New Clips From Star Trek Phase II + Production Update

The popular fan series Star Trek Phase II has released a couple of clips from "Mind-Sifter," which is currently in production. Check those out below, plus get an update on progress for the three episodes currently in post-production, news for the next episode to be shot, and more.


Clips from Phase II’s "Mind-Sifter" – Check out new McCoy

In June the Star Trek: Phase II team began production on "Mind-Sifter," which will be the 10th episode for the popular fan series. "Mind-Sifter" is based on a story by Star Trek Welcommittee founder Shirley S. Maiewski about Kirk having his memory erased by the Klingons and sent back to 1950’s Earth. The episode features the return of John Carrigan as Kargh and the introduction of the TAS character "Ensign Walking Bear," portrayed by Wayne W. Johnson.

"Mind-Sifter" also introduced a new Dr. McCoy to Phase II now that their original actor (and real-life doctor) John Kelley has moved on to other projects. To replace him Phase II has brought in David Sherin, an experienced local actor from Syracuse, NY. Here is a rough cut of Sherin as McCoy confronting Brandon Stacey’s Captain Spock (put in command after Kirk’s disappearance). [NOTE: Clip is rough and doesn’t have final sound]

And here is a brand new (also rough) clip featuring Kirk (James Cawley) facing Kargh (John Carrigan) and the Klingon Mind-Sifter.

Phase II Post-Production Update + Next Episode announced

Patty Wright from Star Trek Phase II has also provided TrekMovie with an update on all their episodes currently in post-production. The next episode to be released will be "The Child" (episode 7), which has just been sent off for final audio mix. Following up will be the Klingon-focused episode "Kitumba" (episode 8) which is currently being edited with Tobias Richter/The Light Works providing the visual effects which are quite extensive, including scenery extensions and replacing whole sets. Both "The Child" and a rough edit of "Kitumba" will be shown later this month at ICon 2011, the annual Israeli Sci-Fi Festival. "Origins"(episode 9), Phase II’s take on Kirk’s early years, is next in the post-production queue with VFX work already started.

"Mind-Sifter," currently in production, will follow "Origins" as Phase II’s 10th episode. The ship-board scenes were shot in June and in 2012 they will do the location shooting. And Phase II has already picked their next episode to shoot. Their 11th episode will be "Bread and Savagery" which is currently in pre production. Principle photography on this sequel to "Bread and Circuses" will begin in 2012. The author of the script has not been announced yet.

Here are some of the previously released previews/clips from the three episodes in post-production.

"The Child"



Phase II was also just profiled by WUTR’s "Hello Central New York." The visit includes a behind-the-scenes look plus some footage from both "The Child" and "Kitumba."

"Lost Vignette" To Be Released This weekend

Phase II’s Senior Executive Producer James Cawley has also announced that a "long-lost Klingon vignette" titled “No Win Scenario” will be released on October 8, 2011 – commemorating the seventh anniversary of the release of Star Trek: New Voyage’s very first episode (“In Harm’s Way”, 10/08/04.). The vignette was originally filmed in 2005 was thought lost, but was re-discovered by actor John Carrigan who worked with other members of the team to finish it.

Official description:

After being pitted against Kirk in a Klingon version of the “no-win scenario,” Kargh would hunger for the day when he and Kirk would meet for real. His hunger is soon satisfied! Starring John Carrigan, Anne Carrigan and James Cawley, the vignette features appearances by Larry Nemecek, Jeff Quinn, Julienne Irons, Andy Bray, and Paul R. Sieber. Written by Erik Korngold, directed by Erik J. Goodrich, and with updated VFX by Pony R. Horton and Tobias Richter of The Light Works.

Visit on Saturday (at 7AM EST) to check it out.

Cawley announces Wild Wild West webseries

Phase II production company Cawley Entertainment Company/Retro Film Studios has also announced a new webseries based on the classic 60’s TV show The Wild Wild West. Titled "Back to the Wild Wild West," the series (currently in preproduction) will star James Cawley as James West and Paul R. Seiber as Artemus Gordon. There is a place-holder website set up ( and here is a title sequence test:


For more information, and to find out how you can help, visit

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