Trek Nation debuts November 30 on SCIENCE

SCIENCE will celebrate the 45th anniversary of Star Trek with the world-premiere of Trek Nation on Wednesday, November 30. The two-hour event follows Gene Roddenberry’s son Rod through interviews with J.J. Abrams, George Lucas, Seth MacFarlane and many notable Star Trek alums. Click over the jump for the complete press release.



— George Lucas, J.J. Abrams and Seth MacFarlane join Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry Jr. on the journey of a lifetime featuring never-before-seen footage in TREK NATION premiering Wednesday, November 30, at 8PM ET/PT on SCIENCE– 

(Silver Spring, Md.)—SCIENCE celebrates the 45th anniversary of one of the greatest television franchises of all time, Star Trek, with the world-premiere two-hour event, TREK NATION. This tribute follows Gene Roddenberry’s son, Rod, as he explores the deep impact of his father’s singular vision for the future.  Through interviews with fans, including George Lucas, J.J. Abrams, Seth MacFarlane, and many notable Star Trek alums, TREK NATION chronicles a son’s journey to discover his father’s work that helped defined science fiction. TREK NATION premieres on SCIENCE on Wednesday, November 30 at 8PM ET/PT.

TREK NATION draws on hours of exclusive footage, including never-before-seen home movies from the Roddenberry family collection and the first-ever Star Trek convention.  This film demonstrates that Roddenberry’s work has not only inspired legions of fans across the globe, but generated a cultural movement. Star Trek is a phenomenon that goes beyond entertainment; it has influenced politics, space travel, social morality and much more.  Star Trek was a catalyst which has fostered an enhanced understanding of the human condition, capturing man’s constant search for a better world.

“Gene Roddenberry is the original thought-provocateur; the rebel-genius who was not afraid to push the boundaries of what science can accomplish,” said Debbie Myers, general manager and executive vice president of SCIENCE.  “Star Trek used science fiction to hold a mirror to society, leveraging its storylines as a platform for social commentary touching on topics such as racism, sexism, the economy, war, peace and religion.  Working with Rod, and showing footage never shared on television is what makes TREK NATION truly inspiring.”

“I am so glad TREK NATION found its home at SCIENCE,” says Rod Roddenberry, Executive producer of Trek Nation and son of Star Trek creator, Gene Roddenberry.  “They understood that, as personal as the film was for me, TREK NATION is really a universal story of a son coming to understand his father.  The experience allowed me to learn more about the man behind this incredible science fiction phenomenon as well as the man I knew as ‘Dad.’  I think it’s something that Star Trek fans and those less familiar with the franchise will enjoy.”

Star Trek was a revolution that would define an era.  When it first premiered on NBC in 1966, it often was described as a western set in space.  However, the series provided a much deeper commentary that created a devoted and loyal fan base which continues to grow, even today.  With a then-virtually-unknown cast, each week Roddenberry told tales of humans and aliens who lived side by side and served the Starfleet, the peacekeeping armada of the universe.

TREK NATION is produced for SCIENCE by Roddenberry Entertainment and New Animal Productions.  For Roddenberry Entertainment, Rod Roddenberry and Trevor Roth are executive producers.  Executive producer Nicole Rittenmeyer represents New Animal.  Bernadette McDaid is the executive producer and vice president of production for SCIENCE.  Lindsay Foster is associate producer for SCIENCE and Debbie Adler Myers is general manager and executive vice president of SCIENCE.



SCIENCE, a division of Discovery Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK), is home for the thought provocateur, the individual who is unafraid to ask the killer questions of “how” and “why not.”  The network is a playground for those with audacious intellects and features programming willing to go beyond imagination to explore the unknown.  Guided by curiosity, SCIENCE looks for innovation in mysterious new worlds as well as in its own backyard.  SCIENCE and the SCIENCE HD simulcast reach more than 68 million U.S. households.  The network also features high-traffic online and social media destinations, including, Channel and

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Hope to see some rare footage and interviews. DVR will be set!

