William Shatner: Star Trek Costar Complaints Are “Nonsense” + Preview Of Bill On ‘Psych’

st100On Friday William Shatner was a guest on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight. Topics ranged from politics to his latest book, but there was a good amount of talk of Star Trek where Bill talked about how his history is "like a cape" and how he does care about the "enmity" some of his Trek co-stars have carried all these years. Watch video clip of the interview below, plus preview of Shatner on the next episode of Psych.


Shatner: Star Trek like his "cape" + Costars "enmity" is "nonsense"

When Piers Morgan got around to talking about Star Trek he asked Shatner if he was "sick of it." Bill said no, noting:

SHATNER: …to me it’s like a cape that’s following me. I don’t know — how did the king get to be crowned? You know, or was it the queen that was wearing the long cape? I mean, someone has got to be lifting it. …It’s there. It’s behind me and it’s part of why I’m here essentially.

Morgan also pressed Shatner on how many of his Star Trek co-stars have been critical of him…

MORGAN: Were you surprised that they all started piling in — he stole all my great scenes. He nicked my best lines?

SHATNER: They didn’t have great scenes. They didn’t have good lines. There was nothing to nick. But I was shocked. I was interviewing. And I said, well, thank you. Great interview. Good night.
They said, well, wait a minute, don’t you want to know how much we despise you? What are you talking about? I thought I was loved.

MORGAN: Do you care?

SHATNER: I care that somebody in this world dislikes me. And I care that the enmity has carried over to the point of where we’re talking about it. It’s absolute nonsense.
I mean, we’re going to die. Go out the way you came in, with a little innocence. You know? It’s ridiculous.

Watch the full Star Trek discussion:

Shatner on Psych This Wednesday

On Wednesday November 30th William Shatner appears on the USA comedy drama Psych. In the episode "In For A Penny" Bill plays the father of Detective Juliet O’Hara (Magie Lawson). Here is a promo and a clip with Bill.

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