Relax To Ambient Engine Sound Of The USS Enterprise (TOS & TNG)

Have you ever wanted to just sit around and imagine you live the universe of Star Trek? Well an inspired Trekkie has made it easier by uploading 24 hours of the sound of the USS Enterprise-D engine noise (at idle), or if you prefer there is also 2 hours of the original series USS Enterprise.


Relax on the Enterprise

The following YouTube video, which appears to be going viral, comes from crysknife007 who says he loved the ambient sound of Star Trek: The Next Generation so much he cleaned up a clip from the show and looped it for 24 hours. (also available as a download)

And if you want to go old school. Here is 2 hours of engine noise from the original USS Enterprise from the 1960s Star Trek. [NOTE: Video has no image]

via Reddit.

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Now I’ve heard everything!

Interesting idea… but I’d rather hear the sounds of the TOS Enterprise. “Ya ken tell how fast sheez goin’ just by the feel of the deck plates….”

Whats next, ambient Galactica for 24 hours? Not that that would be that relaxing, you’d feel like your house was about to fall apart.

I swear I remember some study back in the nineties that stated that the ambient noise on TNG had a calming effect.

I know it works on me, that’s for sure. Great stuff. :)

What about the ambient noise of farts ?

Slow news day?…

…and I’d far rather the comforting sounds of the ‘electronic hum’ and ‘beeps’ and ‘swishing doorway’ of the original TOS bridge, ahem.

how about the warp core next…

For SF inspired ambeince, you still can’t beat the TARDIS hum ….

They could use that for torture! Hours and hours of that….awful. I’m a big fan of Trek; but this is just going a bit far. It’s that, sometimes fine, line between fandom and the crazy stuff…

Can’t wait for TNG Blu-ray or Trek 12. Great stuff there.

Sounds good to me. But what about the Ambiant sound of the Agony Booth with the screams that go with it. That has a calming effect on me as well.

play both at the same time for ultimate geekdom!

When someone posts a loop of a klingon fart let me know.

Worf’s screams would be great!

What was so cool about TOS is you could instantly tell what room they were in by the ambient sounds. Bridge, transporter…engine room…they all had a sound unique to that room. Great sound design on that show…not so much on the sequels, everything was too similar.

Yeah, two minutes was about all I could take of that. I can not imagine letting that play for 24 hours.

Useful as pink noise. Also, those who find it grating, you’re not supposed to play it so loud.

I’ve always loved the ambient sound from the ships. I can’t imagine visiting set and not hearing that sound.

not new to me. I used to relax to any of the TOS rooms more than 20 years ago.

This is awesome! Any chance of getting the ambient sound of the engine room?

I specifically downloaded the System 47 screensaver so that I could fall asleep to the sounds of the Enterprise E. Saying that actually reminds me of Nicholas Meyer’s commentary on the merchandise he wanted for Star Trek VI. “Wouldn’t you sleep better in the blankets that keep the crew of the Enterprise warm?”

Screw the haters, this is awesome! I love this stuff! I would love to have this in the background of my lab playing all the time, it would me feel like I’m not doing remedial work!

Yawn. Now if it was the TOS warp power-up then I’d be interested.

Now, does anyone know the exact decible level that these should be played at for the true experience, or is that taking things too far?


Relaxing. That’s exactly what it’s always been to me. There’s another version of the corridor ambient noise where the beats are faster that has always been so soothing to me. You always heard it when they were walking through to their quarters ( I remember it in particular at the beginning of “Amok Time”.) It’s my favorite and almost therapeutic.

Ive always thought that when I had that dream house, ….with the great kitchen, and wooden floors, and three car garage, and instant hot water, and personal study/office with brown wood and leather chairs, and a globe of the world in it (because important people are always supposed to have one in their study) and itd have an adjoining hidden room behind the bookcase that served as a storage and viewing room for all the expensive Golden Age comics I don’t really have — (but then again, this is my dream house), and the great media room, and all the other things I don’t have……that I’d also have an exact replica, on one wing of the house that looked and sounded like a deck from TOS Enterprise. Complete with that sound going 24/7.

Play both at the same time, wowzers!

Anyone know where I could download these sounds as MP3 audio files?

Maybe it’s just me, but all I hear is the sound of my computer speakers…I don’t hear anything that sounds like ambient sounds of the Enterprise on either clip.

@29: This is what I use:

It converts YouTube videos to mp3. It appears there was an upgrade a few months ago, so I’m glad you asked.

I can hear the TNG one but get nothing from the TOS clip even though the play counter is moving. Happens when I try to watch it at YouTube, so it’s not an embed problem, it’s something with the original video.

In the meantime, here’s 5 minutes of TOS ambient bridge sounds…

I actually like the quivering picolo-type sound in the bridge background on the Reliant. It sounds every few minutes and you can hear it when no one speaks. You can hear it on the HMS Bounty in Voyage Home after Kirk gives his lecture about primitive culture and Earths lack of ET experience and Spock ties his robe fragment around his head to cover his ears. That affect works well in the former ship for its sounding like the ping of sonar on submarines.

You know what? I was a baby and young child when TNG was on the air and my grandmother watched it all the time. New episodes and then reruns once they kicked up. Some of the first sounds I reacted to with a measure of comfort were the hum of the Enterprise-D’s engines.

I often use to help me sleep at night but I’d be willing to bet this will work too. I have a connection to that hum in an admittedly weird way, and I think it’s going to do just fine as an occasional replacement.

I’ll have to admit that the TNG sound of the Enterprise D is soothing. I feel like I’m in a very safe, high tech starship.

It was really interesting to discover when watching the dvd extras for XI that when it came to designing the sound for the new film, they had real difficulty in recreating those sounds. Apparently the original sound designer left no notes behind on how they were done. I just assumed they’d somehow sample them from the original if it came to it, but I guess there’s just no substitute for the “real” thing…

What junk. My water and heating boiler sounds slot better than that

Cool! That ambient sound is similar to that of a mild Earthquake.

30. Captain Karl – December 10, 2011
“Maybe it’s just me, but all I hear is the sound of my computer speakers…I don’t hear anything that sounds like ambient sounds of the Enterprise on either clip.”

The sound of your speakers? What sound is that? I mean, speakers produce the sounds we put through them–music, movies, ambient warp-engine noise–but they don’t really have a sound of their own.

Both clips worked perfectly for me, right away, right after this story was posted and still today. But I’m really curious about what “the sound of my computer speakers” sounds like… It’s like saying, “The only thing I see on my tv is the image of the tv.” Huh?

aw.. TOS Enterprise’s engines are indeed “purrin’ like happy kittens”. Thank you fpr posting this…

I’m sorry, but that’s no different than having my air conditioner run all day…

Ahhhh, this helped me get to sleep last night.

I am typing this from on board the USS Enterprise-D, apparently. Unless my ears deceive me.

wow someone was bored

Oh nice idea… the TOS sound is more soothing actually :)

I had a track like this for years that i pulled from a video game its not exactly revolutionary but still cool

I like bridge chimes/beeps/whirs myself. Soothing.

It’s making me sleepy…

hehe never tried this but I’ve definitely fallen asleep to the ambient noise of TOS Blu-Ray menus. Bridge sounds chirping away in my dreams.

This could be the reason why my son puts on a TNG episode to watch when he can’t sleep, but is tired, and sure enough, ten minutes into the programme, he’s out to it. The same happens to me as well, especially any TOS, TNG or Star Trek 09. It’s not that we are bored. We are just tired and watching what is good and familiar can have a soporific effect.