24 Actress Nazneen Contractor Joins Star Trek Sequel Cast

The 2013 Star Trek sequel has added another cast member. It has been reported that 24 actress Nazneen Contractor has been tapped for a new role in the film. More details below (possible minor spoilers). We also summarize all the castings for the sequel. 


Nazneen Contractor added to Star Trek sequel cast 

EW is reporting that Canadian actress Nazneen Contractor has joined the Star Trek cast. She has been tapped to play the wife to the "family man with wife and daughter" played by British actor Noel Clarke (cast earlier this week).

The 29 year old actress was born in Mumbai, India and raised and educated in Nigeria and London, later immigrating to Canada at the age of ten. Contractor’s acting career dates back a decade and she is known to Canadians for a recurring role as Sgt. Layla Hourani on the CBC drama The Border and will best be known elsewhere for her regular role as Kayla Hassan in the 8th season of 24.

Nazneen Contractor in "The Border" and "24"

Confirmed Guest Cast for Star Trek sequel

The main cast is returning for the Star Trek sequel, but there are also a number of new roles and at least one returning guest star for the sequel. Here is what we know so far.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Unknown main villain

Peter Weller

Unknown – rumored "CEO" possibly tied to villain

Alice Eve

Unknown – rumored new role to canon

Noel Clarke

"Family man with wife and daughter"

Nazneen Contractor

Wife of "Family Man" (Noel Clarke)

Bruce Greenwood

Adm. Chris Pike (returning star)

[expected – confirmed to be written into script]

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A cast of freaks! LOL! JK! Looks like a good group!

Looks lik the wife to Kirk’s brother to me.

This is fun… we have actual Star Trek NEWS again! Cool!

Oh? Wife of Noel Clarke. My bad.

Unless it’s a far more distant and splintered alternate universe.

Nazneen, not Nanzeen.

2. I do think it’s possible that Sam Kirk could be in it. He’s going to appear in the next issue of the comics and it sounds like he survives. He could be played by Chris Hemsworth.

Lots of brits.

I still think of poor Mongo and how this news ruin whole movie for him.

Not even worth going to see now. Feels like already know end.

She’s playing Khan!!!!

9- or s a mom or Khan lol hehehe…she look a Klingon Girl

Apologies if I missed it somewhere, but has it been confirmed anywhere that Bruce Greenwood is definitely coming back? I really hope that he is. This website is usually pretty good at publishing news rather than speculation.

We know Bruce Greenwood is back!?!? Yay!!

Alice Eve:

She could so easily pass for Lenore Karidian


no clue as to who Nazneen Contractor is, but i bet she’ll play either a Vulcan, or a Klingon

13 – I like the idea of Kodos the Executioner in this film…he seems to be ignored as a villain in Star Trek. I would love more backstory on Kodos aka Anton Karidian

OMG Benedict Cumberbatch could play a good Kodos!

15 – 16 (I Wish I Was Spock)

I like that idea also, although I’m doubting we’d get that in this movie. But do you also see the uncanny resemblance between Alice Eve and Lenore? In my opinion, she shares the closest facial resemblance to *any* TOS character so far.

I likee! Indian women are the most beautiful on this Earth!

Anthony P., is Greenwood confirmed (signed)?


Look, I’m just gonna say this…I’m a bit underwhelmed so far…but that may not be a bad thing either!

Cool, they’ve cast Khan’s first wife — Persius Noonian Singh!

Nazneen Contractor?

Gawd, I’d like to butter her muffin!

She would make a great Lt. Ilia!

Maybe Cumberbatch is playing the new universe Will Decker who went insane after his Dad flew into The Doomsday Machine, blames Kirk for his fathers death and wants his revenge.

Okay, Mr. (played by Cumbatch) and Mrs. (Contractor) Khan.

Khan is unfrozen early in this timeline but nevertheless, the timeline, in attempting to “heal itself,” incurs the wrath of Khan 2.0.

Remember: You read it here first. (Unless, of course, you read it somewhere else before.)

So we have a Cumberbatch, a Contractor and a Weller as part of the cast for this film. Is this Star Trek or “This Old House?”

