Five Year Mission: Interview With the Trekkie Rock Band + New Album YEAR TWO

You’ve heard this story before: Group of nerds assembles to create sci-fi-centric rock band. And, let’s be honest, you’ve always been disappointed. Not this time. Five Year Mission is, dare I say, the first of it’s kind — a really fantastic Star Trek rock band! On the eve of their second album debut, YEAR TWO, TrekMove got an exclusive interview with the 5-man geek band. More after the jump.


Simply put, Five Year Mission is an impressive group of geeks — Mike Rittenhouse, Chris Spurgin, Noah Butler, Andy Fark, and Patrick O’Connor — who come from musical backgrounds and have come together to document the missions of the USS Enterprise (no bloody A, B, C, or D), one episode at a time.

The group takes turns writing songs, and has so far written one song for each of the first 32 episodes of The Original Series. Their first album – YEAR ONE covers everything from The Cage to Shore Leave. Rather than writing one album for each season, each CD takes on 16 episodes, meaning 5YM will have enough material to cover year’s 1-5. After that… who knows?

New Album YEAR TWO Debuts December 9th at Starbase Indy
5YM’s newest album, YEAR TWO, will debut at the Starbase Indy convention in Indianapolis, which takes place in the Indianapolis Marriott East December 9-11, during a battle of the bands between Federation and Klingon forces. It’s highly likely that batleth battles will ensue on stage.

YEAR TWO is available now for pre-order and will be available on all your standard mp3 platforms (iTunes, Amazon, etc.).

Here’s the track listing for YEAR TWO:
The Galileo Seven
The Squire Of Gothos
Tomorrow Is Yesterday
Court Martial
The Return Of The Archons
Space Seed
A Taste Of Armageddon
This Side Of Paradise
The Devil In The Dark
Errand Of Mercy
The Alternative Factor
The City On The Edge Of Forever
Operation: Annihilate!
Amok Time
Who Mourns For Adonais?

Click to pre-order!

YEAR THREE and Beyond
For the time being, the guys are dealing with the logistics of the release of their latest album. The next item on the menu is writing songs for YEAR THREE. This album will, of course, feature one of Trek’s most beloved episodes, “The Trouble With Tribbles.” Rather than taking their normal approach and drawing straws to write this song, each band member will take a crack at writing his own version of “Tribbles”. The band plans to release an EP with all five versions of the song (tentatively to be released this Spring) and will have the fans choose which of the five should make it onto the full YEAR THREE album.

Interview With the Band
Almost the entire crew compliment from 5YM was able to sit down and chat with TrekMovie (hey, four out of five aint bad). Here’s the transcript from our exclusive interview.

TrekMovie: Who is Five Year Mission? What are your day jobs outside of the band?

Five Year Mission: This is Chris. I’m a web developer outside the band. I’d much prefer to be doing the band full time. This is Noah, and I’m a 5th grade teacher during the day. This is Mike, and I have a comic book store. (rest of the band chimes in: NERD!). This is Andy, and I work at a medical research library (someone faintly calls NERD in the background). We should mention Patrick, he’s not here. I guess we can make up his day job? He’s a sanitation worker.

TM: I assume you’re all self proclaimed nerds and Trekkies. How much of a nerd were you before you started the band?

FYM: Mike was the biggest Trekkie before we started the band, I would say. Why don’t you expand on this, Mike?

Mike: Uh, yeah [laughs]. I’ve been a fan of Star Trek for a long time. But, mostly in the last four or five years I’ve really got into it a lot more. Since the band, even more.

Noah: I’ve always been a fan of the 1960’s series. I watched it as a kid in reruns. I haven’t quite gotten into all the spin-offs yet. But, Mike is pushing me in that direction.

Chris: I started the Animated Series. I had seen a little bit of TOS and several of the TNG episodes before the band. I was always a fan, but more of a casual fan. Once the band started up I got to be a much bigger fan, and now I’ve seen all of the Original Series. Have you guys seen the Animated Series?

5YM: Yeah!

TM: I’m surprised you’ve all seen The Animated Series. That’s the one that people usually skip.

Andy: I figure that since we’ve been doing all TOS that I should stick with TOS for now. I’ve been watching a few episodes of TNG and a bit of Enterprise here and there. I’m finding that as I go, I’m starting to get more and more into the other series. I assume that’s Chris’s thought process as well.

Chris: Nah, I just wanted to go in order.

Andy: Oh.

Mike: I, of course, have seen everything. More than once.

TM:Something that I’ve always wondered: Obviously, your band name is Five Year Mission. Are you going to release one album per season of TOS? Because, what happens after year three when there’s no more episodes left?

