Watch: Carrie Fisher Fires Back At William Shatner On Star Wars v Star Trek

If you remember, back in September William Shatner weighed into the epic struggle between Star Trek v Star Wars. Now Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) is responding to Star Trek’s original Captain Kirk in a new video. Check it out below.


Fisher responds to Shatner on Star Trek v Star Wars

Carrie Fisher says Star Trek is not "in the same league" as Star Wars.

And if you missed it, here again is Shatner’s original shot across the Star Wars bow.



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What is she on ?

I have to disagree Carrie.

Weight watchers I think…………..

Carrie Fisher obviously needs to step back into reality. Let’s think about this…6 Star Wars films compaired to all the Star Trek Films and tv show spinoffs since 1968. She is right in that they are NOT in the same league. Star Trek is in a higher league.

GILF off?

Eww star wars. But, to each their own. I don’t see why she needs to go after William Shatner so much though. He may be biased in saying Trek is better (even though it is) but he wasn’t making it personal. He didn’t go after her or anyone else involved in star wars. She could take a lesson from that.

wow carrie.. looking pretty rough there…

Give her a break guys. She’s a funny woman who’s had a very ‘colouful’ life. We knows she’s wrong, but would you want your teammate to stick up for the team? And ages given you sonething to talk about while we wait for the next Star Trek film in 2020.

Methinks you should lay off the botox, Carrie.

Alas, the slave girl days are but a distant memory…

Would love a debate between Fisher and Mulgrew…. :P

Oh good grief… everyone batten down the hatches for the war that’s about to ensue.

No hate.

It’s cute. And I can tell Carrie is doing a lot of kidding (perhaps Bill, too) But I can no longer stand these endless rounds of which is better. What? If I like one Western I can’t like another? Or Musical. Ugh. Please make it stop!

So Carrie, when’s the next Star Wars movie coming out?

Okay, I was ready to with my phaser set to disintegrate ready to defend Star Trek but Carrie was having fun with the topic. And I think she’s funny. She’s suffered with depression. God love her. Check out her HBO special.

She says Cheney likes Star Trek. Yeah, but she forgets our smart fans. Dr. Stephen Hawking. Astronaut Mae Jemison. Issac Asimov. And don’t forget our funny fans. Stephen Colbert. Jon Stewart.

A titanic battle of ham has commenced……..Who wins???…………………………THE VIEWING PUBLIC!

Mongo think people not get jokes.

Mongo try say mean things too and get in on fun:

Who care what Shatner mans say about Star Wars? More important is crappy framing on art in background. Metal frames? Mongo say “Hello 1983”. Plus mats on pictures too small.

Carrie Fisher womans cleavage looking more like Jabba the Hut these days. Also wonder what in coffee she drinking. Mongo guess it not International Delight Flavored Creamer.

On second thought it look like Shatner mans looking more like Jabba these days too.

Anyway, Mongo know that BSG better than Star Trek or Star Wars.

*Mongo duck*

Issac Asimov also loved Star Wars… Just sayin’. :)

He was the one who yelled “Start part III” after seeing a preview screening of ESB. Both Star Wars and Star Trek are awesome.

One is space fantasy and dreaming towards the horizon and it;s possibilities and the other is intelligent science fiction illustrating human morals and ideals in an entertaining format. Love both since I was a child and both have their place in the world!

Well said Mongo! haha


Mongo say thankee. First time anyone say “well said” to Mongo.


I am in total agreement with you. The Star Trek vs. Star Wars battle is starting to get old. They are 2 different types of franchises…Star Trek is science fiction and Star Wars is science fantasy. So comparing them is pointless. Plus, Star Trek takes place in the future, OUR future, and Star Wars takes place a long, long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

William Shatner raised $75,000 for the kidney stone and donated the money to charity. Carrie forgot to mention that. Yes, I went into a toy shop yesterday to look for presents for my daughter and the shelves were littered with the same old boring Star Wars models blah, blah. Star Trek, thankfully, has remained more than just a vehicle for selling overpriced toys to kids.


Mongo say sorry to JRO (mans? womans? Mongo not know). Mongo be well said but not count right.

Mongo spamming now.


