Watch: Kirk v Shinzon – Chris Pine & Tom Hardy Face Off In ‘This Means War’ Trailer

A couple of Star Trek’s new Stars have new movies coming out over the next few months, including Chris Pine in This Means War where he takes on Star Trek: Nemesis villain Tom Hardy. Check out the new trailer below along with trailers for John Cho’s A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas and Quinto’s Margin Call, both opening in upcoming weeks. [UPDATE: Red Band Harold and Kumar trailer]


It’s Kirk v Shinzon in ‘This Means War’

Star Trek’s Chris Pine will be facing off against Star Trek: Nemesis bad guy Tom Hardy in the action-comedy This Means War. The two CIA agents are fighting over the affections of Reese Witherspoon. The McG-directed film comes out February 17th, 2012. Here is the new trailer.


Cho lights up holidays in ‘A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas’

Before appearing as the new Mr. Sulu, John Cho was best known for his two R-rated Harold and Kumar stoner movies. This holiday season he stars in the third entry. This trailer isn’t new, but we haven’t shown it yet here and the film opens on November 4th.

UPDATE: New Harold & Kumar Red Band Trailer


Pegg gets another ‘Mission’ and gets animated in ‘Tintin’

Simon Pegg returns to the role of Benji the tech in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (which happens to be produced by JJ Abrams). The film opens on December 21st. Here is the trailer.

Star Trek’s new Scotty will also be ‘seen’ in Steven Spielberg’s motion-capture animated movie The Adventures of Tintin, also opening December 21st. Pegg and his long-time friend and collaborator Nick Frost play the detectives Thompson and Thomson. Here is the latest international trailer (no Pegg in it).

Quinto takes on financial industry in ‘Margin Call’

And a reminder that this weekend Zachary Quinto’s Margin Call premieres. Here again is the trailer.



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Good stuff!

Ok. I would rather see Harry Ballz Vs erica Durance. Lol.
Or. Kirk Vs Picard.
Or. Kirk Prime Vs Pine Kirk
Or. Bob Orci vs J.J Abrams. Lol.

Ok guys!… took it to be posted here… but thanks… LOL…

Of course I’m drooling for Chris Pine, as always… I love him playing the spy… every move… he’s great doing action scenes… I’ll watch either way…

Shinzon looks great, too!

:-) :-)

Well, I’m going to guess that Harry Ballz ISN’T in any hurry to see Chris Pine and Tom Hardy take it on the chin just so one of them can date “The Chin”! (Reese Witherspoon)



Yes I think Mr. Ballz does not love the chin… but I hope he understands that I’m not in it for the chin… LOL… OMG… this was awful… I’m bad…+LOL

:-) :-)

I’ll probably watch the Pine/Hardy comedy as I’m a fan of both actors but I’m well aware that the trailer was probably showing all the best bits and it didn’t exactly have me splitting my sides. Seeing the name McG attached to it doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence either…

Lets see…Yeah, maybe, no, maybe…


“but I hope he understands that I’m not in it for the chin…”

So, you’re not “in it to chin it”?

Q: What is Reese Witherspoon’s favorite fish?

A: CHIN-nook salmon!

Harry Ballz once turned down a gift from Reese Witherspoon because he knew it was CHIN-tzy!

Wow. The first time I watched that trailer I didn’t notice at all that it was the actor from Star Trek: Nemesis. Now, I can’t NOT see it. Too funny.

The only thing that bothers me is the waiting…for This Means War, Welcome to People, Star Trek and no NZ release date for two of the movies that have been pretty much completed.

Simon Pegg is also in the 4th Mission Impossible movie coming out in December. I think his role is much larger now.

#2….. HA!!!

:-) :-)

I now declare this thred. The Harry Ballz Vs thred. Lol.
Harry vs the Borg.
Harry Vs The Sisko.
Harry Vs Erica. In a Death Match.
Harry Vs Harry from the Empire!.
Finally. Harry Vs all of Trekmovie!!!!!!!!!.

Harry too chicken to make a grab for “the chin” – eh?…:)

If only you would gaze upon the Witherspoon chin for just a mere second or two, you would see what picture of beauty that it is…I promise!

wow Patrick Stewart is looking younger than ever in that trailer with Chris Pine!

#18 – Patrick Stewart? Where?

