Watch: The Shatner Strikes Back At Carrie Fisher

A couple weeks back we reported on Carrie Fisher firing back via video on William Shatner after he arguing that Star Trek was better than Star Wars. Now Shatner has replied back again in this latest video feud of the sci-fi stars. Watch Shatner take down Fisher below.


The Shatner Strikes Back

Star Trek is the "sunrise" according to Shatner.

Previous salvos

And if you missed it, here again is Shatner’s original shot across the Star Wars bow.

…and Carrie Fisher saying Star Trek is not "in the same league" as Star Wars.

Thanks to Darryl


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First!!!! and Ouch!!!

That was Awesome Shat! I love the last bit about fitting into the costume now. Keep it going! Let’s see what Her Highness can come back with. I love this!

That was funny. Can’t wait for Carrie Fisher’s response.

Star Trek was FIRST!! The End!!

This is such an idiotic and old argument. Why can’t both be great for completely different reasons? Why can’t both steak tar tar and croque monsieur be great dishes, both found in French restaurants? It’s so pointless that a “winner” be crowned. I certainly enjoy them both greatly but in different ways… when I am in the mood for Trek, nothing else compares. When I am in mood for Star Wars, nothing else compares. There can be two truths existing simultaneously.

I realize they are the two dominant space-centric franchises of the last 40 years, but if you want to get technical, Trek was there first and its FX were groundbreaking for their time. Star Wars brough myth to the big screen in a sci-fi setting but handles different subject matter than Trek.

Bickering about Star Trek vs Star Wars is like arguing whether Picasso or Rembrandt is the better painter.

But Shat? He’s the man, now and always!


What we need now is Leonard Nimoy and Mark Hamill to have a logical and philosphical discussion to make these two old pensioners look even more stoopid.

Oh brother! Really? What did Bill once say? Get a life?

This back and forth is hilarious!!!! Touche’ Bill!

Bill wins… nuff said

The problem is that Shatner has actually had a real carreer, and Star Wars is all Carrie has ever done that was worth a crap. The only other thing I’ve ever seen her in that was of any consequence at all was some completely ridiculous thing called Under the Rainbow.

All Hail the Shat. The Shat will Win this War. As Star Trek will Win this War. Long Live the Shat and Star Trek.

Re: 8

Ha, ha — I would pay real money to see that.

Re: 6

Rembrandt, dammit!

Ok, kidding. I agree, they’re totally different. I happen to like Star Trek better, though there are episodes I can’t watch. With SW I can only stomach “A New Hope (barely),” and “The Empire Strikes Back,” the rest, … meh.

But, I have friends who like SW better.

They’re wrong, of course.

The one and only Shat!

You rock Shat!! :)

Brace yourselves!

Would love to be the fly on the wall for those Shatner/Fisher lunch dates…..

LOVE IT!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Bring on round…well…is it three or four? Lost count! Bring it!!! LOL!!! And I really miss those Takei/Shatner feuds too…they should bring those back as well. That’s serious and yet priceless entertainment…pure comedy GOLD!! LOL!!!

This is funny stuff. But DOCTOR WHO still beats them both easily.

LMAO! That is classic. The Shat is so awesome.

Doctor Who isn’t that good and doesn’t really beat them easily at all. The last two seasons have been……mildly entertaining,at best. Kinda moved on from it as it turned into Just Another Tv Show.

Looking forward to next years Spidey movie and the next ST movie though,lol!

Have fun y’all!

Funny stuff from the Shat. Ouch about Carrie Fisher and the metal bikini. She has lost a lot of weight, Bill.

Hilarious. No one fakes feuds better than Shatner!

I think Shatner is losing a lot of weight. He is looking younger than he was 3 years ago. Good for him.

Star Trek is def for the more intellectually evolved. We won’t be winning the Trek versus Star Wars agument on numbers for about 100,000 years.

My first love is and always will be Star Trek. I do love Star Was too but Shat is my freakin IDOL!

I hope they keep it friendly though :)

Come on people don’t take this too seriously. It’s obvious that both Mr Shatner and mrs Fisher have their tongues firmly in their cheeks. Just sit back and enjoy the fun of two great performers.

This is good fun!

Carrie Fisher..has a good point…and I think shes right

At least Star Wars doesn’t recycle their special effects shots…

Hans Solo was a direct knock off of James Kirk too.

@30, True they don’t recycle the effects, just the story.

LOL, I love old people bickering.

haha amusing—rods trek nation actually asked lucas about trek vs wars–he said he doesnt frequent those kinda web sites–that is merely conjecture n you can say anything u want to support your claims…but wars is more action oriented while trek more intellectual? scifi–and gr said wars is more myth/fairy tale/king arthur like n he said nothing wrong with that kinda storytelling either–cant we all just git along hahah—i agree both shat n carrie firmly have tongues in cheeks..not each others i hope ewwww what a visual—this is great stuff matbe i will go watch fanboys again…

Shatner is great :-)

This is how I sum up the two fanchises:

I love SW.

I live for Trek.

I avoided watching these for a while. Had to today. Whew…….

“Me in my original costume….and you in a bikini….”


Sorry, I love Shatner. He just doesn’t care anymore. Nor should he at 80 years of age.

The Shat still has It. Very Funny Bill…you tell her!

I think alot of this is done tongue in cheek by Fisher and Shatner. I don’t think they really believe alot of what they are saying, but are just engaging in fun banter and voicing what other more fantatical people actually believe. I think in a way they are mocking those views.

ok… pulling out Jar Jar Binks…

that’s just low

Chuggin right along until the boobie reference.
This needs roast-level material, not off-the-cuff into the webcam blarfs. If they’re gonna fight.. make it funnier.

30 & 32 — They recycled both. They blew up the Death Star TWICE.

Ron Moore should “reboot” Star Wars.

Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back were great but then came the planet of the Teddy bears. Then Jar Jar. Then who cares? The mythos of Darth Vader was ruined in the prequel. We also should never have seen what Boba Fett looked like under the helmet.


Carrie was brave, trying to match wits with the Shat. Or maybe she just didn’t realize what she was getting into. Under the caricature, the Shat is actually pretty damned smart. Any funny.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….*chokes and dies happy*

Nice. Great responce to fisher

i think the title of this article should have been “THE SHAT STRIKES BACK”

Well. It should have been. Carie Fisher and the Wrath of Shatner.

I saw this on Shatners web site last night and it was great. He really knows how to handle any battle.