Hawaii Film Commissioners In Discussions With Paramount On Star Trek Sequel

jungleTrekMovie already broke the news that JJ Abrams and team are seriously considering shooting part of the Star Trek sequel in Hawaii. Now a report confirms that Hawaii film commissioners were at Paramount last week to discuss the possible shoot. More details below.


Live Long And Aloha?

Earlier this week TrekMovie broke the news that JJ Abrams had flown to Hawaii to scout possible locations for the Star Trek sequel, to be used as part of an alien jungle location. Today the Honolulu Advertiser has confirmed our story and has some additional details, noting that scouts visited three of Hawaii’s islands in late summer: Oahu, Kauai and the Big Island.

According to the report, Honolulu Film Commissioner Walea Constantinau and Hawaii Film Commissioner Georja Skinner were in Los Angeles last week to meet with a number of studios regarding possible productions in Hawaii, including a meeting at Paramount about the Star Trek sequel. The report also confirmed TrekMovie’s report that while Hawaii was being seriously considered, a decision had not yet been made. Commissioner Constantinau is quoted about Star Trek saying:

The filmmakers were interested in shooting here. It was at a very early stage. They are not ready. It is still in development. Everybody got all excited about something that is exploratory.

It’s all kind of a moving landscape. We hope they are still thinking of us.

Of course the Star Trek creative team are very familiar with shooting in Hawaii.  Hawaii was home for almost all of the production for Lost, which was executive produced by Star Trek producers JJ Abrams, Damon Lindelof and Bryan Burk. Hawaii is also home to Hawaii Five-O, which is  executive produced by Star Trek co-writer/producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman .

JJ Abrams Lost shot in Hawaii – may be returning for Star Trek sequel

Stay tuned to TrekMovie for all the news on the Star Trek sequel.


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I wonder if Abrams ran into Orci and crew shooting Hawaii 5-0? :)

I like the thought of Hawaii a hell of a lot more than a green screen.

Ah the jungles of Qo’noS… just like heaven.

awesome, hope there’s no real lava when they shoot

Anthony funny, Live, Long and Aloha.

This is an interesting location for an alien planet. And it might not be the homeworld of the Klingons though, as well. I heard a rumor there are carnivorous Tribbles and this might be their planet.

Here’s Bad Robot, run by millionaires and with an extensive current and historic presence in Hawaii trying to negotiate some tax break for filming their next job in …. Hawaii.

But successful working families aren’t paying their “fair share”.

FYI, although they met “at” Paramount, I realiy believe the multiple negotiations mentioned are with the production companies who actually film..

I recommend “TALAMPAYA” in ARGENTINA! hehe Watch: http://www.talampaya.com/galeria_fotos.php
It would be a good choice for a new colony of Vulcan survivors?

Seti Alfa V.

#8 – Why would Bad Robot be necessarily looking for tax breaks? Because they ALL do it! There is actually more involved in the filming process, especially when filming in the environment that JJ Abrams is looking to do the film in. Just ask anyone involved in making LOTR and the Hobbit.

As far as film companies worth millions trying to get big tax breaks and basically “screw over” a small country, look no further than Warners/New Line Cinema’s tax break demands they laid on our NZ Government, ie ordinary kiwi taxpayers, so that those Tolkien movies could continue being filmed here. That had nothing to do with JJ Abrams.


Can’t you just go one thread without resorting to partisan trolling?

Anyway, it is my hope that a future “Star Trek” film does some shooting up here on Vancouver Island. Maybe involve Sasquatch (Bigfoot) in the production!

@8…what the hell are you talking about? Though I may regret asking…

Can’t you just go one thread without resorting to partisan trolling?

Personally, I’d have gone with the Obama-Hawaii link had I wanted to be an obnoxious twat. His is just a total non-sequiter.

Ceti Alpha V

Hey Rose, did you know that Jim Garrison the man that’s investigation led Oliver Stone to buy the rights to his story, and who was the basis of the film JFK, was never paid.

Know why?, because the film “technically” never made any money. (It only made around 250mil)

Google- “movie accountng”


Not the LOST island again, i have that place memorized. :(

Aha! So, the crew meets the new villain in a cave in Hawaii… and it’s VINCENT PRICE!

sound like a great place to film plus the crew will know how to shoot it and it did look good on lost plus it will not be in the full film and plus what other trek film has had tis type of place to film

Wherever they end up filming, they should pay “extra” so that Odkin can feel better! In fact, maybe they should just be forced to hand over all of their money because some people think that would be fair! It doesn;t matter whether you work hard or are a uselss, lazy bum – we are all equals.

I’m Sure Kirk will say the line.
Book Em Danno.

Hawaii sounds perfect to me. They won’t have to go far to nab Bruce Greenwood as he films The River there. Convenient for all.
I’d be happy!

