Watch: William Shatner Talks ‘Beam Me Up’, Dilithium, Economy, Celebrity & More On NYC Media Tour

Star Trek’s original Captain Kirk has been in New York City for the last couple of days promoting his new book and CD. Bill spoke about "Beam Me Up" with GMA, the economy and Gold with the Wall Street Journal webcast, the Takei feud with Nightline, dilithium with Fox, and he even hangs with the ladies of The View. Watch the videos below.


Shatner NYC media tour

Bill talks about Takei feud, horses, and even "embracing the caricature" of Shatner on Nightline,

Bill talks about turning 80, "passing dilithium crystals," and more with MyFoxNY:

Shatner opines on the Greek crisis and the price of Gold with the Wall Street Journal.

On Good Morning America Bill talked about his book, his new album, how he never said "beam me up Scotty," and his philosophy of saying yes to everything.


And today Bill appeared with the ladies of the The View, where he talked about the difference between the real William Shatner and the "celebrity" William Shatner, the death of his past wife Nerine and getting people to cry on Shatner’s Raw Nerve.

(Shatner starts at 4th segment – 24:00)

Get the latest from The Shat

Bill’s NYC tour is all about promoting his latest projects. His new book "Shatner Rules" came out this week and his new album "Seeking Major Tom" comes out on the 11th. Also the DVD for his Star Trek documentary "The Captains" comes out on October 18th. You can pick up all the Shatner goodness at Amazon.


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let me beat everyone to the punch — these videos are most likely USA only, as USA is their country of origin. Please do us a favor and don’t cry about it.

Oh my

#1 they work fine here in the UK! Thanks for the warning though!

i too loved Shatner with the dark hair…

shame he went lighter for movies VI and VII

and very interesting they are too I might add.

Busy guy – I hope I’m that active when I’m 80. Seems to have self promotion dialed in, don’t think he was off script much on any of the interviews.

I love Shatner. Long live the man.


MORE than happy to be proved wrong this time! Enjoy the vids, you crazy Brits!

Videos don’t play on my iPad. Can someone summarize the status of the feud with Takei?


Eighty years old and he looks, and sounds great. Why the powers that be refuse to put this guy back in the command chair is beyond me. So what If they killed him off- they killed spock, and brought him back even though they said it couldn’t be done. With Star Trek, anything is possible.

Mr. Shatner is a great wave-rider… :-) :-)

Well he did say on Nightline that he still enjoys those spoken word performances that his albums are made of, so he seems to be only half joking with them. He likes doing that stuff.

Man you gotta love the Shat!! I must have that book!! :) On a side note,#1&8,cool name!! :)

It sucks that we cant watch this stuff…as a Canadian it makes me feel like a 2nd class citizen of the world. Hope someday that I can watch The Shat, a Canadian, when he is on this site or others. Very proud of this man.

10. you’re kidding yourself his time is done, he was great, but let him go

p.s. Things are looking up, was able to watch about half of the vids on Shatner…only feeling like half a 2nd class citizen of the world, lol.


ABC vid doesn’t work here…YOU LIE!

*revenge will be taken*

He’s eighty and going at warp speed. The Shat Rules. Boy, I wish he were signing books in Cincinnati. Live long and prosper, William Shatner.

#17 follow the instructions under the ABC picture. It plays fine at Yahoo.
And just how many people do you need to present a Breakfast Show?
We make do with a sour faced Midlander and a skinny Irish bird!

#10 truth be told they just didn’t want to bring him back. And thats the bottom line.


Boy, talk about a buzz kill!


Yeah Buzz, what’s with you and this “hate Shatner” crusade you’re on?
I’m starting to think you’re a Star Wars fan!


Hate Shatner? Am I mssing something here, Vults? I don’t hate Bill. I think he’s bloody marvellous, mate.

And I thought it was common knowledge now that they didn’t even want Bill in the last film? Didn’t Orci say that ‘this was the story they wanted to tell’. I’m sure he did.
If they’d wanted Bill in it he’d have been there.


Famous last words, Chris



Just kidding, Buzz. Hence the winky face at the end of my previous comment.
But rest assured, I won’t go showing my winky again.

Buzz, we’re just yanking your chain! No worries! :>)


And sorry for my off-color comment at #25, Harry.
I wouldn’t want to steal your act. :-)

ah, humour. A difficult concept!
I assumed you were taking the rise out of me- just thought i’d better clarify it. You know how easily these reputations for being a Shatner Basher build! I couldn’t risk it!
Now get off to bed guys- i’m off to work.
Pleasant dreams. ;-)

the View is unwatchable

2 – Oh, your what?

Shat was just on with Opie and Anthony. They love him, and he was great. No surprise!


If your nick refers to the cranky Scottish TV chef, the surname is spelled ‘Ramsay.’

Long Live the Shat.

Good times, enjoy the Shat!

i would also like to add, that it takes a special kind of celebrity and person to have such an interesting career and life. He has paved a unique path in the industry, and done it with humor, and a bit of forced introspection that many others couldn’t or wouldn’t do.

There is something about the Trek fanbase that really asks of it’s stars to bare their souls, to expose everything that they are thinking in the their personal lives. I know the fans mean it as a form of adoration and love, but it is not something to be taken lightly. It is a lot to ask of ‘just an actor’.

We owe Shat and Nimoy and all our childhood and adult ‘heroes’ a thank you for obliging us in this quest to get to know them better.

@8 – There’s more than just crazy Brits trying to watch these vids; We Irish are trying (and failing!!!) to do the same. We’re not crying about it though – unless it’s crying havoc!!


ABC video doesn’t work in the US, either. Well, lots of ads and non-Shatner material. But no Shatner.

34 — Right on!

Well put, #34.

The Shat is on Greta Van Susteren tonight… just a heads up…

Shat Rocks!
That NY AM thing looked kinda cheezey— but ABC’s was pretty good…

He is truly the one and only.

The only view on the View worth viewing that day was Shatner’s.

Gotta love Shatner! Asked what his favourite and best Star Trek movie was – well, of course, it was Star Trek V, the movie he directed….LOL

He gives such good interviews. So cool. I thought the comment made about Greece was that they were cutting off “all the limbs” in the hopes of saving the neck, was interesting. I wonder, will Greece’s limbs grow back, because human limbs don’t? Hmmm… what to do.

I can’t see the last video by ABC either…:(
More Hulu type nonsense. When will these guys learn?…sigh.

Thanks 37 and 38.

And just think Bill and all have been doing this for 45 years now, really Yeoman’s work. For those of us who have followed them from one corner of the galaxy to another, we know these actors (not just characters but the actors) better than we know some of our own family members!