Watch: Stephen Colbert’s Warning Of Warp-Capable Iran

Last night brought another fun mix of national and international politics and Star Trek. When The Colbert Report analyzed the previous weekend’s GOP presidential debates, Stephen Colbert found a new danger for us all to worry about: a warp-capable Iran. Watch the clip below.


Colbert Warns of Warp Capable Iranians

Last night Stephen Colbert, who has made many Trek references in the past, once again went to the final frontier with a jab at Gov. Rick Perry’s comment about the Iranians moving "literally at light speed". Colbert saw the real threat of a warp-capable Iran. Watch the clip (via Comedy Central).

For those that cant see the video, here at least is a screencap of the Star Trek illustration, warning of Iranian President "Mahmoud Ahmakirkejad" achieving warp speed and capturing 72 space virgins.

A warp capable Iran is a threat to the galaxy!

Thanks to Bernie for the tip.

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Stephen, Stephen! I’ve come to appreciate him more than John Stewart, who’s a bit too full of himself lately. Staying in ‘character’ like Colbert without an ensemble cast is much more difficult too.

Colbert is brilliant.

Mahmoud Ahmakirkejad. Of course! I couldn’t decide who was more of a tin-plated, overbearing, swaggering dictator with delusions of godhood: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or James T. Kirk.
Actually I think the honor goes to William Shatner.

This guy is just to funny. LMFAO

Love Star Trek.

Love Colbert.


P.S. BobOrci…put Colbert in the new movie, we need a crass “space pundit” to judge the doing’s of Peter Weller’s “CEO”

(just kidding. sort of.)

Colbert should play the president of the federation! Colbert ‘2337!!!

I loved watching Colbert talking with Elijah Wood about “Happy Feet II” before he got his geek on after about 90 seconds about Frodo’s appearance in “The Hobbit.”

Colbert is a total geek, and Trek is often on his radar, thank goodness.

I get a kick out of Ahmadinejad. : ) He’s alright in my book. He looks pretty good in Kirk’s uniform, too! But, sadly, the beard has to go. They are only allowed in the parallel universe Star Fleet. : (

Ewwwww. Seeing that rat Aquavelvetjhad in a starfleet uniform makes my stomach turn.

A reminder that this site is not the site for partisan attacks.

If she was in the same room with James T. Kirk, she’s no virgin. Ahmakirkejad will have to warp to somewhere else.

Ummm… Anthony.

[i]Not for partisan attacks? Have you read some of the posts? [/i] Admittedly most of the ‘intense discussions’ regard fictitious characters involved in some sort of trek across the stars… ;)

At least we can admit that any comedic reference to the President of Iran can be a humanizing thing ;)

12 – You must be kidding… or are you literally (get it) that silly ;)

Well, I may disagree with some of the things J.J. Abrams does in his films but we agree on one thing. We love Stephen Colbert. Check out the TrekMovie story with interviews by Colbert with Abrams. Love that Romulan get up. I’m guesing that Colbert is Abrams’ favorite satirist. Plus check out the interview with physicist Brian Greene where Colbert channels “Mirror, Mirror” in their discussion of parallel universes.

1. Colbert interviews J.J. Abrams

2. Colbert’s interview with Brian Greene


That’s probably because Ahmadinejad IS from the parallel universe. He certainly acts it, the sleaze.

The guy’s as bad as an Illinois Nazi.

Cant watch this in Canada.

I am seriously sick of this American only BS!

Or your “only in the 48 states” BS.

I like Stephen.

@ 16

What is going on in Canada? I can’t leave videos for our Harry Ballz from NBC. Are they mad about the McKenzie Brothers. :-)

#15. I hate Illinois Nazis :)

Funny, but I’m offended to see Ahmakirkejad as Kirk. And in the cool wrap around tunic too.

And 19, ah, you beat me to it.

Hey Vultan. We here in the Empire do not claim Imbenanutjob. in fact. We are looking for him. We have a new and Improved Agony booth that we need him to step into. I myself will work the controls.

well there was that report on that had an Iranian claiming they used their flying saucers with antigrav technology and force fields to bring down the CIA drone and place it gently on the Iranian desert floor….

Yesssss, Colbert, WORK!
Thanks for unmasking Iran’s true intentions! LOVING the Iran Trek reference..

“(Iran) moving into Iraq at iterally the speed of light”.

The Iranian warp propulsion theorist Zefreem Q’achran must be hard at work…


Forgive me, Commodore! I sometimes forget this site has a portal into the parallel universe. No offense intended.

But if you find Aquavelvajihad, crank the agony booth to maximum. You’ll be doing both universes a favor.

#6, that’s a great idea, Colbert would make the perfect Federation President. In the Prime universe we have Red Forman as Federation President but in the Alternate universe we have Colbert. He can even have a goatee.

@21. New and improved version….set it and forget it?

Colbert is awesome!! :)

Colbert must be writing his next book “I am the Federation, and you can, too. “

god I love Colbert…and for #16… CBC and CTV, and the BBC, and a lot of other foreign outlets block their content from being seen here in the USA… your only gripe is that 95% of the funny online content is made here in the USA and you don’t get to have it… in fact about 50% of that 95% of good content is from Canadians we have imported to the USA to work for us… HA!

That was awesome! I’m not a huge Colbert fan, but that was well worth my time.

And now for a political response:

SISKO/WARF 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#21 – Commodore Mike

So I take it that you have also upgraded the agonizer as well which means that you have left Bob Orci with an archaic agonizer, a dud, which you probably wouldn’t want back anyway, now that you have upgraded. I’m not sure how Bob Orci feels about this situation. It is possible that he may be looking for an agonizer upgrade of his own, just for use on you, given what you left him with.

Interesting times indeed…:)

Silly Iran, everyone knows that Orion women aren’t virgins

If there is any justice in this universe, certain ‘believers’ will actually end up with ONE ‘virgin’ that’s 72 YEARS OLD!

OMG that was a riot. Thanks for sharing!

Just nuke Iran! ;)

Hey. Keachick – rose pinenut. What I left BoB Orci is a special one. If he get’s BND Del Trame’s name in the movie. I will give him a special code on how to use it. If not. It will be used on him. Lol.

So let me get this straight–post a story about a (crazy tyrannical) political figure, even in satire, and warn the readers of this site not to engage in political discussion. Ok, I think I got it.


#38 — Yep, that’s the Pascale way. From now on, I’ll refer to one sided partisan attacks without permitted rebuttal as “Pascaling”…

What partisan attack needs rebutting? It’s satire on Akhmaomygod.

I am deeply worried about Iran’s secretive dilithium crystal enrichment activities…


Who’s the “Illinois Nazi” you speak of?




And just in case you (or any other reader) isn’t familiar with the reference:

#37 Commodore – I getcha. Excellent thinking. Are you getting this, Bob?

Always gotta an enemy, a villain, bad guys/country. From Afghanistan and Iraq and now to Iran…Perhaps Iran sees the West, the US in particular, as the bad guys. Just remember who got the nukes (weapons of mass destruction) first…lest you forget.


Good point… except it’s not just the US that keeps having problems with them… lest you forget.

I love his sense of humor!! Freeking great

You yanks are going a bit over board with Ahmadinejhad. Is it because he is president of a Muslim country your government has taught you to fear?

How is mocking fearing?