5YM: We are doing five albums, years 1-5. But, each album does not represent a season. The seasons have between 25-29 episodes in them, and you can’t really fit that many songs on a CD. So we’ve broken the 80 episodes into 16 per each CD. That way we get 5 albums total.

TM: After Year Five is there any possibility that you’ll pick up something else? Maybe another series?

5YM: Depends on who you ask. There’s been some discussions whether to move onto The Animated Series, The Next Generation, the movies. It really is just going to depend on if people are sick of us or not. Or if we’re sick of each other. We’re just trying to concentrate on the year that we’re working on. We’ve just gotten done with Year Two as far as recording the CD, and we’re about to release that. Then, we’ll start on Year Three. Really, the amount of work that goes into that, we just don’t want to think too far ahead to year four and year five right now.

TM: The new album, Year Two, comes out December 9th. What can we expect form the new album, and how is it going to be different from Year One in terms of style and the storytelling?

5YM: With Year One a lot of the songs were written without a full band in mind. A lot of the songs we wrote as just individual people. There wasn’t a lot of structure. Then we pulled in a drummer. A lot of the songs we wrote and recorded almost at the same time. Whereas, in Year Two, we’ve been playing together for a year or so, and as we were writing the songs we knew that there was a full band. Our ideas got more expansive. We got a little more out there with our styles, and the diversity of the styles of songs on the album is more so than Year One. Frankly, I think this album just rocks. More. Than Year One.

TM: Do you have a favorite song from the new album?

5YM: I think we all have our own favorites. Arena I think is going to be quite a crowd favorite once everybody starts hearing that.

Andy: I’m a fan of The Galileo 7, mostly because I get to yell “woo!” in it. And, at the beginning I get to yell out a nice gutteral scream.

TM: Were you guys a band before Five Year Mission, or have you just come together to do this project?

Chris: This is brand new. All five of us were in different bands in the music scene. I met Mike, Noah, and Patrick through other bands. I hadn’t met Andy until we were looking for a drummer. We’d all been in local bands, and we knew each other, we’d played shows together. But, we hadn’t been in a band together before.

TM: I’m just trying to imagine how that conversation went. “Nerd band seeks bassist to play Star Trek songs”.

5YM: Noah has a great story for this one!

Noah: This was Mike’s idea. I’d known Mike for a while, and one night we were out running errands or something. It was dark, and he’d parked the car and shut the engine off. We were sitting there in kind of awkward silence, and he said something along the lines of, “well Noah I wanted to talk with you about something, and I didn’t know if you would go for it. But, I feel like we know each other a lot better now. I know you a lot better, and I think now is the right time to bring this up, and…” I was really curious as to where he was going with that! He finally says, “I’ve got this idea for a band.” And, I was a little bit relieved. But, he then explained his idea, and I thought it was awesome. So we assigned each other a couple of songs and wrote them and played them for each other. I think Mike was actually going to do the whole project himself had he not started bringing other people into it.

Chris: I didn’t have to be asked. I just saw you guys working on it and was like, hey!

TM: I know you guys have been on the convention circuit a bit. What conventions have you played for before?

5YM: We just got started this past year in playing conventions. We’ve probably done 4 or 5 conventions this year, but we’re looking to do a lot more next year and get in on the bigger ones as well.

TM: Do you have any plans for upcoming shows?

5YM: We’re just focusing on the CD release right now, which is at a convention [Starbase Indy]. And, we’ve got a standing invite for GenCon. After that, we’ll start making plans for next year within the next couple of weeks. At Starbase Indy we’ll be playing in a battle of the bands with a klingon band. It’s Federation versus Klingons.

TM: Will there be batleths involved in this battle of the bands?

5YM: I hope so!

Mike: I think it can be resolved peacefully, actually.

Andy: I’m gonna take a cheese grater to their forhead ridges!

TM: Ouch!

Latest Music Video from YEAR TWO, The Galileo Seven


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These guys suck. Sound too much like every other nu-rock band out there. And the video………well, it was CRAPTACULAR!

First !! I loves these guys !!Refreshing and great fun !!Keep it up Five Year Mission !!:)

I also wonder if Paramout and CBS might take these guys to court for profiting off their copyrighted property?

Not sure the studios would allow this. Unless this is non-profit.


They’re making original material that references Star Trek., which I think is likely considered Fair Use and not infringement. It’s not like Paramount sued The Firm for Star Trekkin’.

its not like Pink Floyd or something mind blowing but as average white guy well played alt-rock its pretty good

I think they would be more embarassed by the fan films than this band.

