Quinto Gearing Up For ‘Imminent’ Star Trek Sequel (& Eyebrow Shaving)

On Friday Zachary Quinto’s new movie Margin Call opens and the actor says that after he finishes up his latest publicity trip he is headed back to LA to prep for the Star Trek sequel which he says is "imminent." Quinto also talks about facing getting his eyebrows shaved again to play Spock. See below for excerpts and videos of Quinto talking Trek. 


Quinto Star Trek prep "Imminent" + not looking forward to eyebrow shaving

While promoting Margin Call, Zachary Quinto talked about the sequel to Star Trek saying that it was on the "imminent horizon" and he would be headed back to Los Angeles to prep for it and it would start shooting "in the beginning of the year." Noting that while he hasn’t read the script, "everyone is gearing up" and  "getting back into that head space."

Here is the video via Cinemablend.

Zachary is also featured in the November issue of Details magazine which has an interview. He speaks briefly about the Star Trek movie and his least favorite part of playing Spock:

Details: When can we expect to see you in the next Star Trek film?

Zachary Quinto: People will have a better idea when they see me walking down the street with shaved eyebrows. That’s definitely the most tedious part of playing Spock. The first time, it took three weeks for them to come back in a way that I didn’t have to wear my glasses every day to hide them. It was probably two months before they were really thick and bushy again.

Quinto and his dog pictured in latest Details Magazine

Quinto also talked to Access Hollywood about American Horror story and Star Trek, noting that he expects to be shaving his eyebrows again around the end of the year. [NOTE: This would still be for pre-production as production doesn’t start until 2012].


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