New Mexico Launches Star Trek Lottery Scratcher Game


Are you feeling lucky? If you live in or close to New Mexico then you may have a new game to play. The New Mexico Lottery has launched a line of Star Trek “scratcher” lottery cards. In addition to instant cash prizes, they have also launched a contest for a trip Comic-Con. More details below.




Star Trek: The Lottery Game

The New Mexico Lottery has launched a series of ‘STAR TREK™’ Scratcher lottery cards. The cards are in stores now, featuring five different tickets showcasing the different Star Trek TV shows. The top prize for the $2 cards is $10,000. There are also prizes ranging from $2 to $250.

And if your ticket isn’t an instant winner, there is also an additional “second-chance” drawing for a trip for two to Comic-Con 2012 in San Diego in July. Players enter the drawing for the Comic-Con trip at The deadline to enter is April 26th, 2012.

Unfortunately it is against Federal law for lottery tickets to be sold over state lines, so if you want to play (or collect) some of these lottery cards you are going to have to do it in New Mexico (or find a friend in New Mexico).

Not Trek’s first lottery

The New Mexico Lottery is not the first to offer Star Trek scratcher cards. In the 90s at least 11 states offered Trek games from 1996 to 1998. Cards featured imagery from the TV shows and were even part of the promotion of the Star Trek: First Contact feature film.

Star Trek lottery tickets from California in 1996 (top)
and Virginia in 1998 (bottom) [Amok Times Newsletter]

A closer look at the NM Star Trek lottery tickets

The New Mexico Lottery have provided TrekMovie with images of the five individual cards, here they are:


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The only thing I want to scratch is my itch for some new Trek!

Lights! Camera! ACTION!

Hey. Do these Lotto Cards come with Lens Flares.

Now if only those cards were avialable in…say…NEW YORK…then I’d be buying a few of them. Of course, nothing ever comes here except for NYCC every year (and of course the NJ Trek con that I drive to), so why should I bother, lol.

We need one in Texas!

I live in Austin Texas. Need them HERE!!!!!!!!!

fxxk in nm!

The logos don’t match the eras from each series. THIS IS A DISASTER!


Haha, I bet myself someone would have pointed that out before I could and won. This was a good day for gambling.

New Mexico is home to Spaceport America, where the VSS Enterprise will be launched. And homeported.

A real spaceship, run by Virgin Galactic. From a real spaceport.

Sadly, if you win, you’re reminded that they don’t use money in the 23rd Century.

I wish Indiana sold something like this!!

I need one of each please.

I think that Star Trek should NOT be associated with gambling.