Quinto Gearing Up For ‘Imminent’ Star Trek Sequel (& Eyebrow Shaving)

On Friday Zachary Quinto’s new movie Margin Call opens and the actor says that after he finishes up his latest publicity trip he is headed back to LA to prep for the Star Trek sequel which he says is "imminent." Quinto also talks about facing getting his eyebrows shaved again to play Spock. See below for excerpts and videos of Quinto talking Trek. 


Quinto Star Trek prep "Imminent" + not looking forward to eyebrow shaving

While promoting Margin Call, Zachary Quinto talked about the sequel to Star Trek saying that it was on the "imminent horizon" and he would be headed back to Los Angeles to prep for it and it would start shooting "in the beginning of the year." Noting that while he hasn’t read the script, "everyone is gearing up" and  "getting back into that head space."

Here is the video via Cinemablend.

Zachary is also featured in the November issue of Details magazine which has an interview. He speaks briefly about the Star Trek movie and his least favorite part of playing Spock:

Details: When can we expect to see you in the next Star Trek film?

Zachary Quinto: People will have a better idea when they see me walking down the street with shaved eyebrows. That’s definitely the most tedious part of playing Spock. The first time, it took three weeks for them to come back in a way that I didn’t have to wear my glasses every day to hide them. It was probably two months before they were really thick and bushy again.

Quinto and his dog pictured in latest Details Magazine

Quinto also talked to Access Hollywood about American Horror story and Star Trek, noting that he expects to be shaving his eyebrows again around the end of the year. [NOTE: This would still be for pre-production as production doesn’t start until 2012].


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First At Last !

Congrats on coming out, great to see the cast suggesting that activity is imminent

Odd that there still hasn’t been an official announcement frrom Paramount yet RE: JJ, a release date, etc., etc.

Love the dog. Is that Noah? Does Zach still have the cat? I believe he adopted both Noah and a cat of similar ages several years ago where he was doing volunteer work for an animal shelter. I like people who like animals. I believe Chris Pine also had a dog and was broken hearted when he and his girlfriend separated and she took the dog…”She took the f*cking dog as well” and continued by saying that he balled his eyes out…”straw that broke the camel’s back” I guess.

Well, they did announce a release date, 29 June 2012, which we know won’t happen. Let’s just get the film made!!!

What a nice surprise! I didn’t know Zach was doing AHS- usually not my type of genre- horror shows, but my sister suggested I watch it. Cool!

And yes Keachick, that is Noah. Cutey! Not sure of a cat though. And poor Chris!! That sounds like the making of a bad country song doesn’t it?? lol

#4 – Well, Chris Pine did sing a song called “Someday Came Today” (country pop). It can be found on iTunes. Not a bad song, not a bad voice either. No mention of a dog though.

So that is Noah. OK – can anyone name the breed(s) of dog? I’m not sure myself. Noah must be quite old by now. That is such a nice picture – makes me want to give the two of them a big cuddle.

It is probably just as well that there is no picture of Chris Pine with a dog like Noah, because then I might want to give them double cuddles. Karl Urban has a big black dog too, I believe, some lab-X something.

I really think that it is about time the Trek actors came out with their dogs (Chris – Bob Orci is finding you that beagle as I write, if you have not already got a dog…aren’t you, Bob?) Lotsa pictures, thank you. I want my computer overloaded with bookmarks and imaginery cuddles.

Make it so, you guys.

Better go. I’m rambling – got dishes to do…:( (It’s called “avoidance behaviour”).

It is slightly disturbing that, of the four images of Quinto presented here, the Spock picture has the most reasonable hair.

But still. Glad he’s looking forward to reprising.

I hope we hear that they’re gonna start filming soon! I burned through DS9 on Netflix already and I need more Trek!

Dee – Chris Pine, as of 14 October, looked VERY clean shaven in those photos… sign of a captain soon to sit in that chair?

