Actress Alice Eve Chosen For ‘Major’ Star Trek Sequel Role + Del Toro Deal Pending For Villain

It looks like JJ Abrams is close to casting a new female role for the Star Trek sequel. According to a Variety report actress Alice Eve has been selected for a role. It has also been reported that Benicio Del Toro is closer to signing on as the film’s villain.


Alice Eve Chosen For Star Trek Role – Del Toro Deal Is Pending

According to Variety, Star Trek sequel producer/director JJ Abrams has chosen actress Alice Eve for an unnamed role in the film. The report states that the role is "believed to be new to the canon." The 29 year-old London-born actress is best be known for her lead role in the 2010 comedy She’s Out of My League and for a recurring role on the latest season of Entourage. Eve also graced the cover of Maxim Magazine in April 2010, being named their "#1 pick for Hollywood’s hottest new star." Eve beat out Teresa Palmer (“I Am Number Four”) and Hayley Atwell (“Captain America: The First Avenger”) who were also considered for the role.

Alice Eve on April 2010 Maxim cover and in "She’s Out of My League" (2010)

Variety also has a couple of other tidbits on casting. Firstly that Benicio Del Toro has a "pending" deal to take on the villain role for the Star Trek sequel. Regarding his role, the report states: "insiders believe [Del Toro] will be playing someone familiar to Trekkies." 

There is reportedly one other "major role" to cast. Specifically ""someone who’s older and in more of a supporting character to del Toro."

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Spock’s Vulcan Princess?? Perhaps a lead female villain into the Star Trek Movie lore would be an interesting addition ( referring to the Kirk Era movies )…?

She’s what I call smokin’ hot!!! ::drool::
Could she be Marla McGivers? LOL!!!

Why was my post pulled?

Alice Eve is really gorgeous and very talented. I hope she is playing a human love interest for James Kirk.

Isn’t it about time for Jimmy Boy to meet Carol??

Star Trek II: Meet the Kahns.

Works for me. She was pretty good in She’s Out of My League, and she’s easy on the eyes besides. Kirk love interest, you think?

Carol Marcus!!!!!

“insiders believe [Del Toro] will be playing someone familiar to Trekkies.”

Please not Khan please not Khan please not Khan

Quite likely a scientist role since we know lady scientists are all uber hotties in movies like this.

Maybe one of Khan’s superwomen?

Ohh…”new to the canon”…so she can’t be Marla or Carol…


Janice Rand or Nurse Chapel.

I was thinking Christine Chapel or Carol Marcus as well.

Jim Kirks half sister who ends up dating Spock.

“The report states that the role is’believed to be new to the canon.’ ”

…NEW to the canon???
OooOOooo YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’d vote for Yeoman Rand for Ms. Eve.



I bet she’s gonna be Nurse Chapel. ..and there’ll be a romance plot with McCoy.

People are forgetting the part she got is new to Trek canon.

Benicio Del Toro could also play Khan.

Yeoman Rand or Carol Marcus

“There is reportedly one other “major role” to cast. Specifically “”someone who’s older and in more of a supporting character to del Toro.”

I’m sure they won’t go the Romulan route again, but wouldn’t it be cool if del Toro was playing the Romulan captain from Balnce of Terror, and the older role was that of the Centurion who advises him?

other reports say that Alice beat out Haley Atwell (Peggy Carter in Captain America) for the role.

I dont even know what the role is…but I know I’d rather see it played by Miss Atwell.

Atwell played a British officer Peggy Carter who oversaw the supersoldier project.

del Toro = Kang.

If Alice Eve were a singer, I could look at her voice for hours!

Atwell lost out to Eve? Well, it looks like big tits win again!

Benicio del Tor as Kor!


Harry I think Eve looks better than Atwell. Here’s the other actress that was also considered.

@28 lol…yes, of course I know the role of Peggy Carter. What I’m saying is that I and no one else knows what this new Star Trek role is….but I’d rather see it played by Haley Atwell.

Basically, it was a long winded way of saying I like Atwell better than Eve,

get it?

“I bet she’s gonna be Nurse Chapel. ..and there’ll be a romance plot with McCoy.”

……..That won’t be possible, I’m “afraid” .
Dr. Leonard McCoy is already spoken for…..She is a French xenobiologist.

Roberto Orci said so, a while back.
Or, rather, I did , and, he did not dare to contradict me.


@ 30…Haley…is pretty large in that area. I think boobs lost this time.

Come on, Garen, are there Klingons in this film? Throw us a bone.

38…i don’t get what you’re driving at…

@38…i don’t get what you’re driving at…

Garen, if you know what’s up in this film, you’d know if thre are Klingons in it.
Judging by your response, some might take that as a yes.

And I want KANG!

Actually, I wanted Talosians.
But I’ll take Kang.

TIberius Subprime…sorry to disappoint…i’m just a regular old commenter that’s been hanging around and commenting since 2007 or so. I have no insider info beyond that which is made public in other reports.

Okay. I judged based upon your comment that you knew what Alice’s role was in the new film.

And with that I thought you were an insider.

@Aurore – Got a source? Because as far as the movies are concerned thus far, he’s recently divorced and just out of the academy..

Well..if they HAD to recycle anything…i’d rather see Kang explored more in depth than see a Khan retread.

I’m with you on that Garen.
Kang or Talosians is what I’d like to see.

she definitely has the appeal of a TOS woman, thats for sure.

#45 People are just speculating on the role she will play and they keep forgetting its a role new to canon so it wont be Rand, Carol Marcus or Nurse Chapel.

Alice Eve is hot and sexy!