Exclusive: Star Trek Sequel Filming Starts January 15th + Locations & Pre-production Update

Things continue to progress for the Star Trek sequel, recently reported to be in consideration for a 2013 release. TrekMovie has an exclusive update on the status for pre-production on the project including locations, the script and casting. We also have news on the exact date for the start of filming. See below for more details.


Sequel shooting January 15th + ILM already working + Hawaii a possibility

TrekMovie has learned from trusted sources that the official start date for production on the Star Trek sequel is January 15th, 2012. This is over four years and two months after the start of production for the 2009 Star Trek movie (which began shooting on November 7th, 2007).

Pre-production for the Star Trek sequel has been underway for a few months. It began using the famous "extensive outline" but sources tell TrekMovie a draft script has been completed and submitted to the studio. In fact, just yesterday co-writer/ producer Roberto Orci made a comment here at TrekMovie.com noting: that the script has "been done for a while" and they are currently working on the 3rd draft. In another comment posted today at TrekMovie, Orci himself noted "rewriting is a good thing which normally makes the script better. We like to keep pushing the script, even if no one gives us notes."

Sources tell TrekMovie that the writing team of Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof are currently working on a draft to ensure the film fits into the budget the Paramount has set. The studio is said to be "very enthusiastic" about the project and very supportive of producer/director Abrams and his core team.

Much of the design work for the film has been completed, with the team again headed by Scott Chambliss as production designer. And construction has already started for some of the new sets. Many sets and location set dressing elements from the 2009 film (such as the USS Enterprise) have been in storage and will be re-used for the sequel. In addition, ILM has already started work on some of the effects shots for the movie. While effects work is often considered part of post-production, there are many space effects shots which can be made without the need of any filmed elements.

The script is in and ILM are already making effects shots for the "Star Trek" sequel (shot from 2009 film above)

In addition, the team lead by director JJ Abrams is currently picking locations. TrekMovie has learned that Abrams himself traveled to Hawaii to scout a location which is being seriously considered for a "jungle planet." Shooting will also include a museum in Los Angeles standing in for what a source said was a "famous Star Trek location." As per usual with a Star Trek film, studio shooting will take place on a number of stages on the Paramount lot.

Of course all the main cast from the original Star Trek movie are returning and the casting process for new characters is currently being discussed, however sources indicate none of the new roles have been cast so far.

TrekMovie does not have any details to report on the plot of the film yet, but it is described as "bigger" in scope than the 2009 Star Trek film.

Stay tuned to TrekMovie for all the news on the Star Trek sequel.

JJ Abrams directing the 2009 "Star Trek" movie – will begin shooting sequel on January 15th


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Yes! :)

First! Let´s go the LOST beach… Cant´wait for this movie.

Excellent news. Someone needs to put up a countdown clock on that day.

Great. And when the movie is released eight years from now, I’m sure it will be FANTASTIC.

I will be 253 years old when the movie is released!

Let’s hope they redesign the engineering section.
And maybe the bridge.

Jungle planet? Hum…

“Bigger in scope” huh? That means this film’s baddie will threaten to blow up the entire galaxy? ;)

The bridge is cool but the engineering brewery was really bad

Welcome back Anthony, we’ve missed you!!!

My gut tells me I should stop reading this web site so I can avoid any spoilers. It would be great to see the next movie without any clue as to what is going to happen. But there is simply no way for me to manage that.

Best of luck to all involved. It will be interesting to see the actors now that they are about four years older.

Please give us a hint as to whether or not we can see a “new and improved” engineering section!

Let the speculation commence and the haters moan, yet again, about the delay in filming etc…I say it’ll be worth waiting on.

Let’s rock n’ roll!

Yes Yes Yes. Didn’t I say that filming would start between 8 January and 15 January 2011? Was that here or somewhere else? Anyway, it’s good to be right about something.

