Seth MacFarlane Wants To Reboot Star Trek On TV

This is no joke. Seth MacFarlane loves to drop Star Trek jokes into his various TV animated comedy shows, but the Family Guy creator now says that he wants to take his love of Trek to the next level and get a chance to reboot Star Trek on TV.



MacFarlane’s Star Trek?

Seth MacFarlane is featured as one of a series of showrunner profiles in the Hollywood Reporter. The of multiple hit Fox animated comedies says he is already looking beyond Family Guy and towards the future. MacFarlane also happens to be a big fan of Star Trek and drops Trek gags into all of his shows. He has even talked about doing a full Star Trek parody like he has done with Star Wars, but according to THR he would also like to take Trek on seriously. Here is an excerpt:

“I don’t know who would give me the keys to that car,” he jokes, acknowledging that the films have been so profitable for Paramount that he isn’t so sure they have a lot of interest in getting back into the TV business. “But I’d love to see that franchise revived for television in the way that it was in the 1990s: very thoughtful, smartly written stories that transcend the science fiction audience.”

Read more from Seth at THR.

MacFarlane is one of many successful TV producers who have expressed an interest in taking on Star Trek for the small screen. As I have expressed here before, I think Star Trek is best when it is on TV as it has the opportunity to do more character development and complex storytelling. MacFarlane clearly has a love for Star Trek and a track record of making successful TV series, so I am intrigued with the notion. Of course there is no indication right now that CBS is even taking meetings to talk about Star Trek on TV, but hopefully CBS sees his interest (and that of others) as an indication they have lots of options when it comes time to bring Trek TV back.

Here is more from Seth from last year when he was promoting his Star Trek TNG reunion Family Guy episode .


POLL: Seth Trek?

Seth MacFarlane certainly loves Star Trek, and he has been a successful TV producer (albeit for animated comedies). So do you like the idea of him bringing Star Trek back to the small screen?




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