Simon Pegg Prepping (Body & Mind) For Star Trek Sequel

Simon Pegg, Star Trek’s new Scotty, will be joining his fellow new crewmates on board the USS Enterprise when the sequel starts shooting next month. And the actor is now getting ready for the role, revealing some of his prep work. Details below.



Pegg prepping for Star Trek sequel

As first reported here at, the Star Trek sequel production kicks off on January 15th. The whole team are getting ready for the big moment, including the actors. That includes the new Scotty Simon Pegg who in the last couple days has been tweeting some of his prep. Yesterday Pegg sent out a tweet saying that he is running to get into "Starfleet" shape.

And today Pegg tweeted that he has been running his own Star Trek movie marathon to get his mind into Starfleet shape as well.

Pegg is of course referring to the famous Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home scene, when the original Scotty (James Doohan) is back in time in the 1980s trying to use an Apple Macintosh.

Hopefully Simon (and other Star Trek stars on Twitter) will keep us up to date on their progress before and during production. However, don’t expect too much as the infamous JJ Abrams cone of silence is likely to be implemented to control any spoilers.

Simon Pegg running around the engine room in "Star Trek" (2009) – actor
now training to get into Starfleet shape




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For 3 years I’ve been coming to this site and this is my first ……….


there! I said it!

now that’s out of the way ………

Why would Simon Pegg consider ST IV as a “Guilty pleasure”? Final Frontier or Insurrection could be considered guilty pleasures for their cheesy dialogue, inconsistent plotting and overall corniness but Voyage Home is just about the perfect Trek film. It brought in new fans and appealed to a wide audience that hadn’t previously bothered to see a Trek movie at the cineplex.

It had wit, plotting, character arcs and was the first Trek movie in ages without a villian or death. I loved it in 86 when it came out and I still love it 25 years later. There’s nothing guilty about the pleasure I get from TSIV:TVH.

Is this a clock on his left wrist?

@2: Simon’s been saying a few times lately that he wouldn’t mind if it Scotty were a bit more serious the next time around, and Scotty was very much comic relief in Voyage Home, much like in Trek 2009. That’s probably why “guilty”.

Pegg was great in Ghost Protocol. Although he did play it for laughs… There needs to be a more serious Scotty this time around. Pegg’s name is definitely on the rise.

While the scene in that particular movie was actually funny, some of the ‘Nu-Scotty’ scenes in the reboot were just ridiculous and annoying. (Mind you, so was the moment Doohan’s ‘Prime Scotty’ was made to ‘hit his head’ on part of the Enterprise)

I hope his character’s moments are toned down in this one. The TOS ‘Scotty’ was a generally a figure of great respect and authority most of the time, rather than ‘buffoonish clown’.

So he’ll be running around the engine room a lot, I take it.

I hope when he is running around the Engine Room it is not a Brewery.

Exactly why call The Voyage Home a guilty pleasure, it’s a great movie and I still think it’s a better movie than Abrams one.

I hope he wil become more like the Scotty we know and love, I remain adament in my thoughts that Simon Pegg was entertaining in the last movie but to me he just WAS NOT Scotty.

In TOS I loved it when Scotty was in command, he was bad ass when he challenged a Klingon ship and then it ran. I cannot picture Pegg’s version in comand. He was exactly what I thought he would be when I heard he was announced, comic relief to the extreme.

I hope he has some more serious moments mixed in as althoug he will never be my Scotty as that is James Doohan.

I tend to think “guilty pleasure” is when you’ve seen a film or tv show an absurd number of times. The not-we generally think of it as “the one with the whales”.

#11 “Guilty pleasure” is when you feel guilt for enjoying something – and usually the guilt involved is your friends/peers finding out that you enjoy it. It has little to do with how many times you’ve seen or done something.

I dislike the phrase as it usually means that someone is self-conscious about something they enjoy. In this case I see no need for ANYONE to be self-conscious about IV. Maybe V, but seriously, for a supposed geek who is happy to be bringing ST back, Pegg should have picked a better/different phrase. I thought he was proud to be a geek/nerd/whatever? Isn’t that what that book he wrote was about? I think his membership card should be revoked. =p

More serious Scotty indeed, I want the Scotty who recognises Kirk’s voice is not his own, the Scotty who thinks the ship ‘doesn’t feel right’. He had an innate intelligence when in command, and was very convincing in the big chair. Not sure if Simon Pegg can pull that off, but I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Of course, Doohan saw real action in WWII, no doubt his forces experience informed his acting when in command.