Hawaii for a “jungle planet”? OMG – Bob, what are you saying? Will it have nulis – you know, those creatures that are animal, vegetable, mineral and a lot more than the sum of their parts. Some are even capable of space flight! They are nice creatures – telepaths with individual quirks. Some can be very, very old, while others can be slightly bigger than the size of a Menosian woman’s embryo, growing as her baby grows. The little nuli serves as the baby’s cot and cuddly rug and later as a little canoe for the growing child. Oh well, a gal can dream…

Anthony, Bob Orci – how about some pre-Christmas/Holidays season pictures of all the cast (my own super 8) on the bridge – need it for my desktop, you see. PLEASE!

Chris Pine looks an absolute honey in the latest pictures I have seen of him. Hopefully, James Kirk will have a better complexion as well, thanks to the wonders of 23rd century medicine.

Now that I don’t get to see the TV series Hawaii Five-0, I guess seeing Hawaii via Star Trek will have to do…:)

Good to hear from you Anthony. Thanks for the news. Excited about the “deeper” Star Trek to come. But 2013 is going to be a painful period of waiting.

People, google “los angeles museum” and see what images come up, which do you think will be the “famous location” mentioned?

I just did google the Los Angeles museum and there was a red band right across the middle of the photograph. Awful – just could not get a decent look at the place. I doubt I’ll get to see this place in person either. It reminds me of Klingon architecture but not sure… I still think Del Toro will play Khan in either a big or small role.

“Jungle Planet”, why not do a Planet of the Apes? LOL!!
Either way, I can’t wait to see it! :)

“Of course all the main cast from the original Star Trek movie are returning and the casting process for new characters is currently being discussed, however sources indicate none of the new roles have been cast so far.”

Does this mean that the report about Guillermo Del Toro signing on as the villain is wrong?

Which museum? The California Science Center looks cool. And the Los Angeles Art Musuem is fascinating. Links. Since these places are huge, I’m guessing Captain Kirk’s bachelor pad. I keeed. I keeed.

As far as Hawaii for a location, that’s sweet. There maybe an away mission to a strange new world. Cool.



More Orion slave girls!

Oh, and welcome back, Anthony.

Could Hawaii be Ceti Alpha V? NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is the second piece awesome news I have heard today! Found out today that for the very first time Australia will host a Comic-Con event and on June 30th and July 1st 2012 Sir Patick Stewart and Stan Lee will be right here in Melboure!! Woohoo

#10 I had the same intentions as you in trying to avoide reading any updates on the new movie but alas I know I’m not going to be able to resist the temptation……..

My girlfriend just finished Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. We watched all six of the original movies in a couple of weeks’ time. This after watching The Original Series and The Animated Series. Tomorrow I bring her The Next Generation. Know what? I suddenly could not care less about the new Star Trek movie… Not being negative here. It’s just that I kinda feel like the new stuff will never compare to the original stuff. -shrugs-

Los Angeles and Hawaii as filming locations (close to Hawaii Five 0!! Maybe Daniel Dae Kim – seen on Enterprise season 3- should get a small part!) , I LOVE IT!

Sets like in the first movie : I don’t like it
ILM working on FX : star wars FX fear, we’re in Star Trek, not Star Wars!

Scott Bakula as Admiral Archer would be the best thing for this movie!


What? Darth Vader is Luke’s FATHER??????? Thanks a LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve rewritten my reply a few times now because everything has come out sounding really b!tchy. So all I’ll say is it’s about time boys. Oh and the best way to make up for your tardiness is to offer me some work experience on the movie ; )…or just make it a really, really good movie.

@27. Wow that’s great news. I’ve never been to a con before so I can’t wait to go to Comic Con .

no matter what the box office says, this sequel will fail to be a true ST work like the 2009 film. The style and lore discarded in the hope of attracting new fans seems to have been a flop. I have not seen any youngsters around recruited because of the 2009 film. And they are killing the franchise for the old fans with that parallel universe. Paramount should have bee wiser. ST is not action+effects extravaganza, I personally think that there could be a better solution after nemesis. we had the resources… instead, we blew up the old universe (wan’t creativity there for inventing solutions, howcome we got rid of the past with such a weak story??) and got ourselves 90210 in space!