The Trekmovie said September 30. But the Press release says November 30.

I just wonder who does the Proof Reading for Trekmovie??

Is this a Star Trek Convension reality show? cool.

Thanks Rosario. I got to meet Rod at Comic Con NY this year, really nice guy and looking forward to this documentary!

Will it be shown in Canada as well?

Cool. Looking forward to it! I love when Trek is rightfully presented for it’s epic scope, and not just as some silly cult thing. Thanks Rosario.

What does George Lucas, J.J. Abrams and Seth MacFarlane have to do with Star Trek? What road are we taking Rod???

The director of Star Wars, the voice of Stu, and the lucky hack director that ruined the franchise by turning it into a comic book with Kirk and Spock as superheros.

Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry Jr.where’s the boldy going where no mans gone before with Abrams? and his also lucky right place at the right time writers?

I was looking forward to this, now I’ll pass just like I passed when I saw Pine included in Shatners latest dvd.

Love Trek but not Abrams vision, sorry that’s crap. I wish more Star Trek fans would admit the last film was not only written for 12 year olds it was just insulting on so many levels.

Unlike that silly Shat Trek docudrama, I am really looking forward to this one!!! Congrats Rod!!!

What can possibly be left to say? And as for homemovies….. er, I don’t like looking at my own so I can’t imagine i’ll want to watch the Roddenberry’s.

David Jones – Please refrain from being so insulting yourself. The Star Trek of the Gene Roddenberry era was written for an audience of 12 years or around about that age. I believe most television and movie script is written at a level where an intelligent 12 year old child is able to comprehend what the story is about. Odd though it may seem to you, your 12 year old person with reasonable intelligence and education is able to take in and understand quite a lot. In fact some can be quicker and smarter than many adults because their minds are fresh and young. This is the time when it is easier to learn quite complex ideas and principles and various skills that many much older people have a much harder time learning.

Do not underestimate a 12 year old

BTW, Chris Pine makes an excellent James T Kirk.

The problem with getting older is that there is a tendency to get stuck in a rut and unfortunately intelligence does not increase with age. After a certain point, it starts to diminish.

Oh please Keachick – rose pinenut, sorry that your stuck in a rut but I’m not.

I want NEW stories, I want to be fasinated by NEW charaters. I want to see NEW worlds. Kingons, Vulcans, Kirk and Spock, yeah I’ve been there done that,,, challenge yourself for Treks sake. The show was built on originalty.
You want to live in the past with Kirk and Spock, don’t drive me down that road.

The script for 2009’s Star Trek was a dumbed down version of Trek, called a reboot because Paramount sold out to Star Wars writing.

If you can’t see that then your Trek opinion means little to me. I’ve met tons of Star Trek convention folks that hate the new film and its backwards direction. you just don’t get it. :/

Look at how the new Abrams Trek has effected the Franchise.

The Star Trek Vegas Borg and Star Trek rides are gone, totally removed.
How’s the tv version of Trek these days? Well its non exsistant.
How come, well your not watching a NEW and BOLD Star Trek on tv, because your supporting a lame Star Trek movie trek, that delivers about what every 5 years. You could be watching a new Trek series on tv, but your blindly supporting a sub par film.

Sad,, very sad day for Star Trek.

Star Trek tried several new and different approaches: a series set largely on a space station, a lost ship with a female captain, an exploration of the early years of Starfleet…yet Trek fans were absolutely unable to be unanimous (or even SOMEWHAT in agreement) as to whether or not they were actually “Star Trek”

So, the powers that be decide to give those wacky Trek fans what they want: old characters, with a few twists to keep it “fresh” and avoid a strict “reboot”.

You should be lecturing the people that didn’t like the post-TNG direction for Star Trek about how Trek is all about originality.

actually good “Star Trek”, I should say.

