Star Trek Sequel To Be Released May 17, 2013 – In 3D

According to a new report (confirmed by TrekMovie), JJ Abrams Star Trek sequel finally has a release date. The new Trek crew returns to the big screen on May 17, 2013. Not only that, but they will be in 3D. More details below.



Star Trek sequel in 3D – May 17, 2013

TrekMovie has confirmed a report at Deadline that Paramount Pictures has officially picked Friday May 17th, 2013 as a release date for JJ Abrams Star Trek sequel. The choice is to take advantage of Sony recently moving Roland Emmerich’s Singularity away from that date to to Nov 1, 2013. The May date gives Star Trek a prime spot in the pre-Memorial Day Weekend. This date falls four years and nine days after the May 8, 2009 release date of JJ Abrams Star Trek. This will be the longest gap between Star Trek films with the same crew, beating the previous record of four years and two days between the TNG films Star Trek: Insurrection (Dec. 11, 1998) and Star Trek Nemesis (Dec. 13, 2002).

TrekMovie has also confirmed that the Star Trek sequel will be released in 3D (and 2D of course). A trusted source tells TrekMovie that the studio feels the 3D version will be helpful in overseas sales for the film. Star Trek films have traditionally not done as well overseas as other tentpoles and while 3D has lost some favor in the US, it is still proving popular in international markets.

It has also been confirmed that the Star Trek sequel will again have a co-financing partner. This time Skydance Productions will be chipping in. The 2009 Star Trek film was co-financed by Spyglass Entertainment. It has become very common with big budget tentpoles to have co-financing partners.

The new "Star Trek" crew will be back on May 17, 2013

Delayed but finally moving along

TrekMovie recently broke the news that the Star Trek sequel will kick off production on January 15, 2012. And last week co-writer/producer Bob Orci confirmed that the team were already on their 3rd draft of the script.  Pre-production for the film has been underway for months and some effects shots are already being worked on by ILM. A source tells TrekMovie that the Abrams team would have been able to deliver the film for a Holiday 2012 release, but Paramount preferred a Summer release date (like they did with the 2009 Star Trek film).

The May 2013 date is the second official release date for this twelfth entry in the Star Trek franchise. In early 2010 Paramount set June 29, 2012 as a release date, but in June of this year the studio officially put the GI Joe 2 film into that slot – leaving the Star Trek release date into limbo. While there are a number of factors that led to that decision, the biggest was director/producer JJ Abrams lack of availability in early 2011. Post-production on Super 8 ended up taking up so much of Abrams’ (and producing partner Bryan Burk’s) time, that team could not move forward on finalizing the Star Trek script and starting pre-production in enough time to deliver a film by Summer 2012.

JJ Abrams directing "Star Trek" – he is back in the chair for production kicking off in January

A look at early Summer 2013

The May 17th date puts the Star Trek sequel in a gap between two other big genre movies: Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel (the Superman reboot).

Here is how the early summer of 2013 is shaping up so far:
• Iron Man 3 (BV) – 5/3
• Mommy and Me (Sony) – 5/10
• Pacific Rim (WB) – 5/10
• Pixels (Sony) – 5/17
• Star Trek sequel (Paramount) – 5/17
• Fast & Furious 6 (Uni.) – 5/24
• Leafmen (Fox) – 5/24
• Lone Ranger (BV) – 5/31
• 1000 A.E. (Sony) – 6/7
• Man of Steel (WB) – 6/14
• Monsters University (BV) – 6/21

Poll: To 3D or not to 3D

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Stay tuned to TrekMovie for all the news about the Star Trek sequel.


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