Star Trek Sequel Begins Shooting + Exclusive Production Details [UPDATE: Engineering Gets An Upgrade]

It’s the big day! TrekMovie has confirmed that production on JJ Abrams Star Trek sequel began to today. We have also learned some things about the production, including a surprise on where much of the film will be shot. See details below. [UPDATE: Production day one comments from Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof]
(possible minor spoilers).


Star Trek sequel begins production

It has been quite a wait, but today director JJ Abrams has once again called "action!" on a Star Trek movie. Abrams’ last Star Trek film wrapped in March 2008. Like that shoot, the sequel is expected to last for four months, or until May of this year. This new Star Trek film is due in theaters May 17, 2013, giving the team plenty of time for post-production. And as TrekMovie reported previously, some of the effects work for the film has already started at ILM, notably space shots that don’t need any live-action elements.   

One change for this production is that shooting will be done on stages at Sony Studios in Culver City in addition to Paramount in Hollywood. While this is the first time a Star Trek production has used non-Paramount stages, these days it is not an uncommon practice for studios to use each other’s lots. One factor for using Sony Studios could be due to space on the Paramount lot. For example, Paramount Stages 8 & 9, which have been used for many Trek productions (including the Enterprise sets for Star Trek 2009), are now being used for the permanent sets for NCIS: Los Angeles. This is also not Sony’s first connection to the new Trek team, as Michael Giacchino recorded the score for the 2009 Star Trek film at Sony.

2013 Star Trek sequel production underway – to utilize stages at both Sony and Paramount

Sources tell TrekMovie that the new Star Trek film has called for more sets than the previous movie. These sets will include sections of the USS Enterprise, not seen in the 2009’s Star Trek. Also following up on our November pre-production report, it appears that Hawaii will not be used for location shooting of "alien jungle" scenes. While JJ Abrams did travel to the state for scouting, a location in southern California was chosen instead.

Stay tuned to for all the latest on the Star Trek sequel.

Director JJ Abrams shooting the 2009 "Star Trek" movie

UPDATE: Lindelof marks the occasion with a Tweet

Star Trek sequel co-writer/producer Damon Lindelof marked today’s production start with a special Trek tweet…

UPDATE 2: Orci hints at engineering upgrade

One of the more talked about elements of the 2009 Star Trek movie was the look of the engineering section of the ship, which were shot at a Budweiser plant. Today Star Trek sequel co-writer/producer Roberto Orci jumped into the comment (below), confirming the start of shooting and offering this tantalizing tidbit.


I’ll tell you this. There are some cool improvements to engine room!

Budgineering getting an update?

POLL: What do you want in the Star Trek sequel?



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Yes! My son and I were just talking about the 15th… this is good news!!

Daughter too… We are so stoked!!

And so it begins…

I’m excited!

Let’s rock and roll!! Can’t wait to see how this turns out! Count me excited! First!

Thank you Anthony!!

Not true — we haven’t started shooting yet.

Oh wait. Yes we have;)

Please let the part of the Enterprise not before seen be the properly finished engineering room… we can all just pretend that since the Enterprise was rushed out of space dock on the emergency mission toVulcan that the finishing work crews had not completed installing panels, ceilings, and flooring in engineering… i’m willing to mentally accept that…

Great! I can’t wait for this film, I loved the last one and I’m so excited about this one.

Sony! Can we expect a Spiderman cameo then? ;)

Great! I can’t wait for this film, I loved the last one and I’m so excited about this one.

Bob Orci. Please let us know if you are going to use Del Trame. Aka BND British Naval Dude in the new film. You don’t have to give us any details. Just a simple Yes or No. Please.

I think boborci is excited, too.

Hopefuly there will be a new Engine Room Set. The Last one Scotty Drank all of the Beer. Lol.

Bob, can’t wait for the sequel but also learned about the new NCIS LA and Hawaii 5-0 crossover event in May. I wonder how Hetty will deal with McGarett and Danny. :)

Ahead warp factor seven!

Bob Orci. I will bother you at every turn till you give us an answer on our Deceased Trekmovie Friend BND. Del Trame. I Promise.

Now. I sure hope that we get some new things.
1. A New Engine Room that looks liike it is from the 23rd century.
2. A Great Flyby of the Enterprise like we got in TMP.
3. The Best Trek Movie of all TIME!!!!.
So. Bob. What do you think.

Anthony. Bob Scaring you again. Lol. Ok now Bob. Play nice.

