JJ Abrams Confirms Discussions With Benicio Del Toro

Earlier this month it was reported that JJ Abrams was considering Oscar-winning actor Benicio Del Toro for the villain role in his Star Trek sequel. Now Abrams has confirmed he and Toro have begun talking. Watch Abrams talk Del Toro below.



Abrams talks about talking to Del Toro

MTV caught up with Star Trek sequel producer/director JJ Abrams at the release party for Super 8. Abrams confirmed that he and Del Toro were talking about a role in the Star Trek sequel, clarifying "not even negotiations, but discussions." Abrams wouldn’t give any details on the role but also noted how he "wanted to work with [Del Toro] for years" and he was "such an amazing actor he can play anything…except Uhura."

Poll: Guess the role

What are JJ and Benicio talking about?


JJ Abrams is talking to Benicio Del Toro about a "Star Trek" sequel role – but what role?

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Please do not let it be Kahn. Although he very much looks that part.

Give him a big ol’ mouthful of horse teeth, and he’d look just like Buster Poindexter……

“See people rockin’ yeah people chantin’
Feelin’ hot hot hot…..
Keep up the spirit come on let’s do it
Feelin’ hot hot hot…..”


But obviously KOOOOOOOORRRR!!!!!!

Couldn’t he be a good Kor, Kang or Koloth?

The Borg Queen, obviously.


El podria ser un villano humano que busca la destruccion de la Alianza uniendo esfuerzos con los integrantes de una raza alejada de la galaxia, una raza violenta y sanguinaria que ha conquistado y destruido sistemas enteros… Es mi humilde opinion!!!


Who are these people who want a reboot of Khan? What’s the MATTER with you?!?

You don’t reboot something unless you can make it better. And Montalban’s Khan was about as perfect a performance as one could ask for. If you’re saying that you think Khan should be rebooted, then you’d better have some specific things in mind that you feel need to be improved upon over Montalban’s performance. Because “Oh, I liked the original so I want to see it done again” isn’t a good rationale when it comes to rebooting cinematic performances. Or musical performances, for that matter.

And if you’re voting for Khan, then you should come out and admit that you’re also craving to Justin Bieber to do some Beatles covers.

No Justin Bieber should be Chekov. LOL.

But, on a meta-topic — When it rains, it pours.

A couple weeks of drought here at TrekMovie, and then BAM! A downpour of big news stories.

So how you peeps like Anthony now? How you like him now?

Yeah, that’s RIGHT.

(however, please don’t skip Science Saturday again this week!) :>)

Please, please, please do not let this movie be about Khan. Since it’s already written as a draft, it’s highly unlikely it would get changed at this point. I hope we get a sterling story, not a retelling with a thin veneer of newness. Either way, I’m sure it will be pretty, and the lens flares and vastness of space will look amazing in 3D.

I vote for a _memorable_ Klingon.!

Podría ser, pero no, se Khan.

On a positive topical note, I voted for “Other” because I don’t feel that Del Toro should be limited to only alien performances. What’s wrong with having him play a great human villain? Nothing at all. In fact, it would be a refreshing change after so many alien Trek villains.

Rebooting Khan would be a boneheaded move, but creating a NEW human villain would be exciting!

Good lord, why not just give him god-like powers, with a fatal weakness, like EVERY OTHER FREAKIN TREK VILLAN!!!!! Enough with the recycled plot points. Stop it. Stop it. STOP IT RIGHT FREAKIN NOW!!!!

New meds. Sorry…..

He looks quite similar to the late William Campbell, so I voted for a Klingon

gary mitchell……

Seriously. If it’s about Khan, does anyone think saying NO KHAN is going to change anything now?

Obviously Khan!

If the Borg ever appear in a TOS era movie in any timeline, the resulting damage to the franchise & the impending backlash from Trekkies around the world would be unbearable for Abrams & co.

They would be linched overnight!

And of course, it won’t be a Klingon because Del Toro doesn’t fit the role in character or physique.

Del Toro is a perfect choice to breath new life into Khan & I’m excited to see how he interprest the role.

I hope it’s not Khan for the storyline’s sake, but I will admit that he looks like a Khan.

qo’lotlh!!! qor!!!

He would make an interesting Khan. As for the recent location scouting they did, it could be the earth that Khan and his supermen ruled back in the day.

“It would have been… GLORIOUS”. That line from “Errand of Mercy” has always been intriguing.

Actually, he will not be playing Kahn. You will all be delighted which starfleet character from the original series he will play if negotiations go to plan.

He may be Khan, but he ain’t the best man for the job, if so.

But, that is the director’s privilege. So, ya gotta make your piece with it if that’s who he’s gonna be. That’s the cost of doing business with JJ in charge, and I’m sure he’ll make up for whatever shortcomings we perceive with that choice, elsewhere in the overall craftsmanship of the movie.

