Netflix Adds Star Trek DS9 & Animated Series – Now Streaming All Trek TV

As of today Netflix is streaming the entire library of televised Star Trek. Today Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was added to the streaming offering, joining the other previously released Star Trek live-action shows. And last week Netflix also added the animated Star Trek series.


Netflix adds DS9 and Animated series

Just as reported in an April TrekMovie scoop, today Netflix added Star Trek: Deep Space Nine to its online video streaming offering. DS9 joins other live action Star Trek series (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek Voyager, and Star Trek Enterprise ) which were added in July. As with all other streaming series, you can add DS9 to your instant queue (which will make it available on all your Netflix-ready devices) and/or you can just click the little play button next to any episode. Each episode streams commercial-free. 

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine now streaming at Netflix

Just like TNG and Voyager, DS9 is presented in standard definition. The original Star Trek and Enterprise are available in HD. It isn’t known if Netflix will be adding streaming Next Generation in HD after seasons begin to be released on Blu-ray in 2012. Here you can see DS9 streaming on a computer browser.

You can watch via your computer browser (and other devices)

The addition of DS9 brings Netflix up to par with the Amazon Prime streaming service which began offering every live action Star Trek show in August. However Netflix has gone one better. Even though it wasn’t part of their original deal with CBS, Netflix has also added Star Trek: The Animated Series to their offering, so they now can claim to be the only service to offer the entire TV Star Trek library.  

Netflix has also added the animated Star Trek series

The animated series is also available in HD, although it looks about on par with the previously released DVD set.

Watch the animated series on your computer or other Netflix device

You can watch all of these streaming Star Trek episodes (along with thousands of other movies and TV shows) with a computer or with a Netflix-ready TV, XBox360, PS3, Wii, mobile device or other Netflix-ready devices. All streaming video on Netflix is show commercial free. Streaming-only subscriptions to Netflix cost $7.99/month. More info at


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If only Netflix Canada was up to date with this. There is almost no Star Trek. :(

First? And cool.

Streaming may satisfy all those who want to watch what they want when they want.


This has contributed to….

The demise of the video rental store. Where I live, bye bye to Blockbuster and Rogers Video. Why drive to the store when you can stream it now.

Streaming for many is NOT free. Yah sure 8 bucks a month, but that bandwidth for some is being metered.

As far as quality, give me blue Ray or a DVD in a disc any day. Sometimes newer is not better.


Pizza, I guess you’re not singing…….

I stream, you stream, we all stream for Trek stream!

To stream the impossible stream……

Trek, Trek, watch your Trek, gently down the stream….

I am going to stream Trials and Tribbleations right now, if that’s the case.

Umm, TAS was there already. Not just added.

TAS wasn’t there yet when I checked a couple of weeks ago.

@2 Netflix streaming is better than DVD when they have something to work with. Its still inferior to Blu-ray in all cases though. Problem with DS9 and most of the rest of star trek is that all they have to work with is either the DVD’s or the original beta-max tapes.

At least TNG is getting fixed. I just hope DS9 and VGR get the proper treatment as well. Not to mention why isn’t ENT on blu-ray yet?

Any news on Canada? I saw the voyage home and final frontier added here this morning, so I wonder if now is when they intend to give us TOS and TNG

Streaming is a convenience…but for titles i really like, I own them. As witnessed with the recent departure of Starz from Netflix…your favorites can disappear. I’m content with the fact that I can watch my favorite films and tv series whenever I feel like it, with or without netflix, on DVD. But since ds9 is not a fav, I do not own it, and look forward to revisiting some of the better episodes without having to pony up the cash entire seasons on DVD.

Thanks for the heads up Anthony, I had forgotten about the impending arrival of ds9 . And welcome back.

What happened to the Trek shows being on Netflix in Canada beginning in September? They still haven’t appeared and it’s October 1st.

The animated series has been on Netflix since September 1. I know because I already watched it all during September.

Welcome back, Anthony Pascale. We’s gettin’ a tiny bit worried there for a while. I hope/glad you are alright.

I can’t get netflix streaming etc and could not afford the bandwidth anyway. I guess I’ll take my Star Trek where I can find it.

Watched Trials and Tribbleations! Have to say, I think the model work for that episode looks way better than the CGI models for the TOS remastering.

How do we get a push going for a new SPFX remastering of TOS, this time using model based SPFX that actually fit the look of the series better? Wouldn’t it be great for every episode of TOS to have the quality of the work done for Trials and Tribbleations?

Anyone know how much they spent on the SPFX for that episode???

I read a couple of weeks ago Fox was considering a Simpsons channel—all Homer, all the time. Now, if CBS could only have a Star Trek channel… hmm…

Oh, what am I saying? We can’t even get a decent science fiction channel any more!

I wonder why it took so long to add DS9?

Yeah, SyFy can’t even be bothered to get the rights to ALL Star Trek series, just the one considered the worst (Enterprise) by the majority of fans and the one that everybody has seen a thousand times (TNG). SyFy is such a sorry excuse for a sci-fi channel these days that it can’t even do a decent job with securing the rights to air old sci-fi shows! Where’s The X-Files, Quantum Leap, classic Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who (new and old)? Where’s Babylon 5, they don’t even show their own series, Farscape, anymore! FAIL FAIL FAIL.

Woo-hoo! I’m having my own personal DS9 marathon.

