Watch: Parks and Recreation Analyzes Star Trek Sequel

Star Trek has again wormed its way into a network TV show. Last night’s episode of the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation actually featured a somewhat in depth analysis of JJ Abrams’ upcoming Star Trek sequel. Check it out below.


Parks and Recreation analyses Star Trek sequel

In the episode "Born and Raised" the character of Tom Haverford is trying to fend off advances from talk show host Joan Callamezzo, so he asks Ben Wyatt to slow things down "talking nerdy." Things eventually turn to Star Trek. Watch it (via Hulu, USA only…sorry)

For a sitcom, it is not bad analysis.

UPDATE: Adam’s Trek Connection

As pointed out by a reader, Adam Scott (who plays Ben the Trek fan from Parks and Recreation) has his own Trek connection. He played The conn officer of the USS Defiant in Star Trek First Contact…remember the guy who exclaims to Cmdr. Worf “Sir, there’s another starship coming in. It’s the Enterprise!”

Adam Scott in "Star Trek: First Contact"


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Parks and Recreation show? So, that means 7 people will see this bit?

lol, don’t watch too much of that show but glad to see that it’s cool to talk trek now :)

Is that still on???

Probably the most consistently funny show on TV, and a lot of it is “smart” humor which the masses don’t get. Which is too bad.

@1 You’re an idiot. Try close to 2 million? That episode pulled a 1.9 in the 18 to 49 demographic. Last season had an average total viewership rating of 5 million. Thanks for playing; please try again.

FFS why restrict clips to US only?

International availability? Good way to sell shows to other NON-US Networks! @ssholes!

I LOVE that show.. I think they really got their stuff together with season 3. Watch season 3 on netflix and tell me you don’t laugh the whole time.. It’s a classic.

One of the best shows on TV today. Mostly for two reasons:

1. Ron
2. Swanson


It’s called sarcasm, moron.

lol wish all women could be like that

[Bones sees White Rabbit and Alice] HULU!

If somebody could summarise, for those of not able to fly over and take a U.S. Citizen Test.

Yeah, this happens to be a great show, nerds.

RIP Li’l Sebastian.

“Zperk and Ballz” the lawfirm from hell.

4. Yes, that was what I was thinking through the bleeped dialogue. “Smart”.

For everyone who ALWAYS complains about not getting to see US shows, STOP BITCHING AT THE COMPANIES. The problem is usually contractual with the Talent and the Unions about compensation for US vs Worldwide distribution.

The Australian channels have finally bottomed on to the fact that if the lag between the US ad Australian showings is too large everybody downloads the episode and watches it without ads. We’re now seeing the lag down a few days, which is much better.

OMG!… it does not work on the moon… the way is watching Harry Ballz here on……:-) :-)

Adam Scott, who plays Ben Wyatt in “Parks and Recreation” and talks the “Trek” sequel in the clip is actually a “Star Trek” alum, having played the Defiant helmsman in “Star Trek: First Contact”.

That’s it? That’s the noteworthy “analysis” of the Star Trek sequel? That was, like, a mention… now if he went on to bitch about the brewery , whether the plot will follow the shows, or if Keenster will still be tagging along, then it might be worthy of a mention.

Seems to me that network is trying to milk the franchise for it’s notoriety in hopes to gain a broader audience.

14. That literally made me laugh out loud, making me have to explain the situation to my wife. Well done.

Step Brothers will never be the same… His bit about the Spock/Uhura love bit is pretty dead on, though. They need to ditch it.


Having Anthony warn someone for flaming

Just like old times


#adamscott connection: That’s Freaking Awesome!!! I never knew that!


Glad I could heat things up for you! :>)

I knew that guy from Parks & Rec looked familiar. I couldn’t place it, but now it makes sense!

I love that scene from FC… he always stuck in my mind for some reason. Also, a very good show.

Byyye Byyye Lil’ Sebastian…..You’re 5000 candles in the wind

That conn officer on the Defiant always bothered me as it should have been Dax or O’Brien instead.

Not very funny but I laud the very realistic portrayal of the typical American woman!

RE: This TV show (first I’ve heard or seen of it) and minor ST sequel mention:

So what, big deal. The show looks awful as do the actors.

Parks and Rec is back? Helooo, Hulu…

I loved this whole episode, and the nice thing about the Trek bit was that it was 100% accurate – clearly written with boards like this one in mind!

I think I speak on behalf of everyone in the entire world when I say that Parks and Recreation is one of the best shows on TV.

I never knew Adam Scott was in First Contact; that’s pretty cool.

Boy, TV has sure changed since I was a kid. 1.9 million viewers? And to think the Original Series was cancelled because it “only” drew 20 million or so. ;)

yah talk bout fragmented audiences these days–too much cable-on demand,satellite-videogames-internet-netflux bluray etc –heck im watching netflix on my nintendo 3ds n yet the psp cant–wierd-anyway it seems like the reality sing/dance shows get the best ratings and most water cooler talk-like was that nancy grace farting or someone else-sheesh–ahh for the good ole days

This WAS priceless! Kinda reminded me how Garth and Wayne compared and contrasted TOS and TNG in Waynes Word…love to see these every so often! Clever!

LOVE Parks & Recreation. Its is one of only a small handful of shows I enjoy. I loved the Trek reference too. I agree with what some others have said that a lot of it is ‘smart humor’, which sadly flies over a lot of people’s heads and can affect viewership (ie Arrested Development), but its still chugging along on its 3rd season.

All kidding aside, I loved how Adam Scott delivered that line in First Contact. The quiver of fear in his voice followed by excitement. Excellent.


Wow…I never knew that. He was amazing in that small part.

Also Ron Swanson is my hero.


Stop trolling.

One of the funniest shows on tv. It took a season or two to get into its groove, but now it is fantastic. Almost as funny as Arrested Development was. Almost.

So is it being suggested that I watch Parks and Recreation for all my NuTrek news?

Do they have a comments section?

Are there people there that Harry can piss off?

Can I keep my screen name?

Yeah, I know people are being wise guys in the first bunch of comments but this show is easily one of the best comedies on television. Easily. And that guy being Adam Scott is HILARIOUS. I’ve always like his reading of the line about the shields being gone. He’s a good actor and I enjoy watching him on P&R.

#41-T’Cal. I just saw that you wrote your comment as I was about to post mine. Very funny and you described it perfectly. I have to do some research but isn’t a different line reading used in the trailer? I think I like the trailer one better.

That scene from First Contact was epic. Though the role was short, those lines were delivered really well. I always wondered if that character would’ve been a crew member on DS9 and if they’d ever appear again following the movie.

Exactly what I’ve said from day one!

If you go back and look at the original series, all the smoke is rising from Kirk & Uhura. Uhura had a flirty thing going with Spock, but it was a joke.

Ron Swanson. That is all.

Lil’ Sebastian is not really dead, as long as we remember him.