Watch: Wheaton & Spiner on ‘Big Bang’ + Alt Timelines & Evil Goatees on ‘Community’

Two sit comes last week dipped their toe into the world of Star Trek. The most overt was the CBS series The Big Bang Theory which included guest spots with TNG stars Brent Spiner and Wil Wheaton, while the NBC show Community had a more subtle homage to Star Trek. Watch both below.


Spiner and Wheaton on The Big Bang Theory

On the episode “The Russian Rocket Reaction” Wil Wheaton returned to The Big Bang Theory, again playing himself and this time he brought along his Star Trek: The Next Generation co-star Brent Spiner. Watch it via YouTube.

Evil goatees and alternative timelines on Community

For "Remedial Chaos Theory" the gang on Community were shown in multiple different timelines (created by rolling of a die). The final scene showed the aftermath of the darkest of those timelines which resulted in Mirror Universe style goatees and references to the "prime timeline" (ala Star Trek 2009). Enjoy (via Hulu, sorry non-USA people).


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Community is the best show on television!!

meh. there is definitley better star trek related news to be covered right now….

Two VERY funny shows, but I don’t know why CBS insists on burying Big Bang opposite NBCs invincible Thursday night lineup of Community, Parks & Rec, The Office, and unfortunately, that filthy new piece of crap “Whitney”.

Community has a real skill for the geeky stuff. This alternate timeline episode was clever, as was it’s D&D episode.

Loved the clip of Spiner and Wheaton on The Big Bang Theory. Funny stuff.

Love TBBT- But I found it odd that I sorta liked it when Will Wheaton was Sheldon’s nemesis! LOL

3. “Burying” Big Bang Theory? That’s like the highest rated comedy on TV right now.

Community and Parks only WISH they had ratings that good.

Besides, it’s freakin 2011. Most people have a DVR to take care of these little scheduling issues.

I’m new to the Big Bang Theory. I’ve been watching old episodes on TBS and think that it is just too funny. I saw this episode the other night and just loved when Spiner ripped open the package.

1 FTW, it just might be the best show on right now.

Very nice of the you tube uploader to make it not available in Canada.

#6 Yes, they do kind of wish they had the ratings, but we love ’em anyway.

As I always say (and you referenced, too), watch BTT or Community live, then watch the other on TiVo or Hulu or whatever. All good, streets ahead stuff. Bazinga!

Thx Hulu for nothing. I can’t see the Teaser because i’m not a Citizen from the US… Stupid Laws over there.

pretty funny Bang scene…wait that didn’t sound right…..

My two favorite running shows currently! :D I remember seeing this last week and wondering how long it would take for Trekmovie to post about it! :D

An Easter Egg for TREK fans: in the background in Wil Wheaton’s home one can spy writers David Gerrold and DC Fontana milling about in conversation.


Nicely played, evil MirrorVerse Community, but you’re no Inspector Spacetime.

I love Wil Wheaton’s World of Warcraft shirt. It’s the kind of thing you wouldn’t know was a World of Warcraft shirt unless you knew what all the World of Warcraft shirts look like…

does that mean I win or lose?

Thanks for posting the ending of “Big Bang Theory” here! In our area, a huge rainstorm pummeled us, knocking out our satellite dish signal just as Sheldon walked into Wil’s home.

Big Bang is a great show but it’s not as good as it was the first couple seasons. Community makes me laugh out loud more than any sitcom since watching new episodes of Seinfeld. It’s a hidden gem.

Cool stuff…but zero on the two new, interesting looking Star Trek boardgames that were released? Fleet Captains has some pretty neat looking gaming miniatures to go with the game.

Spiner is so funny that is really how he is. He will do anything for money!!

Ronny Cox (Captain Edward Jellico of TNG’s Chain of Command 2-parter) was on Dexter Sunday night and he was excellent! In addition, Manny Coto, the near-savior of ENT, wrote the episode. No spoilers here; watch it because it’s worth it.

Jellico often gets a bad rap when you consider he did what he was supposed to do – avert a war – while Riker was a big fat cry baby about not getting command during the mission for which he was unqualified and inexperienced. Truth be told, I did like the speech he gave Jellico near the end but Jellico was right all along.

Funny stuff. Gotta love Spiner and Wheaton. The whole TNG cast in fact is fantastic for not taking themselves too seriously. They’ve all done hilarious parodies of themselves on various tv over the years. Class acts all around.

Sheldon has a real Ralph Furley thing going on when he’s pretending not to care about Star Trek, did anyone else sense that?

it really pisses me off when you cannot view a video because you do not live in the US.

its an utter bastard.

@24: Just hunt around for a couple of minutes on the youtubes, they’re easy enough to find. :)

@26 CarlG

Yeah i know i should do but i often get YouTube lazy and video-hunting-blindness