Benedict Cumberbatch Talks Prep For Star Trek Sequel Role

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch was at the Golden Globes Awards in Los Angeles last night and he talked a bit about preparing for his upcoming role in the Star Trek sequel. The actor says he is working out and getting up to speed on Trek, but wouldn’t confirm he is playing the villain.


Cumberbatch talks Trek – won’t confirm he’s playing Villain

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch attended the Golden Globe Awards last night and talked to MTV about being cast in the Star Trek sequel. The actor would not confirm anything about his role, and even when the interviewer said "we know it is the villain," Cumberbatch replied "I don’t think we do know that, I think that is just supposition" going on to say he "wouldn’t have a job in this town" if he revealed who he was playing. Cumberbatch did say that he will start his work next week and he has been "working out non-stop" to prepare for the film. The actor also noted that "it has been great fun to prep" and he has been working to "get up to speed with true Trekkies." Watch it below.


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Still think he’d play a great Vulcan or Romulan. A shame that Zach Quinto was so good in the role; this guy would do a great Spock as well.

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He’s the Dragon in the Hobbit?

“Working out non-stop”


Paramount wont even release a title, why would anyone try to get details from him?

working out non-stop!!!!? How many times do you need to watch Space Seed and TWOK to understand how to play Khan?

I just saw him in “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” and he was great, though Mark Strong and Tom Hardy were the real standouts.

@John from Cincinnati-

No Khan, No Way, No How. NO! NO!


Actually Cumberbatch and Strong were the stand outs in Tinker Tailor. Hardy had to redo his scenes and even then he was very heavy handed in the scenes set in Paris.Pitched it all wrong.
If you cant view the MTV video its also on daily motion


If he were cast as Khan (I’m not saying he is, so don’t call me an idiot, Matthew), working out non-stop a week before shooting is not going to do much good.

Getting in Khan shape would take several months, at least.


It still sounds like Khan to me. They’ve just fleshed out the role to give him a greater character arc.

Remember he’s not doing all his scenes in one go. He has to go to new Zealand for a while and then come back again so maybe any scenes where he has to show physique can be filmed later on.In any event Khan wasnt that buff.

he won’t be playing Khan. if he is, like i’ve said before the movie would be a skip for me. based on what we think we know so far i wouldnt be surprised if he was human along with the other guest characters. probably not time travelers from the past, but maybe a secret society or just straight business men & women looking to take advantage of a new discovery.
unlikely but always possibilities; Klingons, Orion’s, Andorians, or a new race.

Holy Borg. MTV has assimilated this post. It keeps moving to their site without any movement from my computer!

Love Benedict’s voice! Small part in “War Horse.” Great speech urging his men to charge the German camp. Okay, he’s trying to Khanfuse us that he may not be playing the villain. Considering they wanted a Hispanic (See Ricardo Montalban originally as Khan.) for the main antagonist and this site reported it was Khan, I’m guessing Khan.

One more thing. Christopher Plummer (Star Trek VI, “Chang”) won the Globe for Best Supporting Actor for “Beginners.”

Sounds like he is confirming what Abrams said before – “Who said he is the villain?” Maybe he might be a character like how the Viceroy was to Schinzon?

I still think he is the bad guy. But there is a chance that he won’t be playing a traditional “bad guy”.

That is to say he could be a baddie in the Khan sense. No doubt Khan was a bad guy but he wasn’t the typical mustache twirling type. He really had a back story and a character you felt a little sympathy for.

While Nero had potential to be that character as well I think he went under developed as a sacrifice for needing to fit in all of the origin story stuff.

my computer is doing the same thing, very frustrating.

whats interesting is that Khan is supposed to be from India, but was played by a hispanic actor.
if, hypothetically, Cumberbatch is playing Khan than the production would be guilty of the same thing that countless productions before them, such as those who continue to cast the role of Captain Nemo with white british actors, have done.

but i’ll say it again, it’s not Khan.

Yeh, that was weird it would automatically play when refeshed the page. Its not doing it now.

its fixed now, no worries.

about my post a second ago, Ricardo Montalbán is a legend in every sense. his contrabutions to StarTrek, to entertainment, and to society are immeasurable. all that i’m saying is if they were going to go with Khan they would put a bit of thought into it. the character, along with Captain Nemo, comes from India so why not cast an Indian actor in the role. But Khan won’t be in this movie so we have nothing to worry about.