Is Bob Orci about? Have Chris, Zach and Karl seen their lines yet? Is Zachary having his ears treated yet? What about that Vulcan salute and the eyebrows? Don’t forget that Kirk may also need to be able to do a proper Vulcan salute. Then there are the Vulcan neck pinches, the Kirk-fu, the correct way to say “Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor, not a …!” and “He’s dead, Jim!” and something about green-bloodedness.

Last, but not least, to see the finely toned muscles displaying such wonderful specimens of manhood in the form of Pine/Kirk, *Quinto/Spock and Urban/McCoy hanging from vines with little more than a peace lily leaf for um, covering. Lt Uhura, with little more than a peace lily leaf as well, makes a daring rescue and saves all. So much to do…so little time.

I take it that Bob Orci must be at work running through his eloquently written lines from the next Star Trek movie with our lovely cast. I hope so. Those guys need to get back into the studio and become our heroes and the sooner the better.

Are you guys getting this?
Very good. Carry on!

* Perhaps this is what Zachary Quinto meant by “prepping” as in “prepping” to do the vine scene. I do hope so…:)

Yeah, guys, you’re right!

The notion of Chris Pine and Tom Hardy fighting over Reese Witherspoon is absurd in the extreme.

If she wasn’t famous do you seriously think any man would give her a first glance let alone second?

It’s not just the GIGANTIC CHIN, she just isn’t very good looking and has a really irritating personality.

“It’s not just the GIGANTIC CHIN, she just isn’t very good looking and has a really irritating personality.”

If everyone thought as you do about Reese Witherspoon, how did she get so famous? Obviously a lot of people (presumably men and women) must like her? Just wondering…

How did you guys miss promoting Shatners instore appearance at Ameoba Records in Hollywood last week. very disapointing.
He was great took the time to listen and talk to each guest, didnt rush them along. And for the price of the cd 13.99 or the DVD 16.98 you got his autograph. No freaking super expensive creation admission ticket or 100 dollar autograph ticket.

How did you guys miss promoting Shatners instore appearance at Ameoba Records in Hollywood last week. either before or after it took place. very disapointing, you didnt give this any coverage.
He was great took the time to listen and talk to each guest, didnt rush them along. And for the price of the cd 13.99 or the DVD 16.98 you got his autograph. No freaking super expensive creation admission ticket or 100 dollar autograph ticket.

I missed it the first time, but then you posted it again so I didn’t.


Don’t know, Keachick. I guess some people are easily impressed!

“This Means War” looks good, but I am not interested in the other movies.

“Tintin” may have been good, if they used another animation method. The faces of the humans look just as bad as in “The Polar Express”. I just hate that animation style too much to watch the movie.

Harold & Kumar looks like it’s going to be high-larious!

24 didnt mean to post it twice it just happened perhaps if there was an edit feature i could have deleted the extra post but there isnt.
No need for the sarcastic remark for something that was obviously double posted on accident seeing as how they immeadiately followed each other.

26 and thats why Spielberg has also positioned Warhorse to come out in theatres a few days latter than Tin Tin, he now realizes ppl hate the dead eyes look of stop motion animation, and that until thats resolved with these movies, they be very succesful here domesticly.
Overseas their is a huge fan base for Tin Tin, that could possibly overcome the whole stop motion animation hatred but here in the usa, audiences arent as familar with the characters, so when they see its motion capture its an automatic i dont want to see this response, it could be the greatest movie ever made, but people here just think the animation is to creepy, because of the dead eyes on the realistic looking humans.
personally i like the motion capture animation style, i think some great performances of been achieved with it, that might not be possible for a movie that was live action.


Ultra-subtle Doctor Who reference, or just coincidence?

That movie looks funny i cant wait to see pine V hardy

looks like a dumb movie. Why is even tom hardy involved with a pathetic film like this?

That looks cool.

#19 oh Keachick!
It was a lame crack at a joke. Think about who Hardy was supposed to be the clone of in Nemesis. ;-)

I thought somebody had done video mash-up for a moment there…

#34 Yes, now I get you. I was not connecting Hardy with Picard’s clone…

I don’t know about This Means War being pathetic. It is hard to tell from a 2.30min trailer but it looks like fun and yes, probably over-the-top and outrageously silly at times. A bit like the movie Charlie’s Angels directed by the same McG. That is actually one of my favourite fun movies!