I am not stuck in a rut. I want new stories that deal with the lives of a younger Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the rest. This new Trek deals with these characters when they are at a younger age in a slightly different universe. We have seen lots of other characters over time but people like who they like and for me, they are the TOS characters. It is the ones who constantly want to see Khan all over again, TOS stories redone, re-imagined, whatever, who seem to be stuck in a rut. Those I think are stuck in a rut are those who seem not to be able to take on new concepts and ideas, arguing that they are not scientifically accurate – it is bleedin’ science fiction – even when certain ideas are current notions and *theories held to be valid by many well respected scientists and others.

What JJ Abrams, Orci, and co did was radical. Do you know what that means?

It might be a sad day for you, but it is anything but sad for me. I love those characters and as much as I have enjoyed (and endured at times) the other characters and Trek incarnations, there are none like K/S/B (Kirk/Spock/Bones). Their characters still need more fleshing out and this alternate time line is just the place to do it.

You were referring to age and I assume the intellect and making derogatory comments. That is what I was objecting to. What I have found amazing is that some people on various forums still do not understand certain concepts within Star Trek 09 (and call it “dumbed down” as well) after more than two and a half years, yet my 14 and 16 year old sons understood the concept of alternate universe, what red matter did and why under certain circumstances it behaved one way, then under other circumstances, behaved differently, after one viewing of the movie. Frankly, the only ones who are dumbed down are the ones who cannot understand, after all this time, what a 14 year old kid got the first time round.

* Google the meanings of “theory”…

Gene Roddenberry was a fascinating man so I’m expecting great things from this. Congrats again, Rod!




Forgive me if I’m wrong, but didn’t those things end before JJ’s Trek could have had any impact?

simple fact is that to stay alive Star Trek needed to make money again. How do you do that? An easy sell. Everyone and their grandma knows who Kirk and Spock are and casting young handsome actors in the role only made the sell better. I too hope that future movies are just as big of hits as the last one and because of that security we get more TV that boldy goes in brand new directions and waves the Star Trek brand of science fiction flag proudly. I loved 2009’s Trek and personally I’m happy that the folks steering the ship right now have not only a respect for Trek’s history but know how to actually make good movies and TV shows. take a look at 90% of the movies and TV out there…. it could be a lot worse.

I find it curious that a gentleman who proclaims to hate everything associated with the “new” Trek hangs out on a site that’s devoted to the new Trek movies. Weird, David, really.

wow…I’m so glad that trek fans give people a reason to want to watch and enjoy trek. I mean #12 and #17….are you guys serious. This kinda BS makes me almost want to quit supporting this site by viewing it every single day for news updates. I can handle the fact that Anthony and the crew have lives outside of this project….but I can’t handle the people who want to scream and complain and etc. at Anthony, at JJ, at each other. It’s just F’ing childish people. Can we talk about Trek without wanting to slit each other’s throats.

and personally I like a litle something about everythng that has been produced for the Franchise (Even Star Trek V, witch had the saving grace of keeping the campfire scenes intake.) Sure, not every minute is a home run….and besdies, why else does a studio put out a show: to make money. That is there number one goal. Thankfully throughout the years there have been a number of people who have kept true to the integrity of the original idea.

In the end, it’s a TV show…..just a TV show. I understand the impact it had, has, and will have on people. but it’s a TV SHOW. don’t loose sight of that people. Is it really worth taring down people over a tv show. besides what ever happened to the principle of IDIC.

RDR, you seem very angry these days…everything OK dude?

Best, MJ


Don’t lump me in with #12, please. He pissed me off with his bitching, and so I had to respond!


Yeah, I’m a bit emotional these days. The real world news has been depressing, and the Talifans on this site really irk me with their constant slamming of the new movie and J.J Abrams!

I mean c’mon, give me a f#ckin’ break! This site is named “TrekMovie.Com” in honor of J.J Abrams and his series of Trek reboot films. To slam the new movie constantly on this site is hyopocritical, and uncalled for. Plus, there seems to be a sense of entitlement here. Go a week without new articles, and a bunch of fans go ballistic and start bitching while contributing nothing to the site!

