Netflix Adds Star Trek DS9 & Animated Series – Now Streaming All Trek TV

As of today Netflix is streaming the entire library of televised Star Trek. Today Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was added to the streaming offering, joining the other previously released Star Trek live-action shows. And last week Netflix also added the animated Star Trek series.


Netflix adds DS9 and Animated series

Just as reported in an April TrekMovie scoop, today Netflix added Star Trek: Deep Space Nine to its online video streaming offering. DS9 joins other live action Star Trek series (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek Voyager, and Star Trek Enterprise ) which were added in July. As with all other streaming series, you can add DS9 to your instant queue (which will make it available on all your Netflix-ready devices) and/or you can just click the little play button next to any episode. Each episode streams commercial-free. 

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine now streaming at Netflix

Just like TNG and Voyager, DS9 is presented in standard definition. The original Star Trek and Enterprise are available in HD. It isn’t known if Netflix will be adding streaming Next Generation in HD after seasons begin to be released on Blu-ray in 2012. Here you can see DS9 streaming on a computer browser.

You can watch via your computer browser (and other devices)

The addition of DS9 brings Netflix up to par with the Amazon Prime streaming service which began offering every live action Star Trek show in August. However Netflix has gone one better. Even though it wasn’t part of their original deal with CBS, Netflix has also added Star Trek: The Animated Series to their offering, so they now can claim to be the only service to offer the entire TV Star Trek library.  

Netflix has also added the animated Star Trek series

The animated series is also available in HD, although it looks about on par with the previously released DVD set.

Watch the animated series on your computer or other Netflix device

You can watch all of these streaming Star Trek episodes (along with thousands of other movies and TV shows) with a computer or with a Netflix-ready TV, XBox360, PS3, Wii, mobile device or other Netflix-ready devices. All streaming video on Netflix is show commercial free. Streaming-only subscriptions to Netflix cost $7.99/month. More info at


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