Great news! Thanks, Anthony. Good to hear from you! :-)

Hawaii for a jungle planet ? thats what they did for Predators and some of the jungles scenes in Burtons Planet of the Apes.

been reading Khan Ruling in Hell and Ceti Alpha V pre-destruction is a jungle planet…hmmm

Hi, Anthony. it’s good seeing you again giving us informations.
Jungle Planet? Klingons are good hunters.

So, is William Shatner in or not? ;)

I agree with Khan 2.0 – Ceti Alpha V it is. I’m guessing Spock Prime told Kirk he’d better check on Khan’s progress.

If the story starts with Khan already on Ceti Alpha and Kirk checking in on him, then Khan deciding he’s had enough of Ceti Alpha and it’s time to take Kirk’s ship again . . . well, I could live with that.

The Getty Center would make a fantastic Star Trek location. Although having been to Northrup Grumann (formerly TRW) it would be great if they used that again.

Oh bummer. So it is not certain that Benicio Del Toro will be in the sequel yet? I had him all ready to be Kang, Klingon commander, who goes after the precious minerals in a remote part of Menosia only to find…

The forests of Hawaii do not look unlike the forests (colloq. bush) of NZ, except no snakes!

My impression of the Klingon planet is that it is not unlike Vulcan, ie hot and dry for the most part, but I guess it could have jungles there as well. Earth has both deserts and jungles. I would prefer that this Hawaiian location represented a whole new planet, one like Menosia, but that’s just me.

Why is everyone wanting to go back over old ground, with Khan and so on? Hopefully, Bob, Alex and Damon have a bigger, better, more imaginative and ORIGINAL story to tell, than bothering with the likes of Khan. Prime universe stuff – been there, done that.

29. ripleyaeryn

ILM did FX for:

Wrath of Khan
Search for Spock
The Voyage Home
TNG’s Encounter at Farpoint
The Undiscovered Country
TNG’s All Good Things
First Contact
VOY’s Scorpion

ILM is as much Trek (and Jurassic Park, etc.) as it is Star Wars.

Hawaii? Hope the bad guys are not The Others,

Please Abrams, moon of Endor, NO! kkkkkkkkkk

Khan is a sure bet as far as box office goes, and honestly thats why their making this movie, to make money.

Now the question is can they make Khan (or whoever) cool and original again? I trust these guys, they know how to write. So I’m excited about it either way! :]


Kirk couldn’t check in on Khan because Kirk has not yet sent him there.
He has not met Khan yet.

However, if they begin the new film with a reference to an adventure we have not seen, then they could get away with it. But it would be a really piss-poor way to start a story.

Unless someone else had come across Khan and sent him there, or the Botany Bay got there by itself and crashed there.
But still, that is a piss-poor way to give us a good sequel. Not very inspiring.

But I am coming to the rather unfortunant conclusion that we may be getting Khan again.

If so, to make it interesting, they better have a secondary villian who is competing with Khan for similar ends.

If we are going to have a villian from the TOS timeline, then I’d rather have the Telosians. They could do some serious mind-bending stuff and it would make for a very interesting film–if written well.

Ho, hum…..

Having said that, Khan could work if they really did a god job of making it original.

It is so good to see you here again, Anthony! We miss you!

@44 Making money is why ALL Star Trek was made. It just happened to transcend it’s intent.

@33 I have to respectfully disagree. I have spoken to no less than a dozen people who have gone back to watch TOS because of the 2009 film, and even had a rather in depth discussion in the toy section of Wal-Mart with a 12 year old telling me what a jerk Pike was because he had to have been on the Kelvin and ran. The issue is not about new people brought in by the film, it is about Paramount and CBS failing to market the movie in nearly any way. Cancelled novels, a new tech manual which only covered the Prime universe. Several new toy lines, all based on the original property. I was begging to throw money at them over this film, and all I got was the substandard Playmates toy line and a Hallmark ornament. WHY IS THERE STILL NO VIABLE KELVIN MODEL OR TOY ON THE MARKET??!!



I hope the “bigger in scope” description means no Khan, since he really wasn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of the galaxy, just a thorn in Kirk’s side.

I wonder if “jungle planet” means Risa. That’d be cool…