Orci: Bruce Greenwood Written Into Star Trek Seqeul Script

Most Trek fans agree that Bruce Greenwood excelled in his performance as Captain Pike in the 2009 Star Trek movie. And now a co-writer/producer for the sequel has revealed we should probably expect Greenwood to return for the sequel.


Greenwood’s Pike written in for Star Trek sequel

Commenting here at TrekMovie.com yesterday, Star Trek sequel co-writer/producer Roberto Orci let a little sequel tidbit out of the bag with this comment:

boborci: Spoiler alert!

We wrote a part for Greenwood. Let us hope he says “Yes!”

While Greenwood’s Pike was a major role in the 2009 Star Trek movie, he (unlike the others in the main cast) didn’t have a set option to return for the sequel. However the actor has been clear in interviews over the last few years that he is very interested to return to the role of Pike, who was promoted to Admiral at the end of the 2009 movie.

But what will Pike be doing? – and will he be in the chair?

While Orci has revealed that they have written a role for Pike in the sequel, it isn’t know if we will see him in a wheelchair. Pike was last seen in a chair due to injuries from being tortured by Nero. Greenwood has said in interviews that he would prefer not to be in the chair for the sequel.

Bruce Greenwood as Admiral Pike in a wheelchair in 2009’s "Star Trek" – an homage to the chair-bound Pike in the TOS episode "The Menagerie"

There is also the question about what kind of role Pike will have in the sequel. Kirk is now in command of the Enterprise and Pike is now an admiral. There is a long tradition of having admirals as part of Star Trek films. Sometimes they are mostly authority figures to hand out orders (or reprimands), such as Admiral Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) in Star Trek Nemesis or Admiral Barnett (Tyler Perry) in 2009’s Star Trek. However other films have brought admiral characters more into the plot of the film, such as Admiral Cartwright (Brock Peters) as part of the anti-Federation/Klingon treaty conspiracy in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country or Admiral Dougherty (Anthony Zerbe) working to forcibly move the Ba’ku in Star Trek: Insurrection.

Star Trek movie Admirals (clockwise from top left): Cartwright (STVI), Dougherty (ST: INS),
Barnett (ST:2009), and Janeway (ST: NEM)

Hopefully Pike will do more than just hand out some orders. The 2009 Star Trek movie has already established Pike as a sort of surrogate father to Kirk. It was Pike who talked Kirk into Starfleet and Pike who made Kirk first officer, both times showing faith in the young man that he didn’t even have in himself. It would be interesting to see this mentoring relationship develop in the the sequel.


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