Now, if I could only stream it on my Blackberry, I’d be set!

Definitely going on the list of top birthday presents.

Seems like we should have expected Enterprise Blu Rays before this. How much longer must we wait?

FINALLY! It was my 24th Bday 2 days ago, and I got a Netflix account for it. I was hoping to see DS9 on there soon.

i get to watch em all on ps3,main tv or even my nintendo 3ds-now thts amusing

welcome back Anthony!

Glad to see DS9 is finally on there. I’m 40 episodes from finishing all of Voyager, which in hindsight was actually pretty darn good. I’ll be glad to jump to DS9 once I’m finished.

9. “At least TNG is getting fixed. I just hope DS9 and VGR get the proper treatment as well. Not to mention why isn’t ENT on blu-ray yet?”

I’m guess that the show isn’t ready to go in true HD 1080p. It was probably broadcast in 720 or upscaled from little more than a SD master. The original CG models have gone and can’t be reformated, resized to fit. Sad really because it is my favourite show. I wanted to own that series first before TNG, before TOS (Heresy!) although I ended up getting Blu ray entirely for that show and the films.

I’ll commiserate with this video I’ve made to celebrate 10 years since ENT began…

(edit) I’m guessing that the show isn’t ready to go in true HD 1080p. Not the original effects anyway.

Finally DS9 (and TAS) get a little love. DS9 is (IMO) only the best post-TOS Star Trek series. Why it’s always given the ‘Jan Brady’ treatment is beyond me….

So watching Facets right now.

But yet here in Canada we only get three of the movies – IV, V and 09. Didn’t they announce an international deal with CBS to bring Trek (among others) to Netflix Canada a while back and so far we have a quartre of the movies and no TV at all.

The animated series has been there and in HD at that since Sept 8th not last week, take a look over in the amazon star trek streaming article where i posted that on the day that the animated series became available on NETFLIX.

:) and my netflix queue is complete

Netflix is kind of like the Nexus. Once you get in, hey, who wants to leave? :>)

@25, cause not enough people would by it.

Just watched episode of DS9 on netflix, made my day.

So for people with a PS3 and a HDTV, what’s the streaming quality like? I had Netflix last year but canceled it because the streaming looked like shite on my HDTV. These series are obviously not in HD (aside from TOS, I would guess) so I know they won’t look great but my experience was they looked especially bad on streaming.


“Netflix is kind of like the Nexus. Once you get in, hey, who wants to leave? :>)”

Anybody who isn’t in the mood for paying higher monthly fees to the Ferengi who run it! :-)

#25 – Wow, that’s a great video!
I clicked on it, with lowered expectations I’ll admit – but it was amazing. Even the Enterprise theme song didn’t grate as it usually does. Nice, nice job.

I’ll post that again, as it surprised me with how many decent moments Enterprise actually gave us:

Welcome back Anthony!

I just caught up with Enterprise, seasons three and four. Great show. Realize that season three is one huge metaphor for the war on terror. Season four dealt with bigotry against other alien races, just like the hatred thrown at Muslims here. Star Trek; Enterprise was bold, exciting and smart.

Kudos to Rick Berman, Brannon Braga, Manny Coto and Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens.

And check out Christopher Roberts other great salute to Enterprise. I get goosebumps.

Harry B. @5.

Streaming video on a 60 inch LED just doesn’t do it any justice.

Most of the streams send their video compressed. No thanks!

I have about a 12 mb/s connection and I use the PS3 wirelessly and my quality is pretty good. Even when my wife uses Netflix in the computer room the quality is still good.

Welcome to the future! …..Uh, we’re not quite ready yet. Check back later.

35 netflix streaming has NOT gone up in price its still 7.99 the same that its been for the streaming only option for quite sometime.

Also you act like ppl would only be going on netflix to see star trek.
we get it you dont want to pay ANY amount to see trek on any other platform than dvd. enough with it allready

34 I watch Netflix streaming on my Sony SBD 780 bluray player and TOS, ENT, and The animated series looks great in HD streaming on Netflix
TNG,DS9 and VOY look pretty good in SD

Anthony Amazon prime has TOS animated as well and its in HD.
so Netflix is NOT the only streaming service to offer entire TV star trek library.

And the animated series to amazon prime added back when Amazon prime first added DS9 this summer

Oh and one more thing its pretty much agiven that Netflix will be showing TNG HD once they are ready for streaming as Netflix is helping subsidize the costs of the HD restroration.

TAS is in HD too, although, I own the physical media set, which is in SD, and it doesn’t look much different. The TAS Tribble episode is on the TOS Series 2 HD box set in upscaled HD. They all pretty much look the same to my eyes.


Pizza, funny you mention 60 inches…….

I watch everything on a 60 inch Pioneer Elite Plasma…..every night is movie night!

48 Harry

When you’ve seen something in what is right now considered high quality, you get hooked really quick. Hello, 1080 resolution anyone?

I just don’t get it. People are willing to pay more for less. Just for the sake of convenience. Or is it just laziness, WALL-E comes to mind.

Even the HD signal cable compaines are pumping at us is compressed.
The HD signal I get from the antenna off my roof is richer. Here we go again, people pay more for less.

Rant over.

Yay! I got about a season and a half to go to finish Voyager then it’s off to DS9! Then I cancel Netcrap, cause that’s the only thing keeping me from having already done it.