Happy Birthday, Nichelle Nichols

Today, December 28th, is the birthday Nichelle Nichols. Star Trek’s original Uhura is turning 79 years young. So we here at TrekMovie want to wish Nichelle a very happy birthday.


Happy Birthday, Nichelle Nichols

Nichelle Nichols brought a combination of grace and heft to the role of Uhura in the original Star Trek.
She also brought her musical talents to the series. In addition, Uhura was a key part of Gene Roddenberry’s vision of a more diverse future, something that was not always a popular opinion in the 1960s. In this video from the Star Trek DVDs, Nichols talks about taking on the role of Uhura.

You can keep track of Nichelle at her official site (Uhura.com), on Facebook and on Twitter.

Happy Birthday, Nichelle

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Nichelle was born in 1932, making her 79, not 69!

Happy Birthday, Miss Nichols.

Aging gracefully, you’re doing it. Oh. So. Right .

Happy B-day Miss Nichols! :) And hi Aurore!

Oh, happy, happy, birthday Ms. Nichols!!!


Which makes the fact that she looks this good even more of a compliment. :-)

Oh, great! They’ve now corrected the headline to say “79”.

For the next few days people will wonder what I was on about!


Yes, Spock/Uhura Fan. I’ve always thought Ms. Nichols looks MIGHTY FINE!

She looks nothing like the hag in the mirror from ‘And The Children Shall Lead’.

Happy Birthday, Nichelle Nichols!!!!

#5. …………..LOL

:-) :-)

@#5. Harry

No, I could tell that they must have corrected it. I suspect most other people will figure that too. You’re just fine, Harry. We all know you’re ‘on about’ giving and getting accurate information. That, and jokes. :-)


Accuracy and corny jokes? What a combo! Thanks for the assurance, SUF!

3. Trekker5 – December 28, 2011

Hi !!!

I’m glad to hear from you!
I wish you all the very best for the coming new year, Olivia.



Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns, Nichelle Nichols!

I have to say that I think you would have to be one of the most beautiful (if not, the most beautiful) women to ever grace our big and small screens (especially as a young Lt Uhura). You are beautiful in physicality, in grace and in the way you speak. You are an inspiration to all women everywhere.

Love you and thank you.

*Does a fandance.*

Happy Birthday Ms. Nichols! Here’s hoping that she will be the computer voice in the next film!

#12,Aurore,you too!! I wish you and France a great New Year!! :)

Happy birthday Nichelle. And Happy Birthday Stan Lee!

Is that interview from the collection they did for the SciFi channel back a ways? Man, there was some gold they got recorded then. And not just your usual rehashed stuff either. People and stories you never saw and heard. When is someone going to put that stuff out? SciFi…..? ….. A way to raise some cash there. Sure you guys could use it.

Happy Birthday Nichelle! Thanks for all your work and many more to come. :]

Happy Birthday Nichelle!

You’re more beautiful than ever!

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Nichelle Nichols some years ago at a Trek convention in nearby Bangor, Maine. I got her autograph and some photos, too.

What a classy lady! Happy birthday, and here’s to many more!

Happy birthday Nichelle …Feliz Cumpleaños.

Happy Birthday Ms. Nichols. Live Long and Prosper.

What the hell are you blabbering about Ballzy/
it says 79.


I know, I know. I was just kidding.

Hippy Bathday, Nichele

Happy Birthday, beautiful lady.

Happy Birthday Nichelle!!! You are so gracefull

Happy Birthday! It truly amazes me that the TOS crew will soon be all 80-somethings!

Love and Peace and a big Thank You! to Nichelle Nichols!


BsS, what a coincidence! Her age matches your I.Q.!

OH My…. Happy Birthday…. to such a beauty!!!!!
Thank you soooo much….

Happy Birthday Ms. Nichols!!!

Happy Birthday! Still and always beautiful.

Happy Birthday, Nichelle.

Well, I for one don’t think she looks a day over 69. :)

Happy Birthday, NIchelle! Live long and prosper!

I have seen Nichelle Nichols at conventions for decades now.
I still can’t decide if this woman is more beautiful on the outside or on the inside.

Happy Birthday to the loveliest lady on television.

Live long and prosper, Miss Nichols!

“Nichelle Nichols brought a combination of grace and heft to the role of Uhura in the original Star Trek.” …………. Zoe Saldana TAKE NOTE.

Happy Birthday Nichelle Thanks for so much!

A very wonderful XXth birthday, to a lovely lady.

Happy Birthday indeed to one lovely lady!!!

@30 Ballzy

I very much doubt my I.Q could reach those heady heights!

I’d probably need a decimal point in the middle there!

Happy Birthday to a beautiful Lady, I still love watching the old Star Trek shows and the Star Trek movies that you were feature in.

I saw Miss Nichols at a convention in NJ recently, and I think her stories and recollections are best enjoyed live in-person.
Happy B-day!

What was Harry on about?

Just kidding man.

Happy birthday NN

Met her a couple of times at conventions and she is always so wonderful to her fans. One of my earliest ‘TV crushes.’ Hee hee…

Happy Birthday Nichelle. And here’s to many more. May you live VERY long and prosper…

Nichelle Nichols; a truly lovely human being. ;-)


Hey, what the?? Chris, you ol’ horse thief! :>)

7. lol, agreed.

I think she looks better (she glows now) than she did 20-30 years ago (and she looked great then). No, looks aren’t everything… but she also seems happy and healthy, and that definitely matters.