Video Of The Day: Patrick Stewart’s “A Christmas Story”

A new video going viral takes on Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Patrick Stewart and envisions him doing a new one man Christmas show, but this time basing it on the cult classic film A Christmas Story. Watch the trailer for it below.


Patrick Stewart’s "A Christmas Story"

Dan Oster from the Titled Sketch Project emailed TrekMovie to let us know about their latest video "Patrick Stewart’s ‘A Christmas Story’". Patrick Stewart was greatly celebrated for his one man show of the Dickens classic "A Christmas Carol," and the Sketch project now envision a follow up to that…

Oster does a pretty good Stewart. TrekMovie wishes this was a real show.

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lol, funny.

You’ll phaser your eye out, kid.

wow this is hilarious! I’d go see it. And Tim Curry as the Leg Lamp…classic!

The impression was great, but the comedy itself? Not so much. Good potential, not that good execution.

Great impression! ” Very funny I thought. :-)

Hilarious! Great impression!

Sir Patrick should do it!

Great idea. Loved it. Especially the Tim Curry bit.

“Make it snow”


That’s awesome!

Interesting… yeah… :-) :-)

Nice one, CarlG! Wish I thought of that!

LOL hehehehe

That’s… just… awesome…

Looks like I am part of a minority here, but I simply hate it. To me, it did not seem funny at all.

That’s hilarious!! Love it. ;-D

Oster’s Stewart is really good, by the way. Maybe Oster could stage a mock Stewart one-man production of “Santa Claus Conquers the Klingons.” ;-P


However, would be interesting to hear Patrick Stewart read the works of Jean Shepard :)