Merry Christmas: Fans Share Pix Of Star Trek Trees

Today is Christmas and its time for family’s to get together and open the presents sitting under the tree. And for many fans, the Christmas trees are yet another way for them to show their love for Star Trek. Some fans have been sharing images of their Star Trek trees with TrekMovie and so we present Star Trek Trees 2011 below.


Star Trek Trees 2011

We will start off with a slideshow of TrekMovie’s collectibles editor John Tenuto and his tree containing every single Hallmark Star Trek ornament (and Star Wars too)…they meet together in peace. A Christmas miracle!

And here are more impressive #StarTrekTree submissions sent in to @trekmovie over twitter

@Chuck_Shaffer has the Enterprise D soaring over his tree (another pic here)

Brad Guillikson (@MouthDork) also has an impressive tree topper for his Trek tree

Chris Stevens (@kcs316) made sure he got the lens flare for this pic

(@jcad6169) Don’t worry, the classic Enterprise also gets respect, like this shot from Andy Patterson (@superfisor194)

Speaking of ships, the TARDIS seems totally surrounded by Starfleet on TJ Harvey’s tree

And speaking of lens flares, this well stocked Trek Tree from Aaron W (@refug5) seems to be illuminated by JJ Abrams

Aaron Billard (@StarfleetChaplain) says his Starfleet Command had a tree up right after thanksgiving and shows you dont need to just use Hallmark ornaments to adorn your Tree

Kirk and McCoy save this pink flocked tree from Lou Park (@Loulovesjt2608)

Matt Kelly (@supermattkelly) has "Kirk threatening a powerful alien!"

But why does Becky Vargas (@hwoodminotaur) have Kirk firing on Spock on her tree?

MB (@trekhound) really packed in the Trek ornaments onto his cute little tree

While RusselWCrews says that he has been collecting ornaments for his Trek tree since he was 10 in 1993 (and almost has them all)

And even if you have an itty bitty table-top tree, Diana Sanderson (@TigerArchivist) shows how   it can be Trek-ified

Finally the girls from the @TrekkieGirls podcast got clever and sent in this picture saying "our #StarTrekTree has a cloaking device!"

Have your own Star Trek Tree to share? Or maybe other Star Trek/Holiday pix or videos? Then send a link to the @TrekMovie twitter and we may share it with the other fans.  And remember to use the #StarTrekTree hashtag.
Or you can send in an email to tips at trekmovie dot com).

Merry Christmas From The TrekMovie family.


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Ho, ho, ho! FIRST?

Love it! My City on the Edge of Forever ornament pictured still lights up but the cool sound clips won’t play this year. Anyone know why or have an suggestions?

At any rate, Merry Christmas everyone and now I need to go lay out some gifts while everyone’s still asleep. Again, Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Trek Fans!!

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have a wonderful day!

Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas everyone hope you have a great one

merry christmas to all fans out there! :)

Our tree was assimilated :(

Fantastic to see Star Trek and Star Wars living in harmony for Christmas!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Christmas, gift wise the highlights for me were the Enterprise Pizza Cutter and Han Solo ice tray :-)

Merry Christmas! Peace and Long Life V_

I love the Enterprise-D tree topper, and the cloaked tree was clever :-)

Very cool that my Trek Tree topped is the article picture! That made my Christmas :) Thanks Tony! Merry Christmas everyone!

Very Kool stuff. I want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year and may all of you Live Long and Prosper.

Nicely done, everyone. Trekkie Christmas to all!

I like this feature you do Anthony. Its a treat at this time of year. Marvel put out these huge comics called Treasury Editions when I was a kid. At Christmas they’d put out ones called Holiday Grab Bag with all your favorite heroes doing something Christmasy. I always loved those. It was a nice treat,….like a TV show Christmas episode. This feels like that. Thanks for sharing these….as well as my photo.

And now to see how my kids react to this years haul from Santa. It’s their first Christmas where they understand Santa.

