New trailer for Star Trek: TNG Remastered

Last month CBS officially announced Star Trek: The Next Generation – Remastered, revealing that all 178 episodes would be re-scanned from the original film elements and re-composited for a 1080p Blu-ray mastering. We now have a new trailer for the project, which you can watch after the jump.

As previously reported here on TrekMovie, CBS will release a sampler disc featuring three episodes from the series: the two-part pilot "Encounter at Farpoint", the season three episode "Sins of the Father" and the season five episode "The Inner Light". While the reveal trailer — which you can watch at this link if you haven’t already seen it — only featured a brief look at the restoration, CBS has released an updated version of the trailer which contains new footage from the episodes featured on the sampler disc. Watch the trailer below [YouTube via TrekCore]:

Watch the trailer in 720p at YouTube. Here are some screen grabs from the trailer courtesy TrekCore:

Click here for more screen grabs including comparisons of the original SD and remastered HD where you’ll notice improved color timing, contrast and clarity.

Cover art for “The Next Level: A Taste of TNG in High Definition”:

The ‘Taste of TNG’ sampler disc will be released on January 31, 2012 with a suggested retail price of $21.99. All seven seasons of the show will follow sometime after.

TrekMovie will continue to track this project as further news is announced.

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