New Star Trek Jewelry Launches On Amazon

Looking for a great gift for that special Trekkie in your life? Well today a new line of Star Trek Jewelry from designer Udi Behr was unveiled. The collection of Trek-themed necklaces, pendants, bracelets and rings is now available, exclusively at More details below.


New Star Trek Jewelry Launches On Amazon

Today CBS Consumer Products announced a new collaboration with jewelry designer Udi Behr with a new collection of Star Trek Jewelry available exclusively at The line features iconic Star Trek imagery and includes 33 difference pieces with a variety of necklaces, pendants, bracelets and rings.

Two of the necklaces  in the new Star Trek jewelry line available at

The new line of jewelry described as both "sentimental and progressive" is made from either titanium or stainless steel. Most of the pieces are priced affordably at $29-$39.

Two of the bracelets  in the new Star Trek jewelry line available at

New York designer Udi Behr is known for his original "Love Peace and Hope" collections as well as designing jewelry for “The L Word,” “Dexter,” and “True Blood.”  Behr and his designs have won acclaim in The New York Times and People magazine, and his designs have also been worn by many notable celebrities including Elton John, Ringo Starr, Cyndi Lauper, Angela Bassett, T.R. Knight, Sharon Stone, Ludacris, Paris Hilton, Brittney Spears, Jennifer Beals, Pam Grier, and many more.

Two of the pendants  in the new Star Trek jewelry line available at

In a release Behr said of his new line:

Working with CBS Consumer Products is a great honor and a great opportunity for me as a designer to dig in and come up with new and exciting designs for a wide range of both classic as well as new shows. STAR TREK is an icon in American culture and I tried to create a line of jewelry that will not only speak to the fan community, but will also serve as a great ambassador to an audience that is not as familiar with the franchise.

Two of the rings  in the new Star Trek jewelry line available at

The new Star Trek jewelry is available now exclusively at

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Ok…so now do I need to get one for the wife?

They look great. I wonder if Chris Pine will be seen wearing one of the bracelets, rings and/or pendants. I have seen him wear bracelets and rings before, on film and in real life. He would a natural wearer/model for such jewellery.

I would love to order a couple of these, but I have no luck at all with jewellery. I often have an allergic reaction when I wear it. It makes little difference what kind of metal it is or how expensive it is. I like it but it doesn’t like me.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see one or two of our intrepid cast (ie crew of the Enterprise) wear some of these nice accessories. Is that possible?

I’m the first to comment here – yes/no?

Yes :D One of those bracelets would be an awesome stokcing stuffer for me ;)

Not unless your wife likes ostentatious crap. None of the designs are anything that I would wear everyday – it looks like cheap jewelry one would find at Claire’s or other tween junk shops. I’m sure its made with expensive stuff, but it still looks like junk.

If I was going to buy Star Trek jewelry (or receive it as a gift) I would by far prefer copies of items worn in ST or inspired by what would be worn on ST. I’d also prefer for more obvious references to be more subtle.

While I have wanted a nice Bajorian earring on occasion or other nifty jewelry I have seen – I have yet to EVER open my jewelry boxed and be thoroughly bummed that I do not own a blinged out or rainbow ST symbol on a chain or cord.

Of course, ymmv and your wife/partner/SO might love one of the pieces from this collection. I do think this is pretty much a marketing misfire, though.

Pretty cool but no Klingon insignia? And how about an IDIC pendant?

There is a Klingon one that has the word “Trekkie” on it.

I don’t even wear jewelry but I’d like to have some of this.

Pretty Kool. I Wonder if Harry Ballz will get one for Erica Durance. Just wondering.

Nice. But I already have the IDIC necklace; that’s enough jewelry for me! : )

Cool… I like the bracelets… :-) :-)

I wonder if they will re Re Release the Star Trek Cologn. I have to Admit. I did get some in the Redshirt Bottle. Yes. I like to Live Dangerous.

‘New and exciting’? For someone supposedly so well regarded, his inspiration in this case is decidedly lacking. I would have thought with all of the visual source material to draw from, he could produce something a little better than this. They look like a design school student’s first freshman project.

If anyone bought one for me, the most they’d get is a sickly ‘nice thought, anyway’ smile.

I agree with Iqeret. This stuff looks chintzy and tacky. There is some nice Trek jewelry out, this ain’t it though.

The history of Star Trek jewelry is dubious at best. Remember when Leonard Nimoy was forced to wear the Vulcan IDIC in one of the most horrible examples of product placement in the history of the moving image, “Is There In Truth No Beauty?” Gene Roddenberry made him do it so he could market the IDIC and cash in on this Star Trek thing.

The powers that be have time for this sort of junk? Oh well, I guess it’s easier to milk this cash cow by direct marketing of tacky “memorabilia” than to actually do some creative work like make a TV show or an animated series. Why even bother to break a sweat when they know the fans will lap up any garbage the deign to toss this way?

“titanium or stainless steel”

Great. They’ll match my spork collection.

To each his own, but this stuff doesn’t look well made. I think it’s worth a trip to a convention just to pick out something finer… or at least see up close what you’re paying for.