I wouldn’t mind a little homage to ‘up yer shaft’ from III in the next movie.

Pegg is great and proves it film after film.

Catching up on his technical manuals.

P.S. I’m glad that someone else thinks 4 is a guilty pleasure!

Only on this site will you wind those who take exception even at someone enjoying Star Trek…

The way I read it, Mr Pegg is saying that reviewing IV is a guilty pleasure because it’s *supposed* to be part of his work ‘duties’ but he enjoys it so much it’s just a joy.

^ *find (not wind)

I wonder if it would be cool for the third one to have the new TOS crew go back into time again and see Scotty trying to work one of today’s computers?

I’d love to see Scotty commanding the Enterprise for a period of time. Scotty in charge was always some of my favourite scenes in TOS.

Why Abrams needed to have Scotty’s typical seriousness be replaced w/ Chekov’s buffoonery is beyond me. This man is in charge of keeping the starship running for god’s sake. The orig Scotty had light hearted moments, but was never a clown. Scotty in the cmd. chair was always full of authority and no BS! Let the young Russian act the fool as a young man might…but Scotty @ his age should be well past juvenille school boy antics and jokes.

#10 I agree. I like Simon, but he is never different in any movie or show he appears in. You know exactly what you are going to get with him.

And that ‘hello computer’ scene is still a delight. I’m really coming to realise just what a great actor Jimmy was. He could go over the top just a little at time’s but i’ve definitely found a new appreciation of him lately.
Maybe Simon just need’s another 30 years and i’ll come to find him equally as talented?

I assume that by training, he means he’s chomping on some donuts?

12. You’ve clearly never inadvertently forced a loved one out the house. The last thing from her lips, “Christ almighty! You’re NOT watching that again? I’m off out!” :p


My favorite *Scotty in Charge* scenes are in “The Apple” where Kirk, Spock , McCoy and Chekov (along with a mess of dead Red Shirts) are stranded planet-side with the ship being slowly pulled down.
No laughs, no comic relief–just great drama. The way he gets after Lt. Kyle for those calculations…love the urgency.

…and he gets fired by Kirk for failing. Great drama!

Scotty needs to be more like the one we see in “The Doomsday Machine” then the one in Star Trek V. Make the guy part of some serious drama, not just a guy with a quippy comic line.

That kind of treatment of the character has become stale and diminishes the dramatic moment.

It goes something like this, Scotty: “Look! I just beamed Kirk off the imploding ship and saved his life and his coffee cup hasn’t spilled a drop!”

Kirk runs out of the transporter room in a dead run to the bridge.

Scotty: “Hey, were are you going, didn’t you see that??? No coffee stains!”

….this kind of stuff. Junk.

#9 Wow, I can’t disagree more. Voyage Home was ok, but overall very corny. In 1986 it had appeal to a general audience because of the time period it was released. People were tired of the Cold War. Of conflict. In terms of Star Trek, tired of the good versus bad (West vs Soviet) stories in most movies. This was a light hearted and fun story that was very much a “feel good” movie. Not deep. Not emotional.

I’m certain that is what he means by guilty pleasure. Voyage Home is by no means considered a great movie. It’s a fairly simple feel good movie with a environmentalist, save the world, kind of message. In other words, not a very serious movie. That’s general what is meant when someone refers to a movie as a “guilty pleasure”.

It’s certainly not the worst Star Trek movie, but I would not put it anywhere near TWOK or 2009 Trek.

Star Trek IV was for ME- for al loooooong tim – no Trek when it came in the cinemas. It is indeed the only movie I have never ever seen in a cinema! II was good, III was even better, V was okay, VI was glorious. But IV … is not really what I expected of a Star Trek movie. Later I borowed the movie out of a library and enjoyed it so much. Now, years later, I just l do just regret, the next gen was never in the year of 2000. Would have been fun, too!

#21 Not sure what you or some other critics of Pegg’s performance are talking about. Scotty in 2009 Trek was never a clown. He had a couple of brief moments of comic relief, but was never clownish.

