Watch: Kirk v Columbus Epic Rap Battle

Today the popular Nice Peter web series created a special Columbus Day version of one of their "Epic Rap Battles of History," and this time they pit Captain James T. Kirk against Captain Christopher Columbus. So who is the best captain and explorer? See below to find out how it went down.



Kirk v Columbus

You can download the song at:

More Epic Battles

The Kirk battle is the 14th Epic Rap Battle of History from Nice Peter. The most popular is their second outing from a year ago that put Adolph Hitler and Darth Vader into the cage. It has over 36 million views! Check it out.

Visit Nice Peter on YouTube for more.



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WOW! First!

I guess Trek news is getting sparse. :)

Ive seen these over the past year, finaly a trek one. The Einstein and Hawking battle is gold!

Kool. Don’t like Rap much though. Oh I am 4th!!!!. Like anyone really cares.

Ok,would it be wrong to say I really did like both of those?! :)

These two have been my long standing faves.

not if your famous, @5. generally speaking, liking anything that the ‘undesirables’ like is epci fail fodder for the Poperazi f*cks…


Can’t believe I’m going to say this– But Rappin Kirk was pretty cool.

I hate to say it, but I think Kirk was whooped.

My favorite, though, is Einstein vs. Hawking. Cracks me up every time.

Wow, this is the first one I’ve seen that is actually watchable.

When are we going to see one with Captain Janeway? She’s in the news again.


Pffft. Greatest explorer? Archer owns them both. :-}

14. Yes, yes he does. Enterprise is also a better show than TOS.

Well. Tas was better then all of them. Lol.

Kewl article on Captain Hepburn – urm – Janeway.
Many more missions to come!

Meh. Its alright I guess. Oh and I don’t dislike TOS as a whole, its just that it had so many stinkers.

Not nearly as good as the Gandalf/Dumbledore battle.

Where am I??? That was awful. Worse than TFF.

zach quinto talks trek 2 at trek web

Captain Picard vs Professor Xavier !!

We should not complain about Trek Rap, after all we did get some Klingon Rap at the recent Vegas ST CON from Martok & Gowron. At least it was better than what you hear on the radio.

I would like to see a Kirk vs Picard battle.

they made kirk look like a pussy… they should have at least made him rap better

wow… 26th.

Well, two more minutes of my life I’ll never get back….

Random question? Why does it matter to be first? Its just an article in which there is a spot to make a comment. Odd to me.

Okay… probably gonna get a lot of guff here, but here goes…

How was Colombo and “explorer”? To explore in the sense of Star Trek is to seek out ways to improve ourselves both in knowledge & self growth. Colombo was commissioned to find a faster way to the Orient for commercial purposes. His failed journeys also started an international slave trade and genocide.

There, that’s my anti-Colombo rant for this cursed ‘holiday’.

(yeah, part American Indian… we were here for 20,000 years. I should say WE discovered America)

Also, NO ONE beats Captain Kirk!

@7. Ummm. . . . whaaa?


Umm. I’m not going to say Columbus was praiseworthy. Also, I assume you’re talking about Columbus and not Columbo, the fictional detective.

Are you arguing he wasn’t a noble spirit? If so, fair enough. But you’re claiming he wasn’t an explorer? That’s just what his job was. He explored. Finding a faster route to the Orient involves exploring.

I don’t think you understand the word. I don’t mean that in a slam way. Exploring simply means going into unknown territories and discovering things about them.

So yeah, Columbus was an explorer. He was also a shitty dude. But so was Benito Mussolini. That doesn’t mean Mussolini wasn’t a journalist.


Columbo is the original spelling of Columbus. I can’t remember why he changed the spelling though.

Geez, couldn’t they make ANY references to the actual Original Series? Too many references to the crappy movies for my taste. Other than that, I have to admit this did make me laugh.

#32, thank you… a lot of people had or latinized their names to make themselves sound more impressive.

#31, I do know what “explorer” means. I was using the word in a Star Trek context. He wasn’t out to “explore” strange new worlds (see what I did there?) for the benefit of mankind, he was looking for a shortcut in order to gain monetary gain & the eventual subjugation of an entire 2 continents worth of already millenia old civilizations.


epic rap battles of history 1 is fudging amazing


Columbus vs. Kirk = tied.