Watch: Shatner Returns To Tonight Show For More “Thrill Bill”

Last night Star Trek’s William Shatner returned to NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Bill was there to once again sit in judgment over some amateur talents in another "Does This Thrill Bill?" segment. You can watch the Shat-tastic segment below


Does it Thrill Bill?

Shatner returns to the Tonight Show once again to judge talent as only he can. Here is the segment in two parts:


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Bill appears to be slimming down. Hmmmm……………….

Slimming down, but never slowing down …

I wish he’d bust out some Kirk-Fu on Leno’s face.

@1: Harry, are you insinuating he may be slimming down due to an impending film role? Hmmmmm indeed!

I seriously liked the leaf blower guy but Rudy, the tap dancer rocks. Yes, it was thrilling.

@1. CGI. Nowadays, the camera takes off 20 pounds…..

Shat looking fit! Good for him!

This should put an end to the obnoxious “Fat Shat” remarks that I’ve seen countless times on this site.

saw it last nite– a riot! Shat Rocks!!

Yeah, Shatner in some shape there. I’d like to see him as Kirk again. But I’m not in the camp who wants him in these new movies.

That was thrilling Shat!

Leno did a very nice Shatner impression on that “Of course!”

And as long as people have, yet again, speculated on a return to Trek for Bill… I think a smart thing for them to do would be, once they are filming the new movie and have all the logistics in place, go back and film the “missing” Kirk scene from the first movie, and then insert it into a special edition DVD of the first movie. They would make a ton of money form everyone buying that disk yet again…

Without Shatner this would be a rip-off of Letterman’s Stupid Human Tricks. With Shatner, it’s pretty good.

Maybe he slimmed down for his Broadway Show?

And maybe he expects to don a Starfleet uniform again real soon.

15 – We can only hope…

#8 Are you Fat ????
You seem to take this very personal . No one
is doing this maliciously.

Get the Shat in the #@#$%^&*( movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s a thought….trim the Shat down, CGI away the age….and offer him $2 million for 1 day of filming. Then get that 2 minute hologram message meant for the first movie “in the can”. After that, you can slot it into any future film when it seems appropriate. Hell, the Shat might have actually “shuffled off this mortal coil” before they get around to using it!

You’re always a ray of sunshine, Harry.

(breaks into song)

“I gotta be me, I gotta be me…..”

I love Shatner, but the Tonight Show?


Is that still on the air?

I assume the only people who watch it are older than Bill.

Shatner is very hip for an octogenarian; I would think he or his managment would have the good sense to book him for Conan or the Daily Show, rather than Jay Leno’s irrevleant train-wreck.

As much as I wish I’d seen Bill doing this bit, there is no way I would tune into Leno, ever.

Know what would really Thrill Bill?If we each mailed NBC the hardcover jacket to Shit my dad says.With enough of those,they’d renew.

I agree with number 12!!!!!!!

I would love to see Shat in the new movie. He has always been and will always be my hero!