He did save the ship in the end…. sounds like some of you should go back and watch the movie again.

Its funny that Voyage is reference when talking about Scotty being more serious. It was with that movie that the Scotty character became solely a comic relief character, and more of a loveable old clown. From that point on with the original cast, that was all Scotty was.

He has never been as “serious” as he was in TOS. Although, he had comic relief moments there as well.

I do think he showed more of his engineering brillance in 2009 Trek and that foreshadows him being more serious in the next movie, while still having some funny moments.


I agree with you, Captain.
For me, “Voyage Home” is the better movie. More heart, with just as much action, humor, and ideas as TOS, and broke away from the traditional bad guy angle.

Just a fun time at the movies.

I did enjoy Kirk punching out Kirk in trek 6.

I think i’ll add Pegg on twitter.

Great we can always count on Simon Pegg to tell us… “a little bit of nothing”… yeah, but I like this ship…………… :-) :-)

LOL… I can’t believe some of what I’m reading. Guess there are all kinds.

I for one thank the maker Abrams isn’t making movies like Voyage.

There was very little to no action at all in Voyage. Very simple feel good, put a smile on your face and make you feel good about yourself story. No drama what so ever. Never a moment where the audience was on the edge of their seat or holding their breath. It was just a pleasant, everybody is happy, utopian story.

Like I said before, it was done at a time when the real work was all about bad news stories, and alot of movies reflected that in good versus evil stories. That’s why it had such appeal.

If that movie were relased today, it would be about on par with Tim Allen’s Santa Claus.

2009 Trek was by far more dramatic and action packed. Had far better and more complicated story, with far more emotional impact – exploring the highs and lows of the human emotion. All while being filmed in such a way as to produce the most realistic and epic Star Trek movie made. There is no other Star Trek movie that comes close to feeling as epic and real with such scale as JJ’s.

But of course I’m not the only one that has said this. Just about every movie critic in the country did also in 2009.

I’m not trying to say Voyage sucked, but if that is what you want to see…. well, I’m just glad it’s not going to be what we see in 2013.

You know I don’t think Simon Pegg needs to worry about getting into shape in order to play Scotty. Just sayin…

I think we will see more action involving all the main characters, such as Scotty.

In TOS he often went on away missions. I imagine we will see some of that in this movie that will result in some physical action scenes with Scotty.

Just considering Pegg’s growing profile in Hollywood, I seriously doubt he will just hang out in engineering in this movie.


Take it easy. Saying we like “Voyage Home” more isn’t going to erase Trek ’09 from the timeline. It’s okaaay. Just take a deep breath. There ARE other opinions out there. Some like charming, slower-paced films over whiz-bang action flicks. Or vice versa. Nothing wrong with it.

Star Trek VI was the first ST movie I watched. I tried to keep from laughing as Leonard Nimoy swam by in his Vulcan underwear…


Anyways, looking forward to more Scotty. MORE Scotty.

So is Zachary Quinto doing a lot of running as well. Star Trek: Athletes for the Win.

Scotty was fine, although there was a moment where he played it a little over the top in Star Trek 09, but then again, the young Scotty was thrown in the deep end on this movie, in case some of you hadn’t noticed. Scotty saying the line “I like this ship. It’s exciting” was perfect in the context of the scene.

The Voyage Home showed that having a sense of humour and being very good at one’s job don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Although the scene where Scotty is talking to the computer in Voyage Home was funny to us (or some of us), what it showed was how much technology had changed.

Scotty was not being a clown or anything else in Voyage Home. He was simply attempting to do what he had been tasked to do by his commanding officer, Admiral Kirk.

What I find *interesting* is that Scotty still knew how to effectively use an old fashioned computer keyboard. Gosh, that one is even older than my 20 year old IBM keyboard.

Does he really need to get in shape to be the Jar-Jar of the next movie?

When I said Scotty was being a clown in Voyage, i was referring to those saying he was being a clown in 2009. My point is that in Voyage is when the character Scotty moved decidedly more toward comic relief and clownish behavior that continued in the subsequent films.

So, for people to cite Voyage Home in the same breath while criticizing 2009 Trek’s Scotty as being too much of a clown and not serious enough is just a contradiction in logic. You can’t have it both ways.