Thanks for the regards, MJ! Much appreciated!

I hear you!!!

Boborci on prophets of science fiction (Phillip K Dick episode)???????


@Keachick – rose pinenut,,, I like you I’m not trying to upset you,,,,

You say,,,”I am not stuck in a rut. I want new stories that deal with the lives of a younger Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the rest.”

That’s totally cool but you will never ever ever get the magic that was created by Shat, Nimoy, and Kelley.
The original series we all love was basically written by the same folks that did Twilight Zone. That was a creative source your never gonna see again.

Those that bag on TNG, DS9, Voy, and even Enterprise are not true Star Trek fans. Because Star Trek is more then Kirk and Spock, its about a way of life and new characters and new challeges.

Love Kirk & Spock in there prime. (Dvds)
I need to move on, I’m sorry most of you can’t handle change but at this point I yearn for a Voyager film that blends all the crews (that want to do it) into a film that then leads to a new tv show produced by ether FX, HBO, or Showtime.

The ones that want a new Abrams ripoff/flick every 5 years are ruining my day. Sorry.


#26 I happened to like the spin off series, some episodes more than others, from each of the different incarnations. I happened to like some of the characters as well. My all time favourite series and characters come from the original Star Trek series. I can handle change just fine, thank you and I do not think it is up to you to say who are “true” Star Trek fans and who are not.

In fact, the statement does not even make a lot of sense because only the individuals themselves know how much they love a particular Star Trek series and its characters and/or movie series, and how keen they are to see more made of their favourite series. There is no such person as a “true fan”. To the extent that we as individuals follow the progress of a movie series, watch and enjoy the series etc, reads the novels, whatever, is what makes a person a “fan” and that is defined by each individual. It cannot and should not be defined by someone else.

“That’s totally cool but you will never ever ever get the magic that was created by Shat, Nimoy, and Kelley.”

No, we won’t see the magic created by those three actors playing these characters. However, what I do believe we will see is a different kind of magic, perhaps just as great, created by the new set of actors playing these same characters.

It is like you are saying that the great plays of Shakespeare like MacBeth cannot be played by different actors at different times because we won’t ever be able to see the very first performances of these plays. Over time, there have been brilliant performances and no doubt some that have anything but. However the story and the characters remain iconic. What is even better about doing Star Trek now is that writers can write new stories for the characters of Kirk, Spock, McCoy and so on that these new actors can bring to life.

It is about being adaptive and creative. With this alternate timeline, there is even more leeway for creativity involving iconic Star Trek characters than they would have had when they made the film, Richard III, the Shakespeare play, brought into a more modern era.

I am sorry if I am ruining your day. I’m afraid there is not a lot I can do about it. I am who I am and I like what I like and want to see more of what I like…don’t we all?

Let’s read the logic here I’m up against. ^
@BeatleJWOL,,, says, “Star Trek tried several new and different approaches: a series set largely on a space station, a lost ship with a female captain, an exploration of the early years of Starfleet”
Beat, DS9 and Voyager were both huge tv series hits. Enterprise would have been a hit if it wasn’t for Paramount pulling the plug just as the show was turning into a massive hit (Season 4).

What alternate universe are you living in man?
@Red Dead Ryan, get over yourself. Don’t like my critic of 2009’s Trek that’s your problem. I don’t post comments here to piss you off, sorry that’s all about your hang-ups bro.

@Brevard, any Star
Trek site should be willing to accept my opinions, if not its a violation of the rule of IDIC.
@TJ Trek, Wow…Thanks for standing up to Capitalism. That’s what Star Treks all about. Wow.

“In the end, it’s a TV show…..just a TV show. I understand the impact it had, has, and will have on people. but it’s a TV SHOW.”

Yeah your the common fan, any Star Trek fan knows the show was more then a tv show, and then you throw IDIC out there as a totem?


@27 (if you want to just be on a number basis) I’m not trying to piss you off, we just have different standards when it comes to Star Trek.

