Writer: Clues To Sequel In Star Trek Ongoing Comics + Preview Of Issue #4

The next issue (#4) of the new ongoing Star Trek comic series set in the new movie universe comes out tomorrow, finishing up the two-issue retelling of the TOS episode "The Galileo Seven." We have a preview of that issue below, plus news on how these new comics are dropping clues about the 2013 Star Trek sequel.


Star Trek Sequel clues in ongoing comic series

The new ongoing series of "Star Trek" comics set in the new movie universe kicked off in September. The first issues have retold a couple of classic Star Trek episodes, but with new twists. The comic series will continue to do different spins on old episodes, but will also be telling new stories (like the recently announced surviving Vulcans two-issue arc).

But these new comics, which are overseen by movies co-writer/producer Roberto Orci, are also filling in the gap of adventures between the 2009 Star Trek movie and the sequel, which opens May 2013. This is similar to how the ongoing Star Trek comics worked in the 80s. In addition, in 2013 we can expect there to be a prequel comic series (like "Star Trek Countdown" in 2009) and an adaptation of the sequel as well.

But apparently there is more to these new Star Trek comics. Writer Mike Johnson has revealed that the ongoing series will also be dropping hints about the upcoming Star Trek movie and in fact it apparently already has done so. In the latest Star Trek magazine Jonhson says

"One of the great things about working with Bob [Orci] is that we are able to use the ongoing series to very subtly lay in clues to the next movie. There might even be a tiny hint of a subplot in the first issue."

Speaking to TrekMovie Johnson confirmed that there was a subtle hint in issue 1 from September and there will be more as the we get closer to the sequel. He says there is also some "thematic foreshadowing" in issue 4, due out tomorrow (see preview below). The writer noted that clues will "not be like the Da Vinci Code", but he also said that "when you see the movie you will be able to look back to the comics and say, ‘oh I see what they did there.’"

So what are these clues in issues 1 and 4? Well I have taken another look at issue 1 and an advanced copy of issue 4 and nothing jumps out at me right away. There certainly isn’t anything overt like a mention of Khan (unless you think finding a 200 year old beacon is some kind of subtle link to "Space Seed."

Enterprise finds something very old in Star Trek Ongoing #1

(which retells the story of "Where No Man Has Gone Before")

You may have better luck finding clues, and if you do post your suggestions below. One thing is for sure, Trekkies will be looking a bit closer at these comics over the next couple of years.

PREVIEW: Star Trek: Ongoing #4
Writer: Mike Johnson
Stephen Molnar
Covers: Tim Brandstreet & Joe Corroney


Mr. Spock faces a deadly choice as he tries to save the crew of a stranded shuttle! Featuring the likenesses of the new STAR TREK cast, this story boldly re-imagines a classic episode, Galileo 7, but in the new timeline of the hit movie!

Star Trek Ongoing #4 cover

Star Trek Ongoing #4 — preview:

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Star Trek Ongoing #4 arrives tomorrow

Star Trek comics can be ordered and pre-ordered from TFAW.com, and all are discounted. (Note: Issues 1 & 2 are in their second printing).

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If you can wait, the first volume compiling the first individual issues will be released on March 13th. You can pre-order it at Amazon.

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