#16: “Ceti Alpha V”

if the villain is indeed khan, events do not have to unfold the same way they did in “space seed” and “the wrath of khan.”

If its Khan maybe the U.S.S. Reliant discovers Khan and his people already their? Maybe the Bontany Bay crash landed their and then Khan and his people woke up from suspended animination and the Reliants away team discovers them their. Khan and his people then take over the Reliant? Starfleet then dispatches Kirk and the Enterprise to find out what happened to the Reliant?

I agree…the garden spot of Ceti Alpha 5….Del Toro as Khan…. Would it be in the realm of TREK to find an actual “Indian” to play a character from India??!
Ricardo Montalban and Benicio Del Toro….awesome actors though!

Pine meets the TOS Kirk in a cave than they fight a monster

All I have to say is…”ON CETI ALPHA 5 THERE WAS LIFE! “

It would be so awesome if they flimed in Hawaii!! I hope this goes though!! But with just this news,my day is made!!! :) :)

I think it would be kinda funny if they used the same Hawaiian locations for Star Trek that they used for Lost. Of course, I’m probably a minority in that opinion. It would probably make a lot of people mad! lol.

I remember similar talk of using Hawaii as a location for the Genesis Planet when Star Trek 3 was shooting (way back in 1984). Ultimately, they couldn’t afford it (much to the film’s detriment; the indoor sets they wound up using looked kind of cheesy).

As for Hawaii being Ceti Alpha V, it could be, but I really hope not. I’d just hate to think that with all the story possibilities this new universe opens up, we fans are going to get stuck with a high-tech retread of “Space Seed/Wrath of Khan.” What a failure of imagination….

Come on, guys; Khan and Klingons aren’t the only cards up your sleeve, are they??

#19 –

Apparently I’m the only one that got the Brady Bunch reference!

All right — jungle planet. This tends to rule out Ceti Alpha V. Or VI. Or… you know.

You know, TSFS had a jungle planetoid.

As did the end of TWOK, come to think of it.


Hmm. Could be used for Shore Leave.

Enough with the villians all ready. Watched K19 over the weekend, a compelling story without a villian to defeat. It can be done, people….

@35… THANK YOU!!! I’m so tired of Star Trek needing a ‘villain’. Cripes, good story telling doesn’t need a bad guy, just conflict for the protagonist to overcome. Where’s the discovery that was good Star Trek?

it could also be new vulcan…………..

Here we go again, the “Don’t have a Villain” syndrome.

“Steppin’ in to Eden…yeaaaaahhhh brotha”..

You know…here is another possibility. It could be a story of the Eugenic Wars. Except in this story we not only try to create a stronger, more intelligent human being, but we also attempt to “create” the most perfect planet. A colony of superhumans are planted on this perfect planet. Del Toro could be be the original leader of this elect group of people who eventually gets overthrown. Khan could be his direct offspring.


Oh, by the way…this “perfect” planet that was created laid the groundwork for the Genesis effect. The theory did not work initially, nor did it work when David and Carol Marcus attempted to build on the previous theory.

I’d be for renegade Vulcans working with the Klingons- Damned humans anyways!

OR…..PERHAPS the Klingons were not always as we have known them. They were a peaceful, benevolent people. Their desire was not to conquer, but to better their race. Their homeworld was perfect in every sense. Del Toro was their wise leader. Until they had an encounter with the Federation. Several reps from the Federation whose ambition it was to take the Klingon homeworld for their own pleasure and schemes tried to overcome the Klingons but the Klingons proved to be too wise and too strong to just remove from the planets. A group of scientists created something equivalent to biological warfare so they could destroy the Klingons as a race and remove them from the planet by force. EXCEPT, the race was so strong that they survived the attack, but the attack had a bad side effect. They developed ridges on their heads and down their backs. Their minds were altered and they no longer wanted peace, but were thirsty for blood. This backfired on the Federation and with Del Toro as KAYLESS, he leads them against the Federation, thus creating the feud. ALSO, the biological warfare changed the perfect planet into what we see today.

COMMENTS on the above??? Sorry for all the posts…I was eating Taco Bell and got inspired. I need to do that more often. Apparently the beans give me more than just gas.

Look I want Trek back on TV

#37-#40, #42-#43:

The best concepts can usually be described in one sentence. Like “MTV cops,” or… wait for it… “Wagon Train To The Stars.”

32 – Apparently so. Ah well…
Let’s just hope they start filming something good… somewhere… sometime soon.

This could the planet of the beautiful green women.

This is a sad, sad reflection on our times, when people must feed off the carcasses of beloved stories from their youth, just because they’cant think of an original idea of their own

Wow…some people take things way too seriously. Can’t anyone have fun anymore? I never claimed to be a scriptwriter, just having fun. Didn’t know that little old me was a “sad reflection of our times, feeding off of the carcasses of beloved stories from my youth”. Learn something new everyday!