Star Trek Sequel Producer Talks “Mad Dash” Beginning & “Original” Story

And yet more Star Trek sequel tidbits emerging from the promotion of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. This time producer Bryan Burk reveals that the sequel wont go over old ground in terms of setting up the characters. He also talks about how the team approached choosing the villain for the film, saying they have an "original and unique" story. Excerpts and video clip below [possible spoilers].


Burk: Sequel begins with "mad dash" + approach to villain is "original and unique" 

Last month Star Trek sequel producer/director JJ Abrams said that the team were approaching the film as if they were "starting over" in terms of not relying on the audience already loving the characters. But in terms of exposition, Abrams producing partner Bryan Burk has revealed that the sequel will not be going over old grounds in terms of setting up the characters. While promoting Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, producer Bryan Burk talked  to MTV about the Star Trek sequel. He wouldn’t reveal the title of the film or the tone, but he did comment on how the film starts out:

What is exciting about it is, unlike the last film where we were restarting and resetting up all the characters, we are going to jump right in and we don’t have to set up everyone again and we can go right into it. For those who haven’t seen it, go get it right now. We are kind of in a mad dash at the beginning of the film.  In all of our conversations we reference our favorite films and in Empire Strikes Back it is spectacular how they were able to pick up immediately and carry on from the last one.

Burk was also asked about the persistent rumors about Khan being the villain in the film. He didn’t confirm or deny reports, but did talk about the process they took in deciding on the story for the sequel:

There are amazing villains throughout the Star Trek universe, as well as new villains as we did in the last film. There are a lot of directions we can go in the film and in this particular case we chose to do something that would be original and unique and different and again on paper I think we made the right choice.

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Just sitting back and watching the wheels go round on this new Trek. Can’t wait and I’m sure it will be awesome!

I am so disappointed that they’re doing it in 3D. It’s going to be so dead by the time it gets released.

Let’s just hope they’ll have a plain old 2D version for folks like me who get migraines from 3D.

wonder if two movies are being shoot at the same time?

“Original, unique and different” sounds good! That implies no Khan! Which is good news!

I do, however, have to take issue with the interviewer saying that he would like to see Khan in the new film because he “liked Ricardo.”

The great Ricardo Montalban is gone forever! His irreplaceableness is precisely why you SHOULDN’T want Khan in the new film.

I mean, seriously…what the hell is this guy thinking?!?

He’s NOT thinking, is what it is.

It is being shot in 2D, so as long as your theater will show both, I imagine it’ll have 2D offered. I’m hoping, at least. 3D is wasted on me, can’t even see the effect. And yeah, Khan in the new film wouldn’t be a good idea. People often forget this wouldn’t be a redo of The Wrath of Khan, but of the episode, Space Seed. Which probably wouldn’t really play well in 21st century US. So new villain is a great idea!

Sorry to be off topic but new batman trailer released yesterday.

it’s also up on apples site in high def.


DeForrest Kelley and James Doohan are both “gone forever”, yet their characters were recast with younger actors.

Also, Bryan Burk didn’t say there would be no Khan. He said the movie would be “original, unique, and different” which means the plot is not a rehash of any prior movie or episode. So it won’t be a remake of either “Space Seed” or “The Wrath Of Khan”. It’ll be a new story that stands on its own, yet could still involve Khan.

I’m also glad that “The Empire Strikes Back” has been recognized as the standard to which all sequels are measured. I hope to see a little bit of “Empire” in the sequel.

It is looking like No Khan then. That alone is getting me excited.

After early reports said it WAS Khan, I’m glad everything since then has basically debunked it. Original villain that uses Empire Strikes Back as its measuring stick? Sounds good to me.

I’d like to see a lot of Star Trek: TOS in the sequel.
Seems reasonable.

Anthony, thanks for all the articles.

I have nothing against to see Khan, but I really rather want to see a new Villain. Cannot wait to read the Star Trek Sequel & see Teaser material!
By the way. I saw Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocoll in Theatre today. Great Movie. :)

Bryan Burk was being pretty evasive in his answers. Once again, there was no comment about whether Khan is in the sequel or not. Nobody’s been cast as the main villain, so obviously they can’t talk about Khan, or any other villain for that matter.