I want new, you want old. Whatever, I’m thankfull the writers that came up with the Borg, Suluban, Species 8472, and the fracken Pakleds didn’t worship Kahn and the Klingons.

Think about what your missing out on, you have no idea.

And sorry but the new cast will never even come close to the original crew.
Let’s hope they find a better location for engineering eh? Ah who cares.

Yes, I have every idea on what I could be missing out on but I don’t think you do. I am not the one worshipping Khan or the Klingons. I just accept that mention and/or appearance of the Klingons is really inevitable. However, I do not see Khan turning up anywhere as a necessary inevitability, not at all. The fact of the matter is that the Klingons have been around in just about all the Star Trek incarnations, with the exception of Star Trek Voyager. The Klingons turned up in the first six movies as well.

I”ve been borged out. They have also featured in every incarnation, except TOS.

Do you really think that this alternate universe of TOS characters could not discover a whole new world and lifeforms, humanoid and other? I have written a story myself. Do you really think that these people could not also encounter mysterious new wonders, fight battles, get their arse kicked, fall in love etc? Hang on, God forbid, that Kirk or Spock actually fall in love with someone other than themselves (or each other), given some of the comments I have read here and on other sites. Sheesh….

So you think that you have higher standards than others and that we are just “common” fans? Wow, you really need to get over yourself. You have no idea whether this new cast will “come close to the original crew”. Nobody does. Frankly, I do not see your crystal ball shining any brighter than mine. Yes, our standards may well be different, and btw I do not consider mine to be “common” whatever that means.

FWIW, I saw my first Star Trek in the year 1968 as a small girl on a little B/W TV set in a living room of a small house in a city called Auckland, NZ. I “fell in love” with the show then. Perhaps my interest and encouragement of the Supreme Court team to bring me a new TOS is my expression of loyalty for a show and characters that I have loved for as long as I can remember. Sadly, two of the former cast members have passed on and the others are no longer young. They have passed the torch to the new cast. Why can’t you?

Why are you so desperate to convince people that we shouldn’t want this movie because you want to see a new TV series made with a whole new bunch of strangers? If there is to be another Star Trek TV series, it will come in good time. Right now, it is Star Trek movie making time and I am embracing this situation wholeheartedly. Perhaps you might consider that you could be “ruining my day”, as you put it. Nobody will be forcing you to see the movie once it is released. Not everyone gets what they want, when they want it. I’ve had to wait also, along with a great many others here.

Great article Rosario!!! I will be watching this. Have my DVR set thank you!


No, you get over yourself! The fact of the matter is, despite your best efforts to prove otherwise, the latest movie is the most successful entry in the franchise. Possibly the most popular as well. It brought Trek back.

You should be grateful for that, but I can see that you’re not, and instead you want to turn the clock back to the ’90’s. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but those days, as great as they were, are gone. Gone for good. But at least you have the various dvds and blu rays to watch.

The J.J Trek that you knock will be the only live-action Trek we’ll be getting for the next while. No sense in holding out for a new series, as it’s not on CBS’ plate, and likely won’t be for the rest of this decade.

Every few years, we’ll get a new movie. That’s it. No new series. It’s how things are going to be done for the foreseeable future. You’d better get used to it, or you’ll find yourself being miserable for a significant portion of your insignificant life!


@32. Agreed. Let’s send this clown down to the bottom of the ocean for good… let him rot down their where we all know he belongs…


Yeah let’s ban the guy that disagrees with Abram’s masterpiece?.
How Nazi of you,,,
“No, we won’t see the magic created by those three actors playing these characters. However, what I do believe we will see is a different kind of magic, perhaps just as great”

(LOL, NOT A CHANCE IN HELL) created by the new set of actors playing these same characters.

There’s not one actor on the new cast that can come close to any of the original cast mates. The fact that you disagree is proof that you are a false fan of the show. A newbee.
Engineering deck is a Mike Diamond commercial, the Bridge is all i-wrong, the ship is a f-ing joke, Spock is sleeping with Uhura, Kirk is the retard from Smokin Aces, Scotty is Bugs Bunny, the reboot possibilites are so limited, and you guys are sucking this up like its heroin. So sad.

