Happy Birthday, Avery Brooks

This is a big weekend for "Niners." Yesterday Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was launched on Netflix streaming and today is the birthday of Avery Brooks. The man who led DS9 turns 63 so we here at TrekMovie want to wish The Sisko a big happy birthday.


Happy Birthday to The Sisko

For the third Star Trek series the powers that be decided to bring in a very different kind of leader in the form of Commander (later Captain) Benjamin Sisko. And they chose Avery Brooks to inhabit this conflicted character who often lived in the grey areas, as this tribute video (by Youtuber pandagenma) shows.

Like the character he played on Star Trek, Avery Brooks is a unique character, as can be seen in this clip from William Shatner’s recent documentary The Captains.

So today we at TrekMovie wish Avery Brooks Happy Birthday!

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DS9 was the best post TOS Trek IMHO. Avery Brooks as Sisko was a big reason why. Loved the scenes where he got angry and gave a soliloquy in his big, booming voice. Great actor! First?

Just wanted to add that the way he was written in combination with the way Brooks portrayed him made Sisko a bit of an imperfect character and one of the few Trek captains (or characters for that matter) that was allowed to exhibit some flaws and failings. Made him seem all the more human and real. DS9 rocked!

Happy Birthday, Avery!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Brooks! I love DS9. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown to love the show more and more for its fabulous writing, especially in the later seasons. Mr. Brooks did an excellent job delivering every line he was given and I’m so glad it’s on Netflix instant watch now! I already started re-watching DS9 from the beginning.

Happy birthday Mr Brooks.

When I met him, he was trying to introduce everyone in line to each other.

1: I agree. I know he’s done theater since DS9 but I would love to see him show up in a new movie, something worthy of him.

Great actor and a great character:
Comes in as a close second after Captain Picard for me and before the Shat
Happy Birthday Sir!

Happy Belated Birthday. Sisko was badass great.

Best. Captain. Ever.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Brooks!

Happy Birthday Avery! All the best.

Picard was my favorite captain, that is until Sisko showed up. Picard did have a commanding presence but Sisko….Sisko had that and more, especially from season 4 on.

DS9 was by far my favorite incarnation of Star Trek. The finale was difficult, the characters/actors were people that I did not want to part company with.

Bravo Mr. Brooks.

Happy bday mr brooks–i watched trials and tribble-ations in his honor on netflix today–gotta be one of the best episodes of ds9–its still amazing how they got inserted into the tos tribble episode–classic—
voyager did something similar for tos30th ann-anyone remember the season n title? i dont remember the plot-

Happy Birthday, Avery Brooks. Many happy returns. You made a great Captain Sisko!

Happy B’day!

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Brooks at a con, my then 5 year old daughter kept looking at the pictures of Sisko then back at Mr Brooks!!! Couldn’t quite work out what a starship captain was doing in front of her?!!! Mr Brooks was really great and chatted with her about his space station, we also spoke for some time, he was telling me about his visit to England… a truely nice man and one heck of an actor.

Happy birthday to Avery

All the best, Avery Brooks!
I’d love to meet him someday…

Happy B day Mr Brooks! :]

That’s why even the Prophets call him The Sisko. First name: Don’t F*** With.”

Happy Birthday, Avery Brooks. Your charismatic, intelligent and nuanced performance as Sisko has played a considerable part in DS9 becoming my favourite Star Trek show and Sisko himself becoming my favourite captain. And I think your acting in the fantastic episode “In The Pale Moonlight” was your best performance in the whole of DS9, especially your famous monologue at the end.

Thanks for giving the Star Trek franchise the toughest Starfleet captain of all — and one who was also very, very human. I wish you the greatest of success in everything you do.

Still crazy after all these years! Happy Birthday, Ave.

Best Trek, Best Captain. Period.

Happy Birthday, sir. Well done, sir!

Anything I say would only echo the sentiments about DS9 and Sisko being the Best. Trek. Ever. Happy birthday sir. May you enjoy many more!!

Happy Birthday Avery, you’re a hell of a Cpt!

Also thanks Avery Brooks for giving us a well realized father-son relationship with Jake, and a mature long term building romance with Cassidy Yates.

It was perfectly reasonable for Kirk and Picard to have both traded family life for being a ship captain. Sisko was a commanding officer in wartime but they still took the bold route of giving him a genuine personal life, and Brooks made it pay off.

Happy birthday Mr. Brooks. DS9 is still my favorite Trek series.


the best.

Belated happy Bday to the 2nd best Capt of Trekdom!

Happy birthday Mr. Brooks. During TNG’s run, I didn’t think a captain could get any better than Picard. Then I saw Sisko, and everything changed. DS9 deserves the big-screen treatment… Avery Brooks, you’re just plain awesome!

Happy Belated Birthday Mr. Brooks

There’s a reason I frequent the “DS9 Superior” thread over at Gateworld.com… happy belated birthday to the actor of the captain of my favourite ‘Trek series ever!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Brooks! I enjoyed your performance as Sisko when the series first ran, and now that I’m a father to a terrific teen young man, I appreciate the character and your relationship with Cirroc Lofton even more.

Avery Brooks, the man who took mediocrity and created just plain disgustingly awfulness. The idiot who plays every scene with a boy in DS9 like a horny conniving pedophile. Although he’s almost unemployable in the movies or television anyway can’t we get a birthday commitment from him to never appear in public again.

I say with all sincerity – Go away you disgusting twit.

@32. This from the poster with the pourn star name…yea, like we give a shit about you trashing Mr. Brooks. L O S E R ! ! !

As a white male, I have to say that Deep Space Nine helped me in a lot of ways. I have come to almost worship Avery Brooks. DS9 is my favorite show of all time and has seriously shaped the way that I look at the world. Having seen his character at such an early age, such a powerful, commanding individual that was not removed (or white washed) of the racial issues of the 20th century (despite the 24th century settting) really informed my understanding of racial politics, class, race, and privilege. Sisko, and Brooks ensured that a dialogue about race existed despite the fantastical origins of Gene Roddenberry’s utopia. In fact I would argue that the pie in the sky notions of early TOS were legitimized by the more down to earth and practical way that race and culture were dealt with on DS9. If TOS was the INTRO, DS9 was the THESIS. A fantastic actor with ideals, ideology, and vision. I respect you sir and wish you a healthy and happy life. I hope that someday your vision of equality will come to pass. I offer my humility and privilege to make sure that comes to pass. Health and Long Life.

Happy Birthday!

Sisko is my second favorite captain. The first is Matthew Gideon. They are more real than their colleagues.