Your assessment for Star Trek (point by William Shatner) and Star Wars (counterpoint from Carrie Fisher) was both perceptive and indepth. You have a straightforward style for critque which is refreshing. Rarely are we able to read such erudite insights on the social discource between such venerable champions of these two historic franchises.

Do keep up the good work. And we look forward to future more of your learned commentary.

Cheney likes StarTrek? Well so does George Lucas. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Carrie!

Dammit, spell check Rogue_Alice!!!!111

Calling out Bill as Han Solo if you see him would be funny though!

Oh wait! I wouldn’t want to do that on the potentially only time in my whole life that I’ll be able to see The Shat!!!

If it comes from a Star Wars fan, yeah that would be sick funny.

Trek, don’t war.

How many shows and movies and comercials has she been in since star wars??? Age has not been good to her…

#’s 23 and 25 rogue_alice womans (yes?)

Mongo say thankee. Mongo like to note irony in posts that not get that Shatner mans and Fisher womans is joking. Mongo big hairy brute and still get joke. So say we all.

Mongo like chicken.

It is more than likely that Carrie Fisher was trying to be amusing, but it just did not come off as being that funny, at least not to me. She was trying too hard and I do not see how mentioning the kidney stone had anything to do with the merits or otherwise of either Star Wars or Star Trek. It was just being personal and stupid.

Om Carrie. Come on over to the Terran Empire and say that. We will make your so called Empire kneel to the Terrans.

Oh puh-lease people. Lighten up. She was hilarious.

Wow, that didn’t take long—old age and fat jokes/insults right off the line.
If you don’t agree with her (or Shatner), just say so. No need to be crude—wait, civility on the internet—what am I talking about?!!!

Some of you people really need to get a life. She is just being sarcastic and having a laugh.

God, some people really take fandom waaaaaaaay too seriously.

Star Wars no longer has better special effects! And I don’t really care about merchandise.

Everythign else, Star Trek was and is better. Not least, story.

So I shouldn’t mention what Lucas himself said about this whole thing long ago ?

– If it weren’t for Star Trek there wouldn’t be a Star Wars – George Lucas –

Or will that just piss off that ‘other’ fandom ?


The concept of “tongue in cheek” jokes must not be a concept most understand.

I guess you could consider it trolling.

Star Wars is like junk food…you like the taste, but it offers no value whatsover, and too much of it makes you sick.

Star Trek is like sex…even when it’s bad, it’s pretty darn good.

Hmmmm… Ahhhhhh…. :-) :-)


Are you mad??

Civility dont exist….its great fun looking up youtube videos of even kittens, and seeing comments degrade into insults!!

I had a good laugh at both Bill Shatner’s and Carrie Fisher’s takes on the ST vs SW controversy. Glad they don’t take it too seriously.

Keachick, I agree with you. I know that Carrie was just trying to be funny. But sadly she doesn’t pull it off very well and just came across looking a bit loony. She doesn’t have any comedic timing or talent. It sounded like she was just rattling off a list of one-liners in order to get through them.

Coke vs. Pepsi – the debate will continue
long after we’re all gone…

I like both.

I’ve won the internet.

Carrie, time has not been unkind to you. Kidney stones and Cheney is a great argument. You’re right not in the same league. If you’re trying to be funny, perhaps some acting lessons from Shatner might be helpful.
On second thought…….

Star Wars 6 movies. 3 of them sucked.

Star Trek 11 movies, 3 of them sucked
6 TV series and 100’s of episodes.


Great, now we get to watch two old farts shout across cybersapce at each other.

Shatner vs Fisher? Hey, we’ve got our own STAR WARS!

Hey Harry. It is Called Star Trek Wars.
Hmm. Name of the new Star Trek Movie. it could just work.

Ok. Harry gave me the idea.
Star Trek Wars. Staring Chris Pine and Carrie Fisher.

Personally, I’d like to see Shatner and Fisher in a stage production of Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Wolfe!

I have to say, Carrie is right; Star Wars is not in the same league as Star Trek. To say otherwise is insulting… I mean, Star Trek is like a penthouse in a very exclusive hotel that cost millions per night and Star Wars is a cheap motel with dead insects all over the floor, and bed, and shower…