The Collective: New Star Trek Snow Globes + New Look At TNG Cloth Figures

Following the news of the new ThinkGeek items, this week  is turning out to be a good week for Star Trek collectors. We now have news of a new line of Star Trek snow globes coming from Willabee & Ward. Also Diamond Select Toys has sent us details and a new image of the first retro cloth Star Trek The Next Generation figures, which are now available for pre-order.


New Star Trek snow globes

Some of the first Star Trek collectibles were snow globes and now Willabee & Ward has announced the latest line of Trek globes with their new Star Trek Snow Globe Collection. Each snow globe is approximately 3.5” tall, produced in cold-cast porcelain/resin and hand painted, featuring Federation starships/shuttles and alien craft orbiting various planets and spatial anomalies. As is customary, there is “snow” shimmering inside each globe. Announced in the collection so far are the NX01 Enterprise, the USS Enterprise (original and D), the Shuttlecraft Galileo, Voyager, the Defiant, and a Klingon Bird of Prey.

Designs for 6 of the 12 globes from the Willabee & Ward Star Trek snow globe collection

Eventually there will be 12 different Star Trek globes in the collection. There is also a wood display shelving unit available for purchase to display the collection. Willabee & Ward ships one snow globe approximately each month for $24.95 (plus shipping and handling). The first snow globe, the U.S.S. Enterprise, is currently available “free” (plus $3.95 shipping and service) from the Willabee & Ward website, which then begins a shipment each month to the customer (customers may cancel their orders at any time and there is no obligation). More information and ordering at the Willabee & Ward site.

Willabee & Ward Star Trek snow globe collection display rack

Star Trek: TNG retro cloth figures coming this summer

First announced last Comic Con, today Diamond Select Toys released a new picture of their Star Trek: The Next Generation 8" cloth figures. The Picard and Borg figures will be the first TNG figures done in the 1970s retro MEGO style. DST are adding TNG figures in honor of the show’s 25th anniversary. The figures include all-new head sculpts and real cloth costumes. They will be released this summer and are available now for pre-order at Entertainment Earth ($32.99 for the pair).

TNG goes cloth (Click to enlarge)

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Mongo smash open snow globe to get at little ship.

I’d break ’em open & get the little models. But that’s just me.

Just some more pieces of crap for the uber-fans to spend Mom’s hard earned money on.

How else am I gonna decorate the basement?

Ah Star Trek toys…cant get enough

Actually, any update on the Star Trek game for the PS3/Xbox and all that????

hopefully we will have an update on the game soon. Already looking into it

Thanks Anthony, looking forward to that game too! I wouldn’t be surprised for the release to be delayed, since the movie is no longer scheduled for 5/12 but it would be nice to know for sure.

Can you say anything about the early Star Trek snow globes?


I get the retro figures ok but snow globes??? COME ON CBS, why all the cheap tat?

Give us:

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TNG Bottle Opener
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More from Qmx

Some decent licenses rather than some more cheap and throw-away shit

#6 sound Anthony!

Now if we can just get a synopsis for the new movie…cough…

Snowglobes? Gee whiz.

Is it only me or do these snowball pictures look like photoshop? Before I don’t see any believable photographs I won’t reach for my creditcard.
I’m ready though, basically.


I’m right there with you — that angle of the Defiant is the same angle we’ve seen time and time again of the ship.

Those Mego figures look awesome!

But I won’t pre-order…at least not yet. These figures could still end up being cancelled…..DS/AA is notorious for delays and cancellations.


True, but,it’s not about the angle alone. All of those ships look like they were copied from stills from the shows or movies. They don’t look like models, more like overly perfect cutouts, very clean, very 2D. Porcellain, handpainted? WUAHAHAHA!
Anthony, to the rescue!
They’re all …FaaaaaaaaaaKeS!!!

They’re 2D plastic cut-outs put inside a ball. They’re taken from various photo stills.

Cheap crap.

But the first Snow Globe is Free ( + s&h )

sell snowglobes to McDonalds worldwide

I like the space dust (snow) globe idea. But fake images are absolutely a no go… And ‘2D plastic cut-outs put inside a ball’, if so, are even worse.

The mego’s look cool. Good for luring young uns over to their father’s lifelong fascination with Trek.

Jeez people, use some imagnation. Obviously the snow globe images are renderings of what the final product should look like. Granted, actual pictures would be nice but perhaps they haven’t gone into producton yet. I think they’re kinda cool…especially as a set.

The captain is holding the wrong kind of phaser.

The captain is holding the right kind of phaser.

So maybe anthony can confirm n get real pix of the trek globes…snow in outer space…not canon…..

I have globes from the late great experience in vegas…enterprise tos…enterprise d..voyager n deep space nine station…globes not bad but ships inside gray plasticy n little..cost like 19 each..wonder if others were made…the new ones look a lot better….

Anthony, is there any word on who has the Star Trek 2013 toy license (please let it be Hasbro!)

Those cloth figures look SHITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cloth figures are awful.

I’m surprised nobody’s talking about the “Maxi-Busts” from Titan Books UK. The Kirk one is the best sculpted likeness I’ve yet seen of him.

One thing I’d like from the licensing conglomerate is/are Star Trek Polo Shirts (aka Golf Shirts) with Trek emblems. Not b.s. knockoff crap but quality shirts.

For Mego imitations, the figures look pretty good.

i had one gray polo shirt with the exp. vega gilton n fed emblem smallish in fave shirt worn it so much has holes in it now wish i found more…

geez the star trek experience las vegas hilton ….damn typos