So, in conclusion, nothing much has been revealed that we didn’t know already. The idea of an original and unique story had been floated around on this site by J.J Abrams and Bob Orci for awhile now.

Just think……it was only one short year ago at this time that the REAL question was being asked……….WHERE IS ANTHONY AND WHEN WILL THERE BE NEW UPDATES ON THIS PAGE??????? Ah…..the memories……

once again a video you cannot see in germany. alas. what would be so bad about let some videos also be seen by german users? here are also a lot of fans! really! ;)

Anthony left us on 17 December 2010 and did not resume communications with this site again until some time in January 2011, if I recall correctly. This thread is an Anthony Pascale thread and it is 20 December (well, it is 21/12/11 here).

Now the real question is (for now) – who is playing the bad boy – Edgar Ramirez or Jordi Molla? Jordi Molla LOOKS badder, but can he play bad as well as Edgar Ramirez?

They can talk about Khan or any other TOS villain if they want, irrespective of who and when the actor gets cast. They just choose not to and leave us fanboys and fangirls to get our panties in a knot wondering who the bad boy is. Even if/when one of those two actors is definitely cast, we still won’t be any the wiser as to who they will be playing.

Khan was never Kirk’s nemesis. The Klingons were his nemesis or certainly became so the Klingon Kruge had Kirk’s son murdered. The Klingons throughout the TOS series were an enemy, untrustworthy, an irritation and annoyance but once his son was killed, that annoyance etc turned to hatred and deep pain, something which Sybok in Star Trek V (I know the movie everyone loves to hate, but not me) picked up on.

The way they talk around this issue makes me think they have a “new” and “unique” way to introduce Khan into this Universe.

I would guess that with the popularity of Inception we will have the sequel feature the Talosians. Mind-altering illusions sets the stage for a myriad number of dramatic scenes. Too bad. I was hoping for something real to happen with the Enterprise crew, not just something they imagine happened.

#16 You are not the only one who can’t see the video. I am in NZ and I can’t see it either. So much for wanting a bigger share of the international market. I don’t think this is Hulu video either. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol has been on screens in cinemas here in NZ since 15 December. Sheesh.

Betcha it’ll have Klingons in it. And it’s just gotta have a love story to it. Please, no more killing off family members. James Horner maybe???? And William Shatner!

I have a feeling that they might set it up as a trilogy. Much like the original Star Wars trilogy. First a film that has a beginning, middle and an end like A New Hope. Followed by a sequel that treats the first one as the beginning of trilogy even though it wasn’t exactly built like that (Empire). Followed by a third film which is the end to the story of the second film (ROTJ).

Video not working for UK either.

I’d like to see the ST09 Klingons, whether as main villains or not.

I’d prefer not having Khan in it at all though.

@ Keachick: You’re right. Right on the money. The most profound nemesis of Kirk’s life was “those Klingon bastards” and what they represented (his youth, his memories of the five year mission, the pointless death of his son, who we can only assume he had a relationship with during those months between ST II and ST III…). There’s nothing else of consequence.

Khan’s a wonderful counterpoint to Kirk in this way, because though he no doubt had many enemies during the Eugenic Wars and after, Kirk became the focal point later in life. Like Kirk and the Klingons, Khan grew to hate Kirk as a representation of all he had lost.

As Nicholas Meyer said…….SpAce OPera!

nor denmark

@ dixey: Sorry Pal, we know it ain’t so…


And, at the end of the movie, it turns out that the first and seond movies were a Talosian illusion for an aged Kirk – played by William Shatner- who retired to Talos IV in the enclosure next to Capt Pike.

/Bobby Ewing-esque shower scene

DId I read “Empire Strikes Back” above?
Do I really need to comment on this? Should I care at this point?

It’s Star Trek guys! We do not need to see R2 in the next one. Please, Please, no more Star Wars references. Wrong universe (not that Trek is is in the same universe anymore either).

Yeah, I know. my bad.

But, I am thinking of changing my title to TOSTrekMadeMeWonder.

Would be nice to hear the Jerry Goldsmith theme tune return to the big screen, perhaps some nids to the Horner tracks aswell. As for my campaign to have Tom Hanks cast as Commodore Decker – I give up.

31. Jim

I am on board with the Hank suggestion.

I really liked the score at the end of “Trek 09” though.

