Viral Video: Star Trek: The Mattress Commercial

Is there a better way to convince people that they need a new mattress than dressing up in Star Trek uniforms and blasting away high prices with a phaser? No there is not. Check out the Star Trek-fueled commercial for a local mattress store in Canada below.



Don’t "Klingon To That Old Mattress"

Check out this very special commercial from Dodd’s Furniture in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

The Star Trek commercial is just one of many wacky commercials from Dodds. See more (including takes on Spider-man, Superman and James Bond) on YouTube.

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Cosmo Kid

Live long and posturepedic!

Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire

Ok Harry Ballz. Looks like you have a Bed for you and Miss Ericka Durance. ( Now Running for my Life).

Khan was Framed!

I live in Vancouver & we get Dodd’s commercials on our local TV all the time!

He is a classic independent business man who has aired some of the funniest ads I’ve ever seen.

Kudos to him for boldy going where most retailers are afraid to go!


:D nice change from most commercials


That guy playing Kirk is obviously Indian or South Asian — why can’t they get him to play Khan!


OMG. Horrible. Just Horrible.



Que the copyright lawyers! Ripped of the Enterprise and the music!

Keachick - rose pinenut

Oh cripes! Hard to know what to say really…:)


#2: I’ll take her if Harry doesn’t…

Cool commercial

Red Dead Ryan

Hey, I live in Victoria! Nice to see something local hit TrekMovie.Com! Cool!

And Dodd’s does a lot of fun commercials. Been doing so for a long time!


Did you catch the easter egg — a quick glimpse of their Khan Noonian Spring Mattress.




Live Long and Sleep.

(They should adopt that as a catchphrase.)

Captain Hackett

No. 5 MJ –

Maybe he should be Khan! LOL


Kirk-tested. Green Gal-approved.


Absolutely one of the most painful 30 seconds of my life…

Jim Nightshade

why not get the real capt, shat to sell the beds–he sells everything else n hes a canuck too—beam him up n beam the prices down….


The nacelles are al wrong!!!!111 This is a disaster! ;)

El Chup

Wrong font


LOL @ 19…

That commercial is f^#[ing awesome!

denny cranium

Anyone notice the purring tribble?
Considering the budget they had to shoot the commercial I’d say the production values were stunning.
And Anthony? It’s spelled “mattress”
Great laugh this morning.


We have a new frontrunner for the Khan gig!

Jared Butcher

I am also from Victoria the home of Dodd’s Furniture and Fashions!

Gordie is a great guy who gives a ton back to community every year including a giant Thanksgiving dinner every year for folks who might not otherwise get one.





We get this tripe but no TV sf show ratings or science updates nowadays.



I love this guy. The appeal of his commercials is that they are indeed *absolutely terrible*. He’s done some pretty terrible Superman and James Bond send ups too.

But I respect that he has a good time doing it and not taking himself too seriously. And he’s been in business for well over a decade so I think he’s doing something right!

I’ll never forget Dodd’s Furniture for as long as I live.

Harry Ballz

Using the phrase “make it so” while wearing a TOS uniform?? Blasphemy!!!


The commercial is cute and deliberately tacky but I thought you had to get permission from Paramount to utilize any aspect of Star Trek for commercial gain. Isn’t that what licensing agreements are all about?

Non-profit fan fiction and fan art can get away with it because they make no profit, and therefore it’s not worth suing them. But anyone who uses these symbols or the likeness of any of the actors has to pay a licensing fee. No?


Consider this TV signal blasting across interstellar space along side the Republican debates and you know why the Vulcans would never slow to sublight as they made a short cut through the solar system.

Makes ya proud.


That’s from my home town in Victoria, British Columbia, the main guy is the owner Mr Dodd, forget his first name. Mr Dodds thinks up alot of his own ideas for commercials and this is just one in a long series of crazy commercials going back for more than a decade. Dodds Furniture does alot in the community, puts on a huge Thankgiving dinner for the homeless and disenfranchised every year. He’s a great guy and it’s great to see this show up here.


31 – so great to hear that!