New USS Enterprise Plush and Star Trek Door Chime Coming To ThinkGeek

Recently TrekMovie awarded the clever folks at ThinkGeek some accolades in our selections of the Best 2011 Star Trek Merchandise, and it looks like the hits will keep on coming in 2012 with the announcement of two new Star Trek products. ThinkGeek are now offering a USS Enterprise plush and a cool original series style door chime. Check them out below.


New cool Trek stuff coming from ThinkGeek

ThinkGeek and CBS Consumer Products have announced the release of two exclusive, officially licensed Star Trek products: The Star Trek Plush Enterprise and the Star Trek Door Chime. In a statement, head of ThinkGeek’s GeekLabs Ty Liotta says "It’s a true honor for us to add to the line of great Star Trek products we’ve already created. We know fans will appreciate and adore these products as much as we do."

Here are the details

Star Trek Plush Enterprise

The U.S.S. Enterprise ™ NCC-1701 turns cuddly in this ThinkGeek version. Sure to make Captain Kirk proud, the Plush Enterprise features detailed embroidery and realistic photon torpedo sounds. This is the perfect plush to snuggle with during Star Trek marathons or to take to the next convention for comfort. Available soon for $24.99.

Star Trek Door Chime

On the original U.S.S. Enterprise, wall and desk communication panels were used to communicate inside the ship. Now, you can have your very own panel in the form of the Star Trek Door Chime. The door chime lights up and makes signature Star Trek sounds, including a motion-sensitive door whoosh, red alert klaxon and the boatswain whistle. Available soon for $29.99.


Visit ThinkGeek for more cool Star Trek products.

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I will take the door chime!

The door chime is pretty cool, would have had one of those back when I was a younger child…The T-Shirt Simon Pegg posted on Twitter yesterday is pretty cool too

I’d love a TNG era door chime, would be easy enough to manufacture I think.

That door chime is great.

Kinda scary, actually. They should make ones that actually communicate with one another.

When will they actually market one of those “GNDN” conduits filled with cables and transtators? I could use one in my den.

I know what the kid will get very soon :-)

He already take some of our plastic ships and run around the house “flying” them while making the sound “ssshhhhhhhssss” and he’s only 2…


Door chime is sweet… now if only I could make my doors slide open when I approach without tearing out the walls.

Ah. A virginity defense screen that looks like a door chime. And for only $29.99.

LOL CmdrR!

The door chime is from the old series in the original universe with all those old characters and old stories. For the life of me I can’t see why anyone would want to buy anything from that oldness.

As a dad to be, these will both be fun to have!

@10 I’m a fan of STTNG, but my daughter is a huge fan of TOS. I’m sure she would LOVE one of these door chimes.

The late, great Star Trek Experience in las Vegas sold a similiar plush Enterprise w/o the lights & sound. There was also a plush Klingon BoP for sale brfore they tore down the Happiest Place on Earth. Sadly, I had to sell mine on E-bay, but both sold for multiple times the original purchase price.;-]

Finally, an Enterprise that my daughter’s Kirk and Spock puffles can beam onto. Love the chime as well. Price of the two items, shipping and handling and US/NZ exchange rates make ordering these collectibles a rather costly business for me unfortunately.

I bought three of those Star Trek door chimes Monday! The article says “AVAILABLE SOON”?????

10 John from C

“For the life of me I can’t see why anyone would want to buy anything from that oldness.”

Yah and Paris is full of old buildings, yech what an ugly city!

I am looking at the twitter quotes here, one from Damon Lindelof and the other from Simon Pegg. I wonder what dilithium smells like in the morning. Does it smell a little different at night? Just wondering…:)
As for Simon Pegg’s twitter statement…:( Hardly surprising though.

Now, JJ Abrams, let’s be having us some hard working, well behaved and HAPPY children. You know you can make it happen!

Mongo say that John from the C make joke.

Mongo try wrap head around concept of Enterprise be stuffed animal.

@16: Don’t you know, we’re only allowed to like one thing at a time at all times? If you like a new thing you’re obligated to stop liking an old thing — I have a contract here that says so.

19 CarlG

True. And I’m sure this contract of yours expires at the end of your teens right? :)

I am gonna get me several of the door chimes

MONGO! Always a pleasure to hear from you. You don’t post enough!

I ordered the door chime, what a great idea! I hope they make more stuff like that from TNG era and even ENT.

I missed out on getting the plush from STTE, but now I have a second chance. Although my wife may not understand why a grown man wants such an item… oh well.

I’ll take the door chime, but the plush’s are gay.

must. have. door. chime!

actually, the plush Enterprise would be good too, I have a 10-month old and that would be a great toy for him. Start ’em early, ya know.

Nice plush real Enterprise :-) Cool and the door chime, too…

I wonder what would happen if the red alert klaxon accidently went off sometimes bugging the neighbors? :)

Looks great. Wish they would make a door chime with the Empire logo.

Mongo say Hi Silvereyes! Mongo not post much because scare people at library.

Mongo think bat’leth make good plush toy.

I wonder if they would do a TNG version of the door chime?

4. AJ – January 12, 2012
That door chime is great.

Kinda scary, actually. They should make ones that actually communicate with one another.

When will they actually market one of those “GNDN” conduits filled with cables and transtators? I could use one in my den.
AJ, while I got the TOS set-decoration joke, there’s another side to that last question: I have come to think, from continuing observations around my region of the USA, that many home-building companies may already have so-called “GNDN” (“Goes Nowhere; Does Nothing”) type of work going on: too many shoddy apartment buildings have cropped up in recent years in many places, unfortunately, giving a bad name to the home-builders who actually continue to strive for excellence in home construction, be it individual houses or apartment buildings, condos and the like.

I should have clarified that last statement: TOS set decorations (“GNDN” conduits, etc.) were BRILLIANTLY DONE (who knew what GNDN stood for until the books on “The Making Of…” hit book stores?); I only meant to say that the last thing we need in REAL home construction is an actual pipe that really does GNDN. No, if you’ll pardon the ‘Trek pun, instead — we need pipes that go where no pipes have gone before!

15. John Gill

It says AVAILABLE SOON because it is currently out of stock.

I guess I got mine just in time!!!!

Contraceptive door chime.

Door chime rocks.

I want a Plush Vulcan Teddy Bear.

Ok. I want a plush Targ. Or a Sela.

That door chime looks lie fun.

39 correction: like*

The door chime sounds cool and from what I hear it is sold out already.

I so NEED that door chime… ;-D

Plush Enterprise? Nope. Wish someone would make a nice collection of Trek ship figures (already put together of course), that the kiddies could play with and the adults among us could display in a curio (when not playing with them). Would a decent price be too much to ask for as well?


I’m confused… a plush SELAT (Vulcan teddy bear) or a plush SELA (Romulan daughter of Tasha Yar)?

door chime = EXCELLENT!

There is a microchip in my brain, that feeds my ideas to development firms; I literally thought of making a functioning replica of the wall mounted com panels from TOSD last night while watching “The Ultimate Computer.”

I never thought of it as a door chime, more like a babay monitor/intercom, but this works!

I will buy that chime, the moment I see it!


We need more of that type of merch!!




Give me door chime

I love the cool stuff that is and will be made leading up to the new movie. I love buying this stuff