Alice Eve Talks Cumberbatch & Working On Star Trek + Clips From Past Cumberbatch/Eve Films

One of the small world connections to the upcoming Star Trek sequel is that newly cast guest actors Alice Eve and Benedict Cumberbatch have worked together before (twice). And in a new interview Eve talks about the casting of Cumberbatch and what it means to her to be part of Star Trek. Details below. We also have clips of Eve and Cumberbatch’s previous work together


Alice Eve talks Cumberbatch and working on Trek

JJ Abrams has a knack for casting actors right on the cusp of when they are making their big breaks. British actress Alice Eve has been named by MTV as one of their Ones to Watch in 2012 and they talked to her about Star Trek and her past co-star Benedict Cumberbatch. saying:

"I’m very excited to work with him again. He’s so very funny, Ben. I don’t know if you remember his character in ‘Starter for 10,’ but he was so funny. Like King of the Geeks, but he did it so well, and I found a lot of that hard to get through because he was so funny. I like him very much."

She also noted about the pre-movie buzz and getting to work with the new cast saying:

"There’s a lot of energy, and it’s a nice thing to be a part of that group. That’s the thing that excites me most about it. Obviously, there is a huge legacy there with ‘Star Trek’ and the fanatics, so hopefully they’ll be satisfied."

Eve wouldn’t give any details on her role, but did talk about being cast in the Star Trek sequel, saying:

"I feel incredibly lucky. I would say it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It’s not once-in-a-lifetime, but it is rare. It’s one of life’s great pleasures to enjoy the group you work with, because we all know what it’s like when you don’t."

Videos: Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve together

As noted, Alice eve has worked with Benedict Cumberbatch on two projects. Here are clips of the two together.

Firstly here is Benedict as a young Steven Hawking, picking up a girl (Alice Eve) at a bar from the 2004 movie Hawking.

And here the two are again in the 2006 comedy Starter for 10.


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I think they will do great! :)

Ditto. I think her “new to canon” role will be a researcher on Emterprise. A hot archaeologist exploring alien ruins. But what do I know?

I’m still hoping for Klingons…

And good science.

Dee - lvs moon' surface

Oh they are great… I can’t wait to see what will happen in the movie… :-) :-)

its KHAN

These clips are great. I’ve seen Alice Eve do an American accent in “She’s Out of My League.” Also saw her do an Australian accent. Benedict Cumberbatch has a small role in “War Horse.” I love the way both pronounce their words. Crisp and clear. In the trailer below for “War Horse” , Cumberbatch delivers a rousing speech before they charge the Germans. He, that’s James McAvoy (Dr. Charles Xavier in X Men: First Class.)

‘It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’ ‘It’s not a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,but it is rare’. Ok,so which is it,a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity or rare? For me it would be a rare once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!! :)

This is what this site needed, glad to see it going again. Even though its dumb and lazy that they put the movie off till 2013, its great to have some news on it to read up on.

True Fanatics are never satisfied!

Obviously the next movie will be effects laden because the budget is not wasted on the expensive american actors, typical american movie must have a british actor as bad guy cache, also british actors are cheap.

Expecting as much nonsense in this movie as 1st

Alice Eve is quite a lovely young woman, I’d say. Quite pleasant to look at, of course…and an even more pleasant voice: it has a great quality of innocence to it–most easy on the ears, indeed!

Looking forward more and more to the film….

I hope she keeps her normal accent for the film!


Well, McAvoy must be really envious: he’s a huge trekkie and wanted Scotty role…

Dang, I wish we could edit our comments. What I wrote didn’t make sense.

Anyway, if shooting starts Thursday, when are we going to find out details on character names, etc?

I see he tried a different approach than Soran…

“They say time is the fire in which we burn” (look of horror on Alice Eve).

@5. No, it’s Khnot…..

I really enjoyed Starter for 10. Terrific little film.

Am I crazy or should we be worried they were unable to get any Big Name actors for the sequel?
Smells like Star Trek Insurrecton…

Wasn’t she on Lost duing one season?

Supposedly Cumberbatch’s first port of call was at Industrial Light and Magic when he flew in from the UK on Monday.

Forgot to say McAvoy is Cumberbatch’s best friend. They do a lot together including climbing mountains together. Nice article by McAvoy about one climb they both did in Wales.

Fanatics? I thought we were fans—suddenly i feel too geeky sigh..guess we should start doing fanatic things..whatever they are ..

fanatics!? I’m a fan.

Well I mean really!! Fanatics! This girl is sooo green to Trek it ain’t funny!! Fanatics,I feel insulted!

He would have made an awesome Captain.