And I’m the a -hole,,,
Face it new Trek fans 2009, you are the problem. You are the force keeping trek down. I’m sure you don’t even grasp my comments.

Enjoy your recycled trek, cause that’s what your gonna get.

I defended you and you are rude back to me.

What is there to grasp about your comments? “Kirk is the retard from Smokin Aces”. That is one of the dumbest comments made and I have read a few. Look up the meaning of “actor”. Actually Darwin Tremor wasn’t a “retard”, as you call him. He was the brains of the three Tremor brothers and as assassins, they were pretty successful, until… which is why they were hired. Then again, I don’t know if you have watched the film or would have the comprehension skills anyway.

“False fan”? What the “f” is a false fan? You are either a fan or you are not.

“A newbee”? Refer to my comment about your comprehension skills. Obviously you do not seem to have much in the way of reading or comprehension skills. What part of “1968” don’t you understand?

“you guys are sucking this up like its heroin.”
Please, do tell. I have not sucked up heroin. It appears that you just might have.

“you are the problem. You are the force keeping trek down.”

So we are the problem? If you are an example of the force trying to keep Trek “up”, then I am proud to be part of the force “keeping trek down”.

Geez, they’re coming thick and fast tonight. LOL

Holy Crappola!


Fan-F#CKING-tastic, you’re now referring to us as “Nazis”? This coming from a die-hard Talifan?

You’ve just proven to be the biggest goof on this site, and that is saying something!

Of course, “David Jones” could merely be a sock puppet. Anyway, I have no patience for trolls like him!

RDR, I agree with you. He’s a troll and a big one at that. I show respect for him and he dumps on me. Not nice. Not good.

“David Jones” – take it elsewhere.

@ RDR – You can start showing some more respect on this site as well!

Whatever. OK, I apologize for getting carried away. I just don’t like the Trek 2009 film very much, and it gets the best of me sometimes. Nothing pesonal, really. I lost my job last year and had to move back in with my parents, and its not easy. And on top of that, my dog died and my girlfriend dumped me this year. :-(

@39 Apology accepted, Captain Needa…whoope, I mean David Jones.

@ 23

Dear Red Dead Ryan,

Try to be more like Spock. In fact, we should all be more like the Vulcans. Anthony never told us that you had to love Star Trek 2009. In fact there are some who did not like the movie. I liked the movie but had problems with it. Some of what David Jones says about the movie I agree with. (@ 12) I look forward to the promised “deeper” Star Trek 2015. And so should David Jones. By the way, I keeed on the date.

America has a long history of freedom of speech. We encourage dissent. Why? This is the “markeplace of ideas” concept. Because out of a “robust exchange of ideas which disovers truth out of a multitude of tongues rather than through any kind of authoritative selection.” Tinker v. Des Moies Independent Community School District. 393 U.S. 503 (1969)

Its all about divide and conqor @basement blogger.
Yeah that apology wasn’t me, that’s somebody else. Prob MJ?
“Do you really think that this alternate universe of TOS characters could not discover a whole new world and lifeforms?”
No I have no faith at all. We’ve been through this.

I will say this in closing, I’m real glad the internet wasn’t around in the 90’s because most of you would have complained with such vorasity that DS9, Voyager and Enterprise would have never happened.
And ah rosepeanut, the Klingon’s were in several Voyager episodes. Guess you wernt that cool with Voyager. And also yes I did see Smoking Aces, and also the sequel Assassins Ball. Loved them both and Chris Pine was ok more of a motard, that cool?

Abrams revived Star Trek? Lol, that’s why the Vegas ride closed down and conventions are at record low attendances.

The only thing Abrams did was copy Star Wars. With the prequel then use the main characters like marvel will with the Avengers.