Yes! So happy for Quinto on Spock in this next movie! Nemoy as Spock, has shaved his eyebrows for the 1960 for the three YEARS? Perhaps now is gay fashion style eyebrows removal them?

Hard to believe it takes ZQ months to grow those monsters back. He always looks like he gets 5 o’clock shadow 5 minutes after shaving.

I don’t think these guys do a close shave, because at the moment, it is not fashionable. Having a bit of stubble is what’s meant to be cool right now.

It’s so nice to hear that the actors are starting to hone in on Trek again…a definite sign of progress! Woot!! I can’t wait!

It’s not suprising to hear that he really hates shaving his eyebrows; I mean, to have them so thick like that then have almost half of that gone… the man probably has a few days of mourning just for the occasion. I have to admit that it is a little strange to see him without his ‘signature’ look, no matter how much I love him as Spock. Ah well, no one said the road to the Enterprise would be an easy one…

And of course Noah, is as always, adorable! :)

Trimming those eyebrows might be considered minor surgery! ;-D

Just kidding, ZQ. I really like his interpretation of Spock and hope very much to see him and the rest of the ST in another ST movie…. someday.


I am sorry if i come across as insensitive, are you from a non-english speaking country? I am trying to figure out what you are trying to say, but it is a little unclear..

Ok.. Let’s get Trek made already. Please!!!!!

Set eyebrow trimmer on “disintegrate”! Go Zach GO!

marginal actor at best….b-list type…u don’t have to be Anthony Hopkins to figure that out..

Should us fans shave our eyebrows in solidarity with Quinto?

@18 Adam E

Is it weird to say that I would probably be on board with that? Or did my fanatical side just get over exposed?

*Cough, cough*

Ahem…I mean…psssh, who would do that?

After looking at Quinto and his style, is anyone really surprised that hes gay?


It’s actually not that hard to believe it takes so long for eyebrows to grow. I got my eyebrow shaved when I fell asleep at a house party back in July. It’s only now that my eyebrow looks normal again. Now I know not to fall asleep at a party again! LMAO!

And #20, you do have a point. I always thought he was gay since I watched Heroes. Not that I care, I loved him in Heroes, and he’s just totally awesome as Spock. His sexuality, to me, has nothing to do with the roles he plays.

At least we now know that when he’s kissing Zoe Saldana, he ain’t getting any kind of kick out of it the way any heterosexual guy would. LMAO!

#15 Commodore,
I could not agree with you more! Lets start the film already, enough of this waiting. No matter how many Star Trek drinks I make, it does not kill the pain of no Trek…although the Romulan Ale drink will help ease the pain.

Eyebrows don’t grow back quickly because we had no evolutionary pressure to replace them quickly. Cranial hair, left alone, keeps growing until its falling off point and picks right up again. Eyebrows mostly grow to their stopping point and then stick around.

I wonder if there are eyebrow wigs for actors with shaved brows?

@21 Ciaran

“fell asleep” at a party.
that has to be one deep sleep or one uninteresting party ;)
by “fell asleep” do you really mean passed out?

i do believe NoaH is half Airedale, half irish wolfhound. cute mutt!
probably cuter than my mutt, Darwin – half doberman, half nutjob!

Actually Zach being gay might make it easier for him and Zoe to do the Spock/Uhura love scenes. Zoe is married and she does not need to worry about Zach becoming more (obviously) amorous towards her than he ever intended to be. I’m sure she knew about his homosexuality from the start. I think that could possibly be a problem if she and Chris were playing a Kirk/Uhura love scene, not that either of them would have intended anything. *Good* old pheromones…Probably most (if not all) of the Trek cast knew or guessed, but it is not their business to say anything.

Let the shaving and plucking begin – no time like the present!

Zach – your eyebrow sacrifice will not go unnoticed nor unrewarded. Keep up the good work.

#24 Thank you for answering my query about Noah’s breed(s).