Nu rock?! That’s a nu one for us. Bah-dum ching? -Fark

OMG… I’ll have to agree with…#1. RDR this time… LOL

:-) :-)

… And, Mr. Shatner responds to Carrie Fisher… LOL


Give me an example of the “nu rock” that we sound like for future reference, if ya please….

Holy shit! Tough crowd on oh well.

Here.. check out some of our other songs before completely judging us. We have 4 different song writers, so the songs do not all sound the same.

#11 – you guys must be new here. They complain about everything like this! :)

For what its worth I think these are pretty awesome. Thanks for sharing the other links too.

These videos from your first album are great! I am going to have to go buy a copy now. :)

Don’t take the anonymous internet bashing personally, Mike. That happens to everyone and everything. :)

For what it’s worth, I’m digging your sound.

I love this band! Heard them in Chicago (Wizard World Comic Con), including “Space Seed”, which I particularly liked. Can’t wait to get that one! I listen to their cd at home, but it’s an especially fun live experience. I hope I get to see the band again!

I want to jam with these guys

For what its worth the Galileo Seven video was a little silly and cheesy. That might be part of the negative reaction. And the video has nothing to do with the episode or song, even though the song actually follows the episode pretty closely. It’s still a fun video though.

I absolutely love your other videos, which show scenes from the episodes set to the music. These are very clever and very well done.

Much much better.

Thanks to those of you who like us, and thanks for the interview. We had fun.

The Captain – we hope you can come see us again!

Chris D – Consider yourself invited to jam sometime

We actually didn’t write or direct the video. One of our fans volunteered to make the video for us, so we went with it.

To be honest, we were slightly bothered by the mismatch video as well, but what can you do when it’s someone else’s vision and it’s free??


Thanks for all the love, guys!

We would love to jam with you as well, Chris!

The video was meant to be cheesey. Thus, the cheese flows….

5YM are a great bunch of guys who have such incredible energy and enthusiasm for what they’re doing. I heard them first this year at a convention. I expected a novelty act and that’s all, but these guys are really good! I’m playing the hell out of Year One in my car and am such a fan I worry they’ll take out a restraining order on me.

And yeah, fair use is fair use, 5YM is creating all new stuff in homage to Star Trek, not taking credit or selling any material from the show.

The Galileo Seven video is *supposed* to be silly and fun, sort of like the old Monkees TV show or some of the Beatles movies.

Why all the hate for a great project run by true Trekkers getting more people into the original series?


Chris G

Okay, so “Charlie X” sounds exactly like the Rutles. Just thought you should know. :D

So they gonna collab with that “Star Trek Girl” chick anytime soon? Lol
( and if any of you need a reminder: )

It’s not that bad I guess. They could probably add some weird/original twist to their music and then pass off as indie?.. I cant get over that every sinlgle lyric is trek-related though..

These guys are amazing (Brain Dead Ryan’s incredibly constructive comments notwithstanding).

I’ve been watching TOS religiously for 40 years, and these guys have done something completely unique and amazing. They’ve allowed me to enjoy the episodes in a completely new way. When I listen to their songs, my personal memories and thoughts of each episode come flooding back to me. I’ve gone back and re-watched so many episodes with their songs in mind.

Sample lyric:
History’s made its judgment then,
Anton Karidian

I would hope that if you are a TOS Trekkie, you’d able to appreciate that brilliant rhyming scheme.

Anyway, I shore want Brain Dead to leave.

Hey, 5YM’ers,

Just saw you guys chiming in after posting above. Do not fret the negativity that permeates any Trek board. That is a universal constant not to be messed with.

Keep up the great work. Can’t wait for Year Two.

Must… Have…CDs! Good, fun stuff!

God, what a bench of nerdy looking uglies they are! One wonders how playing of their instruments they do. ;)

As for the music, it doesn’t sound bad at all to me – a bit too American in tone and style for my taste, but it certainly doesn’t sound amatuer.

Well, I like the track (tho’ strictly speaking it wasn’t ‘Spock’ who got them off the ‘rock’, it was Scott and his phaser-draining, but I guess that doesn’t rhyme.) Must confess that I listened to it without watching the video, which may have helped.
If 5YM and Chris Doohan sort out their jamming session, somone should record/video it and post it here :-) Would love to see that.

Ok, I have been visiting Trek Movie since it started and have commented once in a blue moon. But I had to give props to this band! You guys are awesome! This is SUCH a unique idea and I am really enjoying the videos. You have a very melodic sound that gives kind of a fresh perspective on these ol’ Star Trek tales. Great stuff!

Great work guys! You’re a credit to the uniform! Warp speed!

I’m still waiting for “nu rock” comparisons of us from Red Dead Ryan. I’m still not quite sure what bands are lumped in to the random “nu rock” category…..