There were also a couple of lines in the trailer which could easily be taken in different ways – kind of had me chortling like the line where “Tom” is saying to “Chris”, something like “we’re friends…” “You would take a bullet for me”. Given the premise and where that might have been said in the movie, I think he may have really wanted to say, “You would take a bullet for me – from me…”? Then there is line where “Chris” asks “Who is that old man?”. He is referring to Chelsea Handler’s character. Anyone read some of the comments made about her and her show, when it was first reported that she was going to be in this movie? Hmmm

Could what I have just written possibly constitute a spoiler?

#36.Keachick …

that scene with Chelsea and Reese is very funny…

Chelsea: I’m available to have sex with both of those guys just to test out stuff and see who comes back a winner.

Chris: Why is she listening to that old man?

Tom: I have no idea … ……..LOL…

And… “dontbesillyo” posted first this “editing pic” of the movie on Tumblr…. I think Harry Ballz would love to see it…


:-) :-)

well now…chris pine & tom hardy in one movie, i’m drooling already.

Dee, love the “editing pic”. Yes, I think Harry would really appreciate it…LOL!

My opinions, in a nutshell:
“War” looks like mindless fun with some good action scenes, should be a big hit.

Never got the “H&K” humor, Cho is so much better than that. I’ll pass.

TinTin looks like a snoozefest, I predict a bomb for Mr. Spielberg.

MI 4, meh, maybe a redbox trip.

Margin Call looks like the most interesting of them all. Great actors all around, looks well written, we know it was well produced (Quinto), people are STILL pissed about Wall Street ’08. It could do very well. The “Social Network” of ’11?


Witherspoon’s chin looks like a friggin’ battering ram!!

As ugly as Hardy is, he’s still too good for that hag!

Other than his voice, I did not know that was Tom Hardy without his Bald head and fake nose to look like a younger Picard.

I think that Chelsea Handler could be the hag. OMG – did I just write this? “Chris” and “Tom” thought she was an old man. I’d rather have “the chin” than that Handler voice. Sheesh.

Forget the above – give me those “Chris” and “Tom” guys – they’ll do me just fine…:), although, if I must choose, well, you all know where my predilections lie. God, CP is so cute!

Keachick, just to clarify, Witherspoon is a hag, but Handler is an over-the-hill ditchpig.

Handler always seems to have this arrogant sneer on her face. Most unattractive!

#43. Hey Keachick…

Do you know who is going to the supermarket gorgeous?…no?… well, but you know where to discover that!… LOL

:-) :-)

Yes, Dee. I see. Chris is wearing a dark blue/green t-shirt…so he does suit a blue/green shade. I have never seen him wear a straight out green colour though.

Looks like he’s been working out. Those arms certainly have definition and tone. Very nice.

#44 LOL

Chris pine is a terrible actor, doesn’t even belong in the same film as Tom Hardy. In fact the majority of the cast of the 2009 incarnation of ‘star trek’ was just absolutely terrible. Sorry but they have absolutely no classical attributes at all, meaning the ability to act! Tom Hardy is trained in several dimensions of acting. He is way out of their league.

Chris Pine is a good actor and he was fine as a young James Kirk. He does belong in the same film as Tom Hardy. In fact, Chris was already signed up to do This Means War and they went hunting for an actor to complement him. When Hardy’s name was mentioned, most people, including me, thought that Tom Hardy was a good choice, not only because Tom is good but is also a good match for Chris. I take it that you do know what “complement” means.

Chris Pine, in particular, does well as an ensemble actor and is perfectly cast for Star Trek for this reason. However, if one has seen him in Carriers or Smokin’ Aces, he is also capable of taking the lead and standing out. This is especially so in Smokin’ Aces where his actual screentime was minimal compared to the leads, yet it is Darwin Tremor who people remember. Another reason, why he is perfect to play a captain of the USS Enterprise. Nobody wants an overbearing captain, nor do they want a wimp either. Chris can give Kirk that balance.

What is meant by “classical attributes”? Chris Pine is also a theatre/stage actor as well – trained in the theatre, like Tom Hardy. I’m not sure if any of the other present nuTrek actors have as much experience doing live stage performances, except for possibly Zachary Quinto, as Chris Pine has. His performances have been well received by public and critics alike, who can be generally more discerning/exacting than TV/movie audiences/critics often are.

Looks like a cheesy good time — Chris Pine was surprisingly good in Trek’s funny moments, and Tom Hardy is a terrific deadpan snarker. This should be fun!