She better stay away from us fanatics, or we may fanatically do something to her.


I always thought “fan” came from “fanatic”.

So, her resorting to that term did not offend ME.

Leave her alone!!!


I have no problem with the word “fanatics.” The media paints us in such a negative light how can any non-Trek fan think otherwise? I don’t blame her. Not only that, but she’s hot. So she gets a pass.

18: Why should it matter if there is a big name in it or not? I don’t think Avatar had any big names and that did OK. And look at the New Year’s Eve movie: tons of big names and it badly bombed.

I would rather not have big names to have more money in the budget for things like a proper engineering set, for example.

Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire

I have a feeling Bob Orci is lurking around here. Well how about it Bob.

Anyone else think they should give James McAvoy a cameo as a character called “Picard”? ;-)

“Anyone else think they should give James McAvoy a cameo as a character called “Picard”? ;-)”

No TNG in my TOS, please.


“No TNG in my TOS, please.”


You, madam, are a FANATIC!!!!!!!!

Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes is an interesting take, although my favorite part of that series is Martin Freeman’s (The Office [UK], The Hobbit, etc,) Dr. Watson a bit better.

Cunberbatch does a great job with the material, but I think the writers need to scale back on the “manic-ness” a little.

#28,Aurore,I was just jokin’ around.

Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire

Ok. At the end of Star Trek 12. We see Riker and Troi appear and say. Computer. End Simulation. Oops. Did I give that away. Lol.

Alice Eve has a very Carol Marcus look about her…

#10 Good, that means it will be great.

Unbelieveable how some people just refuse to open their minds and enjoy good entertainment.

I like the fresh faces that JJ brings to his projects. They almost always turn out to be extrememly gifted actors. Most of the main cast was relative unknowns before 2009 Trek. Chris Pine had done some smaller co-star work before, and now he is one of the biggest sought after names in Hollywood.

So, I’m confident that this group of co-stars brought in for this film will be well received by audiences and critics alike. And most likely will go on to become the big names that some of us were wanting in this film.

As for “big names”, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a cameo or two. That just seems to be the thing with Star Trek anyway.

24 – If you go to a Trek Movie, you are a fan. If you go to TREKMOVIE, you are fanatic. deal with it :)

#14 I wouldn’t expect it anytime soon. JJ will continue keeping things under wrap. I’m sure he believes that revealing the villain – either by name or race – will give away an important aspect of what the film will be about. He likes to surprise.

Having said that, he did the same thing with 2009. But there was a point when people found out the bad guys were going to be Romulans. I’ve asked before, but haven’t seen an answer: Does anyone remember when that point was? Was it late in production? Post production?

@41: Jay: Didn’t Abrams make an early announcement that Nimoy would appear in the 09 film? I think he did that at the 07 comicon, right? If so, then that was an important plot point, I would think, released really early: that there would be time travel.

I get the whole “mystery box” thing, but sometimes I think he goes too far. I think a clue would be fun.

Speculation time: Since they haven’t released character names yet, I think it some of them might be a TOS character. If they were not, I would think that at least one of the powers that be would simply state that they are all new and original characters. That wouldn’t give any important information away, so why not just say that? The fact that they didn’t, though, leads me to believe that at least one is from TOS, maybe even Cumberbatch.

Almost no big name actors have appeared, other than in passing, in any Star Trek movie. So what?

Yeah. Trek was never about big name actors. And this time, the cast should be allowed to shine on its own.
Just get the movie GOING already! (And lose the barcode scanners.)

19 MJ: You’re probably thinking of Alice Evans, who played 70s-era Eloise Hawking on season 5 of LOST.

I have a bad feeling now that the ‘dummy title’ of the first movie, “Corporate Headquarters” has been taken as the germ of an idea that we will be seeing in Star Trek 2013. Peter Weller as a CEO… Cumberbatch and Alice Eve (*what a Star Trek appropriate name if ever! Think android twins –Alice and Mudd Woman Eve….) as some Federation-wide corporate conspiracy since both seem to be new characters. What in the world….

Royal Canadian Institute for the Mentally Insane

Gary Seven and Miss Roberta Lincoln!

I saw a vid of Nimoy from just last week. Check out his bangs. Can you say Spock?

“I was just jokin’ around.”

…Olivia, I suspected as much.
But, I was not going to let that little fact stop me!


Dee - lvs moon' surface

Oh, calm down with the girl, guys… she certainly will learn all the rules not to offend the “fanatics” by Star Trek… I hope that Simon Pegg can explain everything to her… You know, about trekkies and trekkers and everything… LOL

:-) :-)

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