Watch: Stephen Colbert’s Warning Of Warp-Capable Iran

Last night brought another fun mix of national and international politics and Star Trek. When The Colbert Report analyzed the previous weekend’s GOP presidential debates, Stephen Colbert found a new danger for us all to worry about: a warp-capable Iran. Watch the clip below.


Colbert Warns of Warp Capable Iranians

Last night Stephen Colbert, who has made many Trek references in the past, once again went to the final frontier with a jab at Gov. Rick Perry’s comment about the Iranians moving "literally at light speed". Colbert saw the real threat of a warp-capable Iran. Watch the clip (via Comedy Central).

For those that cant see the video, here at least is a screencap of the Star Trek illustration, warning of Iranian President "Mahmoud Ahmakirkejad" achieving warp speed and capturing 72 space virgins.

A warp capable Iran is a threat to the galaxy!

Thanks to Bernie for the tip.

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