Of course, it would be far better if Zachary Quinto came here to tell us about his cute mutt, Noah, and the cat?, himself. He could spend his time chatting here while those make up people are doing dastardly things to those bushy eyebrows of his.

Oh well, one can dream…

Anthony Pascale – any chance of getting new “Kirk/Spock” pair to come here. I guess this could happen later, when the guys are able to say more. Anyway, they could talk about the weather and pets…it’s all good to me. Gotta try, gotta ask!

That’s a sweet doggie.

I cant think of a better bloke to play Spock (other than Mr Nimoy of course). Looking forward to seeing Zach in full make up and uniform again. He was one of the highlights of the 2009 movie.

Greg UK

ZQ interview to Star Trek.com:

And, last question. Do you have anything lined up, acting-wise, for after you finish American Horror Story and before you begin the next Star Trek film?

Quinto: There’s not really going to be much time for that. I’m going to be in full prep for the next Trek movie by the time I get back to L.A. in November. I’ll finish American Horror Story in that time and then we start (Star Trek) in January. So, with all the stuff that I need to do to prepare, I really doubt that I’ll be doing anthing else between American Horror Story and the next Trek movie.

….full prep November… filming January…:-) :-)



#3. Keachick…

LOL….CP actually said…”I cried my f***ing brains out”… it’s not the f***ing dog… because I think he loved that dog….LOL

…Noah the charming best friend of ZQ….:-) :-)

Geez, I’ve been the Star Trek ‘head space’ since 1972. Can’t seem to get out.

Isn’t that right, Bones?

McCoy: “I’m still here. Would you like a tranquilizer?”


I’m surprised Quinto would need to shave both eyebrows completely or is that not right? I though Nimoy only had his shaved to a point (pun intended) but maybe that’s not right either.

Let us know when he’s “Earing Up” for Spock, OK?

Come on, Zach, NO ONE has read the script. Until there is a script (when Paramount says there is one) the only prep you will be doing are the one eyebrow push ups. At the rate the script is progressing, you are gonna have some really burly forehead muscules with all that prepping…

#34 Of course, the TPTB have read the script. It is just the actors who have not seen it yet. It is quite possible that the production team assistants have read some of it. It is a “need to know” situation.

Thank you, Dee. I keep thinking my quote was a bit off. I know Chris loved that dog, hence all the tears. Animals will do that to you. They are always the innocent party…

OK, shaving and plucking won’t happen until November. Anyway, the whole actor team can’t reassemble until after 23 October, because Karl is quite likely here, waiting and hoping to see the All Blacks win the Rugby World Cup! The All Blacks are in the Finals and play against the French – kick off time @ 9.00pm, Eden Stadium, Auckland, NZ, 23/10/11.

Aurore – It’s been lovely hosting the French team among others (the USA had a team here as well), but you do understand if I yell “GO, ALL BLACKS! WIN IT! WIN IT! WIN IT!” As we say, we love having all of you here downunder to watch our guys win the Cup!

BTW, I am not much of a rugby fan ordinarily, and I don’t watch much at all. But, boy, the ABs are fast. No need for JJ Abrams to tap on anything to get a shaky camera effect filming these guys…:)! Not good for my waistline, though, because I can’t stop eating popcorn and liquorice as I watch our guys play on the BIG plasma screen at a local community church hall. You’ll know where I’ll be, come next Sunday night. If they win, it’s break out the chocolates.
(I had a cup with the words, “I would give up chocolate, but I’m not a quitter.”)

AB’s have no competition on Sunday.
…much like the Aussie game
at least it is labour day the day after. plenty of time for recovery!!!:)

Aaaaaaargh! More non-news about STXII!!!

Man, I hate it when I have to shave my eyebrows to play a vulcan…wait.

#36 Yes, I think you could be right. Fingers crossed. I never “light up” though “until the fat lady sings” or something like that. What does that even mean?

you’ll have to ask the fat lady and her dealer!