I’m not sure what “following Admiral Kirk’s orders” has to do with anything either. Kirk didn’t order him to be funny.

There is no doubt that Voyage was funny. That is precisely what I don’t get about the criticism of Scotty in 2009. The same people that are saying that Voyage home was a much better movie than 2009 are also slamming 2009 Trek because Scotty was a “clown”.

As for liking “charming, slower paced” movies. That’s fine. But that’s not what I, or most fans of Star Trek want to see. It’s certainly not what today’s movie audiences that like sci-fi/action adventure movies want to see.

I liked Voyage in much the same way that Pegg did. It was a guilty pleasure. A feel good movie that didn’t require much serious thought.

Not what I call Star Trek though. More of a movie commentary on the 1980’s than a real Star Trek movie.

#36…The correct terminology is:

TOS – Landing Party

TNG – Away Mission (As opposed to a “Here Mission” I guess)

So, everyone is definitely prepared for XII. But an actor is only as good as the script at the end of the day.

I rather enjoyed TVH for was it was; a lighter, breezier ST movie than what had gone before. After all that life/death/sacrifice stuff, the franchise needed it.

It’s a very ’80s fish-out-water comedy (and there were BUNCHES of those in those days; Crocodile Dundee, Splash, Trading Places, etc). So, not only is it a more humorous ST movie, it’s also an interesting time capsule into the 1980s.

The Scotty/mouse scene still makes me chuckle today, perhaps even more than it did in 1986 (when computers were still very mysterious devices). It’s so funny that the once ‘state of the art’ Apple of 1986 is almost as laughably archaic to audiences now as they were to Scotty from his 23rd century perspective. It’d be a bit like a modern day newspaper editor trying to work Guttenberg’s printing press…

I wonder how dated the Mac-inspired (and beautifully realized) bridge of ST09 will look 20 years from now…

As for the sequel? More Simon Pegg is never a bad thing. And I hope he gets to show some of the other shadings of this character this time out as well.

#42 lol… doesn’t matter

#44 Well said.

I just can’t compare a feel good “fish out of water” comedy (as you described it) to a much more serious, epic and realistic space drama of 2009 Star Trek and say it was better.

It’s completely apples to oranges.


Well, I’m not going to speak for every Trek fan out there, but I think most fans are aware that Trek—and science fiction in general—traditionally makes some sort of commentary on society. TOS did this over and over again, sometimes subtly, other times about as obvious and stark as black and white (“Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”).

But that sort of storytelling is in its DNA, just as Roddenberry and Coon and all the other show runners, for good and bad, intended.

I have said it before and I will say it again. All of the funniest moments in TOS came from either Scotty or McCoy. Now this is just my opinion but Scotty was always a comedic guy, even in the “Jack the Ripper” episode he was hilarious (mostly before he gets charged with murder). I never saw Chekov as being especially funny (aside from the “samples” line in the ep when everyone except him was ageing), Shatkirk is just an overblown windbag with a speech impediment. In fact the only character on TOS that ever felt “dramatic” and “serious” to me was Spock. All just my opinion of course, and it doesnt mean I didnt love the show every minute, despite its flaws. Just like every ST series and movie (except Enterprise, I only liked the last season) including ST 2009.

I remember going to see Aliens in the late 80’s at the movies. Now of course, it looks dated today, by today’s movie making standards.

However, at the time when I was watching that movie, in particular the technology scenes, as a Star Trek fan, I was lamenting how much more realistic and large scale it seemed. The space scenes and ships had such a much larger and realistic feel than Star Trek.

I kept saying, “wow…. i wish the people making Star Trek would use these special effects techniques and make Star Trek look like this.”

When you watched Aliens at that time, if FELT like you were really in space and all the technology FELT real. In stark contrast to Star Trek IV and the subsequent movies that came out at the same time and later.

It wasn’t until JJ Abrams’ film came out that I said “FINALLY… a Star Trek movie that really feels like it’s in space and dealing with a real universe!!”

@#21 Michael

I liked Chekov just the way he was in ST 2009. They’d have to up the slapstick in order to make him like Scotty in ST 2009. That, I’m not in favor of.

@#39 Keachick

I’d love to see photos of Zachary running to get into Star Trek Spock-like shape. :-) :-) :-)