Join Live Video Chat With Tim Russ At 6PM (Pacific)

Today Star Trek: Voyager’s Tuvok Tim Russ is participating in a live video call in show, following an online screening of his independent Trek film Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. The Q&A starts at 6 PM Pacific (9 PM Eastern). You can watch the video of the show below.


Join live Q&A with Star Trek Voyager’s Tim Russ

Tim Russ is joining the the GoHarrison show today to talk with fans via video chat and phone-ins. The show starts at 6PM Pacific. You can join in at or watch via the stream below. Preceeding the show you can watch a stream of Russ’s film Star Trek: Of Gods and Men.

You can also watch streams of Star Trek: Of Gods and Men at .


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During the LSU and Bama game???

good point


Great Vulcan, terribly informed about politics.

Let the flame war begin. . .

Great to hear from Tim!


Good to see Tim. He made a great Vulcan.



Yup. Awesome Vulcan in Voyager. I have all the Voyager DVDs and Tuvok often my favorite character.

So, when is Voyager coming out on Blu-ray?


@6 – Phobos

Yes–he is my favorite character as well. Tuvok, the two Spock’s, and the two Sareks are the only ones who got the Vulcan demeanor right in my opinion. The rest throughout each series was just totally unbelievable for me. Love Tim, Leonard, Zachary, Mark, and Ben for their great performances.

Voyager on Blu-ray? Let’s hope it will be soon.


You bring up a good point! I never really latched on to T’Pol and it wasnt because she was basically 7of9 in vulcan makeup. I just never latched on to her as a vulcan. other actors besides, tim, leonard, zachary, mark and ben played vulcans as if they were cold and well snotty. those arent traits that make vulcans vulcan.

Tim’s a great guy. He jammed with my band , The Muddflaps at my dad’s last convention


Star Trek: Titan Tv Series !!!


and hes sheduled for two conventions in the UK this year, cant wait to meet him again (with Jeri Ryan this time!!!)


Tim Russ was the first actor since Nimoy to actually play a great Vulcan. He totally nailed it.