Your all very limited and love it. Bye for now. :)

I have not been the one complaining about any of the Star Treks so far that have been brought to the big and small screens.

Re: About Vegas rides closing down or convention numbers. What I do know, even in a little country on the other side of the world which is where I live, is that the USA has been suffering some sort of recession and higher unemployment than in the past and it has seriously affected places like Las Vegas, so it really comes as no surprise that some places have been forced to close. I doubt that Trek related ventures are the only ones affected, because I know that they are not. Due to these factors, it is also not that surprising that the numbers of those attending conventions might be down on previous years as well. I doubt that is JJ Abrams’ fault.

I am assuming that you live in the States, so how come these factors do not register with you, when they do with me?

JJ Abrams in a way copied some of Star Wars which had in turn copied some of TOS Star Trek, so in fact, Abrams has just gone full circle!

“39. David Jones – November 19, 2011
Whatever. OK, I apologize for getting carried away. I just don’t like the Trek 2009 film very much, and it gets the best of me sometimes. Nothing pesonal, really. I lost my job last year and had to move back in with my parents, and its not easy. And on top of that, my dog died and my girlfriend dumped me this year. :-(”

This is what I see on my screen. Are you accusing MJ of being a sockpuppet? I wouldn’t if I were you. That is a serious allegation and people don’t take too kindly to have such stuff alleged against them, without providing good solid proof. I see no proof here, in fact, quite the opposite. So I take it that you are retracting your apology?

Divide and conquer? Really? If you say so – all I can say is – run along now back to the sandpit – always lots of dividing and conquering to do there, so I’m told.

This clown has second thoughts about apologizing and he blames me for it? WTF?

David Jones, take responsibility please for your own posts.

Looks to me the real Davy Jones showed up in post @39, and now he’s having “posters remorse” for letting his guard down and showing a bit of humanity for a fracking change. Perhaps somewhere in the a-hole we know as David Jones is a real human being trying to get out.

Your last comment MJ, confirms my suspictions.
Real good point @Rose Peanut, as big as an ass as I might seem I’m not a hateful guy. Just saying. You have my respect as I can tell your a spiritual person.
Yes there is a massive depression going on right now in the USa, its related to the last 12 years under NAFTA (signed into law by Bill Clinton). That’s allowed most of our jobs/industry to be outsourced, and allowed to be sent to china. However according to some posting here Trek is going through some kind of genesis of epic porportions because of Abrams 2009 film.
Sorry aszholes (not you rose), I didn’t loose my job, I don’t live with my mommy. I don’t have a dog, or a girlfriend.

Yes I’m accusing one of these haters as impersonating my handle, but I really don’t care. Just pointing it out.
I could just as easyly do the same thing, and make up an insulting comment, but I won’t sink to that level.


@46 “Your last comment MJ, confirms my suspictions.”

What is a “suspiction”? LOL

Dude, if I wanted to mess with you, you’d get it from me directly. Keachick and others can confirm that — I don’t screw with people underhanded here — I will fire verbal missiles right at you.

Please stop the whining about your weak moment where your showed some contrition. You’ve obviously had a rough time of it, and I do sympathize with you, but please stop the charade of trying to blame me for your dysfunctional diatribes here.

“…as big as an ass as I…”


All, an observation. I think where this went wrong was MJ, Read Dead Ryan and Rose P. not accepting David Jone’s apology. If fact, MJ made fun of it with the Darth Vader “apology accepted Cpt Needa” remark, where Vader strangles the captain while sarcastically accepting his apology; and Rose P. chastised him like a child: “run along now back to the sandpit.” So it is no wonder that David felt backed into a corner and thus pretended he didn’t apologize. I’m not defending him, but I can certainly see how he could feel betrayed here by all of you in not accepting his apology, while continuing to lay into him.

@48. That is you posting, isn’t it, David Jones? Ha!

@48 Memo to David Jones — your views on Trek are condescending and completely off-base. And anyone who would make up a word like “motard,” obviously has some issues beyond those weird opinions and bad behavior here.