Great. More shit no one really asked for.

I’d prefer something a little more subtle. Behr has such a good reputation and this is the best he could do?

This crap belongs in a discount store kiddie claw machine where they pay a quarter & take their chances hooking something! This stuff is very low end garbage.

Mongo prefer buy thing he actually see in Star Trek. Replica. Ship. Uniform. Gizmo.

Mongo not see this jewelry in Star Trek.

Mongo probably not buy.

Perhaps we might see some of the Enterprise crew wear some Starfleet appropriate jewellery in the next movie. Lt Uhura could wear a nice pair earrings or a smallish pair of Starfleet insignia studs and Kirk could wear a bracelet of some kind, similar to what Uhura could be wearing – things like that. They also seem to be using some kind of wrist communicator device. What might that look like, up close? (I like the wrist communicator idea – it makes more sense than relying on having a handheld communicator only.)

All the “uniforms” I have seen fans wear look awful and are generally a bad fit on whoever wears it, irrespective of the person’s size or shape. The colours, whether they are representing the TOS or TNG etc era, look tacky. The colours just look too bright and look like they would run the dye badly on their first (or second, or third…) wash. I can buy ordinary clothes of a better quality, look and fit than that from a place like the Warehouse (similar to Walmart in US). I just hope these “Starfleet uniforms” don’t cost fans a bomb, because they really do look cheap.

If they use a wrist communicator, it wouldn’t be ST. The only wrist communicator in ST was what Khan came up with. Wrist communicators makes me think of Blake’s 7, not ST.

The idea that Uhura would wear ST insignia earrings or Kirk a bracelet is laughable to me. How often do women in the Navy wear anchor earrings? And any jewelry on Kirk would get in the way of his shirt ripping. I don’t think Kirk wants “felled by a bracelet” on his tombstone.

Wow. Way to insult fans, too, while you’re at it. Not even taking into consideration the simple fact that NONE of the ST uniforms is particularly flattering on a person of average physique simply due to their style, you proceed to just insult the quality of what you see fans wearing. A lot of fans MAKE their own costumes. You know, needle, thread, material from fabric shop? Even if someone else makes them, it isn’t like they’re sourcing special “Star Trek” material. I’m not even sure where uniforms came into the conversation aside from Mongo’s example, but jeebus. Way to insult people!

First of all, what were Kirk and Spock speaking into on their wrists on Star Trek 09? It looked very much like a wrist communicator to me.

What is wrong with wearing SF insignia earrings or studs? If a Bajoran can wear her rather dangly earrings, then why not have Uhura wear a nice pair of studs? Most of the time, they would be worn on the Enterprise. If she was to be part of a landing party, then it is likely that she would remove them along with dressing in a more protective landing party uniform. Similar would be the case for Captain Kirk or any other crew member wearing such jewellery. Common sense really.

I had no idea that fans could not buy ST jersey uniforms as part of the general merchandise sold in association with the Star Trek franchise. Perhaps a good designer and machinist could make a selection of Star Trek like uniforms. After 45 years, has nobody thought to do this? The fact that the present Trek actors look pretty good in those re-rendered TOS like uniforms shows that they can be made to fit nicely. I guess they are made to measure for the individual actors, but it can’t have always been the case in the original television series.

I am sorry. I did not mean to insult anybody.

@22 ANOVOS makes a line-for-line copy of several of the TOS uniforms:
the gold captain’s tunic, the blue science/medical tunic and the red communications officer dress. They were first advertised here.
I just got my blue science officer tunic in the mail a few days ago, even though I ordered it in the summer. It’s based on the 3rd season double knit fabric rather than the 1st and second season velour tunic.
The quality is very good; there is even the hidden zipper in the seam that curves up the chest to the neck. It’s kind of weird to hold it, realizing that the actors would have worn something similar back in the 60’s. It doesn’t feel like a costume. It feels like clothing.
How you fill it out and the attitude with which you wear it also matters I guess, but any actor worth his salt knows that.

Yes, I do recall seeing these tunics advertised. I’ve also seen photos of people wearing these ST like uniforms at conventions and a lot of them did not look that good at all.

I am sorry if I offended anyone. I just figured (incorrectly, it seems) that in the States, reasonably good Star Trek merchandise, eg TOS/TNG like tunics were fairly easily available and reasonably priced.

Edit: *these* ST like uniforms is meant to read OTHER ST like uniforms.

Ok so its not the most stunning, original stuff ever but the she-nerd inside me still wants one of those pendants.

I like the titanium open delta necklace but it’s backwards. Is the photo flipped? If not, is the pendant finished on both sides?

BTW, the titanium open delta is shown at Amazon and is otherwise the same as the rainbow one shown above.

The point I was trying to make was that the very style of the majority of the uniforms (and ST costumes in general) are not very forgiving if you are the least bit overweight. The styles are such that every little bulge and ripple will be very obvious – no matter how well-tailored the outfit might be.

Saying that something manages to look good on actors who carefully watch their weight/diet/lifestyle is a bit of a silly defense. Just about anything is going to look good on someone like that. The average person does not have the physique of a movie star, which was my other point.