Either way, I’m thinking we have some stronger casting this go around as far as guest spots go than last time (not that I had any problem with the cast the last time.) I’m excited!

@ 26

Lol. Their soo many pitfalls in what bob orci described as the time line “readjusting” itself. Its soo counter-intuitive. A revenge story with Khan would never happen. First, its been done before, so why spend 150 Million on something thats already been done and WELL. So its not a revenge story. But The timeline has to heal itself, right ? So Revenge it must be ? Wtv…

Nazneen had a major role in the last season of “24”, playing the daughter of Anil Kapoor’s character. Both of them were pivotal to the story.

Bob Orci – Good choice. Also nice to see a fellow Indian selected for the Star Trek sequel, so thank you for that.


Nazneen Contractor is Canadian.

Grrr… My most recent comment was meant for General Martok.

I hope they will bring in more Canadians actors and actresses! :)

So, JJ’s going for the Canadian dollar for this movie. Jeez, can you even spend those things? I mean, with that picture of a guy in drag on them…

*just waiting for Harry’s comment…

She’s playing the Tribble queen!!!!! LOL!!!

@ 33 CmdrR

Actually the Canadian dollar is doing pretty well if you look at the values…. One of the strongest economies in the world that wasn’t affected by corruption and greed ;) , Thanks to our past Liberal governments.

@33 the Canadian dollar bill is actually out of circulation.
I’ll bet you a loonie- make it a toonie you didnt know that! (wink)
(Lets fish out the Canucks on this board)

As long as she’s not serving on a ship that has Chekov on board, she should be fine. That jerk steals all the women’s jobs.

I’m not a frequent poster but read this website and the comments quite often. It seems to me that they have casted Kahn’s parents here. The “CEO” could be the role of the genetic engineering company responsible for Kahn and other DNA engineered humans.

I’m sure Mr. Bob Orci would not confirm, but it makes sense to go along with the story telling of the previous film. These writers are excellent in character development and delving into story lines by showing the back story. One thing we never saw or heard about were Kahn’s family.

This is a total theory based merely on the casting. If true, it definitely takes a totally different spin and makes us possibly care more about Kahn and how he came from a caring family and something went wrong.

Thanks for this website and thank you Mr. Orci for spending time with fans here. Even though all do no comment, a lot like me enjoy your wit and banter with everyone!

Ilia? :P

I think she play’s
Madalyn Khan…Khans mommy.

HAHAHA!!! Oh you humorless little basement dwellers…you know it’s funny. All my posts are! :-)

I would LOVE to know FOR SURE that Bruce Greenwood will return as Pike in the sequel. Just knowing that a part was written for him was the BEST sequel news I’ve read. I hope now to read that he is indeed there!

I’m another Canadian here. Guess I’m not alone.

Seriously, I’ll bet if they have Khan in this, they won’t even have the Botany Bay in this film. Khan will probably be the product of some “evil” corporation…ugh. Lame.

Please let phasers fire constant beams not bullets this time.

Thank you

I think its uhuras parents Noel Clarke & Nazneen Contractor wife and family man, the daughter has not been cast so i think its uhura.
she’s from africa and they both look the part.

Well, it’s obvious no one actually read this article.

@44 Aren’t they a bit young to be Uhura’s parents?

#43 but this is the alternate universe now, Vulcan’s gone, phasers blast, M class planets are unsafe…

The cast isn’t looking too strong in this film, but assuming they’ve fixed the dialogue problems from XI it could work.
I’m a little worried without a tether to the Prime timeline it’ll end up as bad as Transformers or worse Cowboys and Aliens.
Fortunately JJ’s a good director and Trek is kept far away from being tainted by Spielberg.

I wish they’d hurry up and make the god damn thing so I can actually form an opinion.

Kodos the Executioner idea is boffo! Fresh story but the geeks dig the tie in.

Will she and hubby have pointy ears?

I’m happy to see more people of colour with speaking roles popping up on this cast list. Can we get an Asian woman next? Some people need somebody to dress up as at the next convention. :)

Eagerly awaiting official word on Bruce Greenwood. I’m also interested to see whether or not we’ll have a Nurse Chapel.