(P.s. oh and a small thing….but it’s Supervisor194…..not Superfisor)

You are a real fan; that’s amazing and it puts me to shame! Thanks for sharing it; enjoy your holiday.

Merry Christmas fellow Trekkies. Hope u all have a fab time. And a proseperus new year. Can’t wait till 15th January. All that information about Trek 13

Nice feature, Anthony.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hols to you and all at Trekmovie.

Merry Christmas! Live long and prosper to all!

Happy Christmas to all!

2- Common problem with that ornament, happened to mine too! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Live Long and Prosper!

Our tree is on shore leave this year…

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Very cool

Merry Christmas, fans of Christmas!

How fun! Happy Holidays!

I liked the cloaked tree. Merry Christmas, my fellow Trekkers.

A cloaked Christmas tree? Now why didn’t I think of that? LOL!

Merry Christmas Anthony, Bob and everybody else!

Merry Christmas one and all!

Just three days until the next Ongoing hits the shelves, with the conclusion of Galileo Seven; promised to unfold very differently from the TOS story!

These are wonderful!!! Awesome!!!

Merry Christmas one and all.

wow, love the trees!

Merry Christmas everyone :)

Anthony, thanks for this! Great idea and pics. Enjoyed looking at the different ornaments.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.


Hey… can we have a vote for our favourite of the ones you picked?


This was pretty cool, love the tree topper. There were a few years I used Micro Machines trek ships for ornaments, this year I just used three of the Hallmark ones (gotta make the non-Trekie of the house happy).

Merry Christmas folks.

I like the pink Chistmas tree very much. Now that looks like something that might be on board the Enterprise! However, I don’t suppose a religious symbol such a a Christmas tree would be put up in the mess hall, or the rec room, but I wonder what a 23rd Century Xmas tree would look like.

The trippiest tree I ever saw on Earth was the one that used to be put up in front of the elevator banks of the old A&S department store in downtown Brooklyn. That enormous tree was always hung upside-down from the ceiling and had so many ornaments on it that you couldn’t see the tree underneath. Truly bizarre and beautiful.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and a wonderful Kwanzaa to all.

Merry Christmas!!! Glad to see I’m not the only trekkie who wants to decorate a tree =D

Got the new ornaments and the 1701 bottle opener! Trek the halls, baby!

Merry Christmas fellow Star Trek fans.
My wife bought me the Mirror Spock/McCoy Hallmark ornament this year as she always manages to surprise me with some ST ornament each year. I am a very lucky man indeed to be able to have some ST on our Christmas tree, we were most fortunate to buy 2 ornaments from The Experience before it closed, those are very special to us.

What is Kwanzaa?

The only things missing from those trees (as far as I can see) are the Star of David, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, otherwise great trees!

@40. Kwanzaa was a holiday created for the African American community a few decades back. It’s supposed to have roots in old African tradition – I’ll defer to anyone who has a better grasp of it’s details. From your response, I’ll guess it’s largely a North American observance.

Anyone who can arrange a tree like that should be hired as a BRANCH manager!

There’s fandom… then there’s this…

Merry christmas ya’ll! I had an awesome one;I hope you did too. :-)

Now I really want to see a Star Trek/Superman crossover.

Spectrekcular trees! I dont have anough ornaments to cover the whole tree but rest assured the few I have were hung high and low! I hope all who celebrated the holidays had an amazing weekend. And for those that did not, may, at least, the idea of peace and “goodwill toward men” carry with us all the entire year round.

Merry Christmas from Germany! Here is a link to my tree!

#36, we know what one would look like, we saw one in Picard’s fantasy home in “Generations,” with holographic Bethlehem star ornaments.


love the photo’s.

where did you get them all from? I must start collecting.

my wife got me the Star Trek Vault: 40 years of archive for trekmas.
what a gift! It even has a reproduction iron-on T-shirt transfer.


Enjoy the remainder of the holiday season (its 1030AM Dec 28 here in NZ) TrekFans and Happy New Ears!

Too much Star Trek at Xmas…