As far as I know, a proper Vulcan eyebrow only requires the actor to shave the outermost 1/2 of each outbrow. Although Quinto’s are so bushy, he just may have to start with a clean slate.

However I wish he’d commit enough to use his real hair rather than that fake too-shiny wig they use.

All I ask is please…. PLEASE drop the Spock Uhura thing. I’ve always said it was a mistake for Spock to allow himself to become entangled with a subordinate. From a story point of view, it’s illogical and tragedy has always resulted whenever he allowed himself to get have feelings for a woman. From the viewer perspective, fantasizing about piercing Spock’s veil of being “unattainability” is a big part of Spock’s appeal to the female audience. An Uhura romance just spoils the character as a dramatic device. (Which is what he is, so don’t reply with “but Spock deserves…” He isn’t real.)

Well, I too would like them to drop the Spock/Uhura romance. I understood why they did it last time, but it was also a bit ridiculous.

For the sequel, I’d like to see them both do their jobs, and just be good friends. No more, no less.

I don’t think romance is a necessary ingredient to make a good movie. I’d rather see the friendship between Kirk, Spock and McCoy, the triumvirate and the heart of “Star Trek”. Uhura is a secondary character. Not as many people care about her. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are way more popular. Very un-PC, but quite true.

But, unfortunately, the romance is likely to continue in the sequel, just like we’re going to be stuck with the brewery again. I just hope we get some more McCoy, especially as part of a passionate philisophical debate with Kirk and Spock.

I disagree that Quinto’s sexuality undercuts the Uhura romance. I always thought it lent a certain sense of ponn farr to Spock’s conflicted commitment to this woman. What is a Vulcan if not a way of looking at the Other in society?


watch it again at half-speed. that should last you.

jk. :P

Okay… as a non heterosexual, let me point out my HUGE disappointment with some of the above comments. Now that Mr. Quinto finally publicly admitted he’s gay, why do you all have to start with the “gay” comments?

#9 “gay fashion style to remove them?” Right… ALL gay men shave their eyebrows now just because an actor does it FOR A ROLE.

#25 While I sense no real meanness is your comment, what does an actors private life have to do with the role he plays and how he interacts with the other actors? Just because an actor happens to be gay doesn’t mean he can’t give an excellent performance with a woman. Cripes, most actors are given credit for playing a part. I read very few complaints about “straight” actors playing roles other than what they are (Liam Neeson comes to mind with his ‘American’ accent. He’s Irish, so does that mean he shouldn’t play anything other than an Irishman?).

Finally, I do wish they’d (the producers) would do something about his haircut. Nimoy’s hair seemed real to me. Simply combed forward. Quinto’s Spock looks like he’s wearing a plastic helmet. And what happened to simply shaving the sideburns to make them pointy? Now it looks like they just let the hair grow a bit longer an gel it to a point. It just doesn’t seem right compared to the good ol’ Star Trek I grew up with.

#42 well-spoken. That *is* the heart of ST…

And with that intact it doesn’t matter how silly the plots are…

doubly a pity McCoy is marginalized in the reboot when they have a fine actor in KU to portray him. what a waste..,

@45 – absolutely agree with the hair as I mentioned above. I forgot all about the sideburns, you’re absolutely right. Instead of actual sideburns, they were like spitcurls on the side of his face.

Well, how imminent is imminent? And when will they actually start shooting?

I want to see leaked copies of the script, dammit! Or reasonable facsimiles thereof.

Whoever is doing actors make up, please, stop making Spock and other Vulcans look like pink humans. They need to be greenish/yellowish – not caucasian baby butt white.

Spock & Uhura Forever!!!

I like the fact the whole cast interacts and it’s not just about three people.

I also obviously love the Spock and Uhura love story. I don’t understand why as a biracial person he can’t explore and enjoy his human half – because that’s how it was on TOS in another life? Please! I know this is upsetting to the tos purists, but stop putting Spock in a box.