PHOTOS: Zoe Saldana Presents JJ Abrams Best Sci-Fi Scream For Super 8 + Zachary Quinto Margin Call Premiere

The Spike Scream Awards which aired Tuesday night featured a few of Star Trek’s new luminaries, including Zoe Saldana who presented the Best Sci-Fi Movie to JJ Abrams (for Super 8). Also appearing as a presenter was John Cho. Check out photos below, plus photos from Zachary Quinto’s Margin Call premiere. .


Zoe presents JJ with Best Director

Star Trek’s new Uhura Zoe Saldana presented the Best Sci-Fi Movie at the 2011 Spike Scream Awards, which were recorded earlier in Universal City, CA and aired on Tuesday Night. Saldana talked about her love of sci-fi saying she was a "sci-fi fanatic." The award went to her Star Trek director JJ Abrams for his 2011 movie Super 8.

Abrams Super 8 beat out Captain America, Monsters, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and Tron: Legacy. Abrams was also nominated for Best Director, but he lost out to Darren Aronofsky for Black Swan. At the 2009 Scream Awards Abrams’ Star Trek picked up 6 awards including Best Director and Scream of the Year.

John Cho was the other Star Trek cast member to present at the 2011 Scream Awards. He was joined by his Harold and Kumar co-star Kal Penn to present the Comic Con Icon Award to legendary voice actress June Foray.

Quinto Premieres Margin Call in NYC

Last night Star Trek’s new Spock attended the New York City premiere of his new film Margin Call. Quinto is part of the ensemble cast and the film was produced by his Before the Door production company. Quinto was joined by his co-stars Kevin Spacey, Penn Badgley, Simon Baker, Paul Bettany and Stanley Tucci.

Margin Call opens nationwide on Friday.

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Congrats to them. Much deserved. And everyone looked great.

Congratulations to all! I liked Super 8. Good natured movie. I have not seen the third Transformers movie nor have I seen anything of Harold & Kumar.

Seeing Cho and Kal Penn together again makes me look forward to the next Harold and Kumar movie. Those movies are a total guilty pleasure of mine!

And I think Zachary Quinto must have the thickest eyebrows on the planet; must be hell to have to shave them down for when he plays Spock. ;-)

So glad JJ won for Super 8! Zoe looked excited to present it to him as well.

Quinto looks like he’d rather be anywhere else but at this premeire.

I found this excerpt from a news article posted to the IMDb Untitled Star Trek Sequel page 11 hours ago.

“(Zachary Quinto) He said: “‘Star Trek 2’ is on the imminent horizon. I go back to Los Angeles after this trip and I start to prep for it. We get going in the beginning of the year, so everybody is gearing up. I haven’t read the script yet so it’s good, I can’t actually tell you anything. I’m not torn or tempted to spill any secrets because I have no idea.” ”

Another item said that the cast were reassembling as soon as Zachary returns to LA from New York… YES! Shouldn’t be long now before our actor guys see what Orci and co, have written for them. Oh to be a fly on that wall…

So the article said jj won best director…then says he was also nominated for director n lost…looks like jjs movie won best scifi movie-not director or best scream….jj and super 8 deserves it cuz it was original and a great homage to spielberg.

Congrats to both jj and zach!! :)

why is Uhura holding a copy of the BTTF Tales from Space?

Zoe is looking Zoeastic!!!.
Congrads to J.J. Loved Super 8.

9. It also says Coming Soon. I wonder if they’re making a real comic book out of that cover?


Congrats guys!… And everyone looks great!

June Foray! Now THERE is a legend!

14. Clinton – October 20, 2011

“June Foray! Now THERE is a legend!”


You said it Clinton! She’s done an amazing body of work. Everything from Cindy Lou Who to Rocky the squirrel. And she’s still working. She looks great for being 90-ish!

@ trekker 5, the scream awards uses comic books as props to annouce the winner.
The winners name is in the comic book.

What an awesome stage that was. How is Scream going to top this years stage.

Burning Man?