I’m glad to have JJ aboard for the second installment. And with Giacchino confirmed, looks like the team who made the magic the first time around will be set to repeat themselves.

25. Studio Insider – November 23, 2011

Oh hey, another insider! Shut up, man. Just shaddup!

If memory serves, late last year or early this year Orci and/or Kurtzman made it clear it would NOT be about Khan. I’m hoping they were not giving disinformation.
I agree with Cygnus-X1, who are you people? Have you no shame? Why do so many of you just want repeats? Watch the DVDs and let JJ & Company give us something new!

delTorro screams “Kor” to me. He has the look, he has the attitude, he’d be the most badass Klingon ever!

28: “Why do so many of you just want repeats? Watch the DVDs and let JJ & Company give us something new!”

Whether it is a new story about a character we haven’t seen before or a new story about a character we have seen before is totally irrelevant with respect to how good the final product is.

You would rather have a new story with a new character that’s a dud instead of a new story with an old character that is well done?

Why do so many of you seem to think that new = guaranteed good?

Wherever the heck Bob and Alex and Damon went with the story was some place that they felt strongly pulled to going, and that is better than going someplace they DIDN’T feel strongly about because some fans wanted it that way.

Klingon…Klingon…klingon….. :) Qapla’.

no khan. been there done that

Commodore Mendez

I think he’ll be cast as a KlingKhan…LOL!!!

He tasks me! He tasks me! and I shall have him! I’ll chase him around the moons of nibia and around the Antares Maelstrom and round perditions flames before I give him up! Prepare to alter course!

I’m hoping its something new! But,I’ll take anything that’s not Khan!

you people and your paranoia about Khan all sound like Gladys Kravitz yammering on while peeking through the blinds. Sheesh.

Me, I think he would be a great Klingon.



And why do you think that reusing a villain is guaranteed to be “well done”?
New or retread—either way it’s a crap shoot.

@25…Inside the Production lives!!

Kor would be awesome too;

A shame captain, It would have been glorious.

Del Toro will be playin Porthos. Definitely Porthos…


First of all, I really don’t see him playing anyone from TOS and even though I have my fanboy fantasy of seeing him play Q, I doubt that JJ is going to go the omnipotent route. You need a villain who’s defeatable, not one that can change the gravitational constant of the universe by snapping his fingers. My money is on a completely new character although I’m just as convinced that Klingons will be featured prominently in the script.

If I were to guess off hand I would say Khan, makes sense and would create a buzz both positive and negative.

We’ll have to wait and wait and wait to see! :]

No Khan and no Klingons they’re both played out! I don’t understand why everyone is so fixated on effing Klingons. Get over it. New timeline new enemies and villains.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Khan again….if he’s done right and the movie is great.

I wouldn’t mind seeing something new for once…. if it’s done right and the movie is great.

But I’d prefer the writers try to stretch their writing muscles.


Who the hell is Gladys Kravitz?


“Studio Insider”

The hell you are!


That’s why the writers should NOT listen to the fans in regards to who the villains will be in the movies.

39: “And why do you think that reusing a villain is guaranteed to be ‘well done’?”

I don’t and never said that. Not even almost.

It is, quite simply, irrelevant whether they reuse an old character or come up with a new one. It could be good or bad whichever the case may be. But some folks clamor for “something new” as if that means they’ll get something good just because it’s new.

To quote camp counselor Tripper: “IT JUST…DOESN’T…MATTER!”


No one said just because it’s new means it’s good, just different… which can be good.

#44 — I agree wholeheartedly. The fans seem to have the same unoriginal thoughts as the Paramount Powers That Be…sad.

It’s not that I’m necessarily even against something from TOS being redone in some way — but Khan? Klingons? That is so damned lame!!!!!!

But, I guess they’ll make their money back on lost ticket sales by releasing it in 3D. They can charge more per ticket and make up for the fans who stay home because they are pissed off over Khan or Klingons…

Some of us have BEGGED Orci to NOT go with Khan…but, they’ll do what they do…

You’re right — new timeline and new opportunities. Looks like they are going to squander that new opportunity in favor of name recognition and a quick buck.

I hope I’m wrong.

47. Vultan – November 23, 2011

And which can be crap too. That’s why I never said give me something new, and have always said give me something good. When the dividing line for you is new / old, you are either not as concerned about quality and you just want something…new, or you think new means quality, when it does not.

Give me something good. I don’t care what it’s about or what old character may be reused, or may not be.

I think the odds that the sequel is going to be bad get higher when the writers aren’t doing something they are excited about. So if whatever that is happens to be Khan, then that’s what I want to see. And if it’s something else, then I’ll take that.

I want to see the movie that THEY were inspired to write, whatever that is.


Its all about the story and execution, who the villain is isnt important as much as how well the story is written.

We all will watch to see how the crew has matured and how they deal with conflict and how they rise above whatever challenges comes their way.

All that extra stuff like special fx, villains etc will help lift the story up.