird-of-the-Galaxy-sort-em-out thing.

If you think STO is bad, than i am realy looking forward to hear your opinions about Infinite Space AFTER you actually played it.

personally i find it hilarious that they have two DS9 actors talking about the game as if it was a DS9 game… while yet all the videos show Starbase 47, from the Vanguard BOOK series, as starting point and never once have we seen DS9 in any game footage.

Yeah, Nana is hot, and that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Its always nice to hear them pronounce their own names. I keep worrying that I’m saying them incorrectly… ha

I’ve just ordered Star Trek online the other day. Does anyone know how easy it is to set up the xbox controller? I hear it doesn’t have any official support and I’m jot much of a PC gamer!

Hopefully it isn’t too tricky – I’d like an answer as well!

OH GOOD LORD, that video, I feel sorry for them, having to read such bad scripting and pretend to have been waiting for this game. I just couldn’t watch it all and had to stop.

And why would anyone buy the game now? Just wait tell it’s free and play it then.

Looks cool although i do not have the time to play it. Would be nice if they put thatmoney toward a new series!

Nana Visitor is looking great for her age.

The interviewer’s voice is creepy.