That ‘Jungle’ location will probably fine in Southern Cally… until the local retards from Burn-It-All-Down, local 123 actually cause yet another wild fire… :/

So can’t wait for the Hawaii Five O and N.C.I.S Crossover. That will be fun.

Commodore its actually NCIS LA.

I would love to see a crossover of N.C.I.S and L.A and C.S.I New York in a big Season ending cliffhanger for all shows.

Ok Bob tell us about……Cumberbatch

No big revelations, just something like what role is he playing?

In these days of economic doldrums and dreary political in-fighting, let us all unite behind the United Federation of Planets.

Star Trek is the best entertainment franchise to have sprung from the mind of mankind, for so many reasons.

The main reason, however, is that it is so pervasive, and so philosophically endearing.

Star Trek is meaningful. And so damn fun!

Can’t wait until the next movie. :-)

Yes Craiger. i just caught that i did not put in L.A
(Applies the Agoniser).

15. Ain’t I a stinker?

@8 depends… depends mostly on if yu can actually place removeable plates (office style cubical buildings?) in the beer plant without affecting the ability of the plant to work still…

Note to ILM: Put lots of starship battles in the SFX scenes. Lots of starships. Lots of battles.

Make us so excited, we literally poop our pants. (Okay, not literally. That would be gross.)

We need the young ‘uns in the theaters.

Speaking of which, whatever happened to our resident Young Trek Reporter, who gave us such great articles a year or so ago?

Lol great news, and good luck to the production team!

Good deal, Its set in motion now!

Do we know the name yet?

Yes. Lot’s of action with the Federation and the Klingon Fleets.


My heart sank when i saw your first post then i started laughing when i saw your second. :)

It is going to be called.
Star Trek. CaliGornification. Oops.

Hey Bob…you will have a cameo in the movie? mabye andorian,vulcan or Klingon ;)


Good one, Bob. It must take all kinds of restraint to sound so ho-hum:)

I actually liked engineering (despite being from the nation’s binge-drinking capitol, I didn’t make the brewery connection on my own), but I’d say tweak the bridge: be gone the hard, blood-red floor and metal base trip chairs – where are the 5-point restraints? This bridge doesn’t look designed with respect to protecting precious grey matter and white matter against turbulence from red matter, ion storms, Klingons, etc. Is there no OSHA in the future?!

Maybe sorry je

Exclusive first footage already shot for the sequel.

The bad dreams involving hotel bars, outlines, planking and soft prep, etc. are fading away. This is happening!!!

@ 27 boborci:

That’s okay Bob we forgive you, we’re not going to go se the movie anyway. We’re going to all wait for the blu ray.

[Tell me when he leaves so we can start laughing!!!]

20. Pensive’s Wetness – January 12, 2012:

“That ‘Jungle’ location will probably fine in Southern Cally… until the local retards from Burn-It-All-Down, local 123 actually cause yet another wild fire… :/”

Cry PC if you must, but someone should tell you that you use a term as offensive as the ‘N’ word.

OMG! … boborci is so funny these days!!!!!

:-) :-)

What the hell boborci ! Tell us something or give us SOMETHING ! Who’s the villain ?!?!

Movie? Heck, I’m waiting for the ARG! :)

Was the bridge set moved to Sony studios?? That’d be a huge effort in and of itself

And… I want… More character moments… More action… More romance… More effects… More aliens… OK I want………. :-) :-)

Mr. Bob Orci can I ask one more thing ?…. Please say to Mr. JJAbram that we need to see one photo of the cast … only one … but if he want to give us more than one we accept, too …. PLEASE!!!…. ;-)


Will you be updating the website to focus more on the new film Trek 2013 instead of the backround of the 2009 movie?

Please ignore everyone bitching about the Engine Room. It shouldn’t matter if the entire production is a puppet show using cardboard sets.

What’s important is that the script passes the “wife” test, has no giant holes and/or coincidences, and that the Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Scotty remain true to their beloved characters. The other characters are essentially extras.

(and try to keep Uhura’s part be restricted to “Hailing Frequencies open, Sir” and/or “I’m scared, Captain”.)

@27 boborci: Not a stinker, just a wascally wabbit.

So is he is or is he ain’t [Khaaaaaaaaan] ?

Καλή αρχή να έχετε, und Hals- und Beinbruch, ;-) !!
[ = Have a good start, and break a leg]

To everyone involved, my best wishes for a resounding success…

“JJ Abrams” … if I did not write his name right he will not give anything …LOL

:-) ;-)

I bet Bob is working hard getting the Script tightened up a bit.