Calm down, Fark. LOL I think he’s gone into hiding, anyway.
Keep in mind, RDR, that Fark is our drummer and he’s a red shirt. So he has no problem grabbing on to you and pulling you in front of a Klingon disruptor. He’s prepared to die for his cause.

As for everyone else, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the love! We do try to put out the best product we possibly can. We certainly don’t throw this crap together in a garage with a synthesizer. Nope. It’s made in a living room. With 2 synthesizers! LOL and a full band, of course. :P

and if we ever jam with Chris Doohan, we’ll most certainly film it! Consider this an open invitation to join us anytime, Chris!

Maybe at STLV this year???

I stayed up late last night watching your videos and listening to Year One (which was an instabuy for me).

I’ll take a stab at who you remind ME of – Jeremy Messersmith. He’s an indie rock musician from Minneapolis. His Star Wars song “Tattoine” went viral a while back with a really cool video:

I bought all his music right away too after I discovered him from that video. That particular song doesn’t sound anything like you guys, and his music isn’t all about Star Wars, but I think overall your sound is similar to his, particularly his most recent album The Reluctant Graveyard. Rock with folk overtones, clever lyrics, and a wide variety of musical styles.

Anyhow I tossed your album into the “Wacky Indie Folk Rock” playlist with Messersmith’s stuff. :-)

#24, Polly – Not all of our songs are so obvious. The lyrics to the video posted here are definitely obvious! But we have songs about other episodes that are a little more vague.
We have 4 different song writers who each have different styles, so the songs definitely range in style and design.

#34, Bobby – Thanks for recommending Messersmith. We’ll definitely check him out!

I am sincerely curious as to the answer. I’m not familiar with who could be in that category and just want to see who we’re getting compared to….


I’m in. Sounds like fun

#23 – I wrote “Charlie X” and I love the Rutles, so I’ll take it as a compliment.
Also, that’s one of the rare instances where we developed a musical cue from the episode itself. Rewatch it to see what I mean.

#1 – I’m interested in what this “nu rock” sound entails. I think if you listen to either of our albums you’ll hear that each song sounds very different from the one preceding it. I love that about our band.

#3 – Every cent we’ve made on this project thus far has gone right back into it.

I remember a time when UPN was suing fans for making “fansites”, i´m glad that we´re not living in the paramountian inquisition anymore, and a honest fan can make a buck or two.

Okay, I’m officially butting my way into this. I want to jam, too!!! Seriously, though, I play trumpet. :-P

Oh, and not one person has commented on my grammar this post. That’s a good day for me!

I thought you had excellent grammar, Kayla. MUCH better than mine!! LOL

Okay, so we’re assembling our ultimate trekkie jam band. Five Year Mission + Chris Doohan + Kayla… who else is in?

Hey Mike from 5YM… we’re Trekkies. We bitch.

Seriously, it must be great fun to do those videos. Your sound is fine. Maybe you could do a side project, just to stretch. I sing a fair bass. Just sayin’.

Meanwhile, I can’t resist a few snarks:

-Does everyone else resent Casual Captain for his success?
-If they reboot the band, will Justin Beiber be the new leader?
-If you cover Queen, remember it’s “Bismillah,” not “It’s my law!” (sheesh)

Trek on, Starfleet dudes!

Kudos to the guys who are Five Year Mission. I can’t judge your music based on one song, but I like it enough to check out the rest of your music.

I think that you sound like a group of serious musicians who happen to love Star Trek and want to share that love with others.

I much prefer your sound to the other Star Trek inspired rock bands that I know: No Kill I and Warp 11.

Are you guys in FYM familiar with Five Iron Frenzy, a Ska band who frequently dons Star Trek uniforms for their performances?

-Casual Captain gave himself that title because the red shirt was too uncomfortable.
-We can only wish we could get Justin Bieber. If not, we’ll slingshot around the sun and kidnap a young Joey McIntyre from New Kids On The Block.
-Like we could forget that.

I’ve actually seen Five Iron Frenzy before. They were in regular suits when I caught them many moons ago, though…..

Hey Guys. As a Commodore from the Empire. I say you guys rock. But. When you get to Mirror. Be careful. Or I just might ask you for your Agoniser. Also. The Agony Booth is always ready.
But you guys do Rock.

5YM you guys need to hook up with James Cawley from Phase Two and see if you can collaborate! Rock On…

I can appreciate you guys efforts. My brothers and I recorded every song from “The Way to Eden” once just for grins. I still say our jam session sounds.

Yeay brother. I reach!.

Can’t wait to see what you guys do with Wy to Eden. I know you guys will Reach!.