@19: I actually think that sounds pretty cool. An Inception-like illusions created by Talosians would work for me!

It’d be cool to re-visit the very first Trek villian. We haven’t seen Talosians since 1966. I also know that Abrams likes classic sci-fi imagery. What’s more classic than a big-headed alien?

18. The Unknown Poster

Me too. Perhaps Khan was found earlier and has joined Starfleet? Or Khan was picked up by Klingons and has formed an alliance with them? Maybe Khan uses an alias and that is why Pegg “hasn’t heard his name”…

I feel like Miss Marple.

What is the problem with the producers of these new Trek movies, again with the star wars reference?!?!?!

Sadly I am beginning to think that Star Trek was only the SECOND best thing that they can grab. I think that all they wanted to do is a new Star Wars movie but never had the chance!

35- Every boy in his 30’s and 40’s wanted a crack at a Star Wars Movie and play in the Star Wars universe… Every boy with well educated discerning parents wanted to play in the Star Trek universe.

Suuuuure…it’s an original and unique story about NuKhan…HAHAHA!!!

We’ve never seen THIS story about NuKhan…therefore, it’s “original”…



No kidding, Mandy!
Yes please, enough of the Star Wars references!!!


Here’s the story: Khan is a Starfleet officer and, when the Enterprise goes through the great barrier, he and his girlfriend, Dr. McGivers are transformed into Hulk-like super humans with telekinetic powers! The corporation — run by Peter Wellers’ CEO character KNEW in advance (or suspected) the ability of the GB to transform humans so they wanted Lt. Khan and Dr. McGivers brought back to Earth for study. However, Klingon Warlord Kor gets wind of the corporations plans and wants to create a battalion of super Klingons to take over the galaxy with — so he sets course to intercept Enterprise to retrieve Lt. Khan and Dr. McGivers.

Complications arise when the Organians show announcing that THEY gave Khan and McGivers their powers in an attempt to evolve mankind into a higher and more peaceful lifetime. However, humans are just too primitive to use their Organian gift for anything other than violence and destruction.

Kor’s ship — The Amar — and the Enterprise are flung back to Federation space after they take away Khan and McGivers powers. A battle ensues between the Enterprise and the Amar. The Enterprise battles the Amar with the saucer section after the secondary hull and warp drive are destroyed.

The Amar is destroyed but Kor escapes in a Klingon escape pod vowing revenge in Kirk — thus, setting up for the sequel: Star Trek IIIII: The Wrath of Kor!

Yep. That’s the story. You read it here.


Forgot to say — pretty original, huh? You’ve never seen a Khan story like that before!!! HAHA!!!

Lord Garth, aka Garth of Izar. The once Star Fleet hero who became a genocidal maniac. So much villainous potential. Such great possible story fodder and I’d bet we’ll never see it, because that would take a something a bit more than just a superficial interest in Star Trek history.

36. That I understand, and don’t get me wrong, I like star wars (first trilogy) and their new Trek, but my problem is that I am tired of hearing these guys saying how wonderful star wars is and how cool would be if they can emulate that on their versions ST!.

Again, my feeling is that they aimed for SW and settle with what they can grab, and sadly that is Star Trek.

I want them to stop whining and embrace ST with all the wonderful possibilities!

Now we know there is no Khan and there is no Shatner the new rumor is that the kardashian’s will be in the sequel.

#42. I think you miss the point Mandy. They said they learnt something from Star Wars not that they wanted to make Trek into Star Wars.

And what they learnt pertained to story telling, that the second film started in it’s own setting yet still tied completely with the original.

The lesson is in the story telling technique and that can apply cross genre.

44.- That I understand too. But, every lesson they want to apply comes from SW and they use every opportunity they have to remind us that.

They have great movies like Super 8, Cloverfield even MI3. Haven they learn something from those movies?

Enough with the SW references!

BTW, JJA did said when making STXI that he wanted to do a Star Wars Movie!.

Enough of the Star Wars talk!

39. SciFiGuy

I already postulated that scenario a few days ago. You need to catch up on your TrekMovie posts.

#47 — You mean to tell me someone else could come up with a plot that dumb? HAHA!!!

Hey. at least it was partly new.


Yeah, refusing to give a straight answer is an answer.