Just saw the final episode of series 2 of Sherlock, which aired here last night in the UK. Wow. I can’t help but feel that one of the best shows of the year has already been on, and it’s not even the end of January. Whatever the role, Cumberbatch will knock it out of the park.

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Thank you, Anthony Pascale. I hope it is fixed. Every time I tried to type something, it went to this MTV film, which I couldn’t even see…UGH! Sometimes I really think that MTV and Hulu need to get a fork shoved up never mind where!

Now, where was I, now that it appears that we are done with MTV wankery –

#14 – “but maybe a secret society or just straight business men & women looking to take advantage of a new discovery.”

Hmmm Yes, a possible story line. BTW, *anyone wondered how some of my intelligent, sentient lifeforms manage to travel solar winds et al? The nulis introduced the humanoid menosian people to space travel, not the other way round.

*I guess not, because the story clearly sucked so much (well, according to some) that such queries never entered anyone’s consciousness…oh well…:(

OK – finished now with having a wee sulk…

The actor who played Captain Robau in the last film would have made a fine Khan, if that’s truly the road we are headed down.

Regarding his avoidance of whether or not he’s the bad guy, I could see him being a “scientist whose experiment has gone wrong” sort of character. A well intentioned person whose actions inadvertantly cause some peril or problem to be overcome, but then I tend to think he will be a new character rather than someone previously seen.

It was understandable that there was a lot of secrecy last time out, and quite rightly so this time too. I’m happy for them to give us exclusive stuff as they see fit – however, we’ve all seen what the bridge crew look like in uniform since we all saw the last one, so how’s about letting someone tweet a pic of themself in uniform just to see some tangible evidence of…..something

I know who Benedetto Grislysnatch is playing. No need for secrecy if there’s nothing there.

Thanks Anthony Pascale (@ 19) for stopping MTV from assimilating the site and my computer. There’s a mild buffering issue but that’s probably this computer. Regardless, they won’t be forcing us to watch teenage reality programming.

Hey, not all Star Trek had a villain. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home had no villain. Classic episodes such as “City on the Edge of Forever” “The Devil in the Dark” “The Inner Light” all had no villains. I’m guessing since there’s so much riding on the sequel, they went the conventional route and are having a villain. But we’ll see how deep the Supreme Court will be with the story. A good antagonist would be Klingon Kor. (John Colicos (“Errand of Mercy”) You could do a lot of good old fashion Trek metaphors with that type of antagonist.

@ 24. Yes, Faran Tahir had amazing screen presence, he would make a great Khan, but I hope it is a new story.

@22. Archer, Sherlock was awesome, I just loved the whole series, although I thought Martin Freeman as Watson was the real heart and soul, with the slightly sociopathic Holmes as a great foil, proving what wonderful actors both are. Cumberbatch would have made a great Spock, even when Sherlock accidentally smiles, it looks wrong on his face somehow.

So he’s a villain who doesn’t consider himself one ;)

Cumberbatch is awesome.

Inspired casting!

Cumberbatch is a great actor with good presence, so that’s promising.

How many of you have seen “Sherlock”? The pilot was great, and the Irene Adler episode was good, but the rest? Very convoluted and boring with huge credibility-stretching observations and deductions. Martin Freeman is very good – looking forward to seeing Watson as Bilbo.

so, why i am not allowed to see that stuff in germany? over-exaggerating law- stuff, I assume?

@27 Agreed Spockchick, both Cumberbatch and Freeman were brilliant. The latter was the biggest surprise to me, as I tend to see him as Tim from The Office, regardless of the role he’s in. Sherlock, however, has enabled him to display his acting chops.

Hey I forgot – Freeman/Watson is also playing Bilbo Baggins, the bravest little hobbit of them all. ANOTHER Sherlock/Trek crossover!

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When I find a serious Trekker, I give the web site address.
Thank you Anthony and crew for all the time you put in this site.
It’s amazing!

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23. Keachick Hi …

Guess what… who is blonde?… I know … and you know where … you know, AP does not allow those links here … so …

:-) ;-)

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A charming villain… definitely!!!… :-) ;-)

It’s interesting to me that everyone has jumped to “Khan”.
I know they have started a new timeline, but I think it’s safe to assume they will be picking up relatively soon after the first film…if they decided to pull anything at all from the original series, I’d hope it’s from an earlier episode.
Khan seems lazy, obvious and not at all what I’d expect from that team. I’m hoping they drop a couple pieces from the early episodes into one.
The new timeline may have created very different characters than those we remember. Harry Mudd may not be a loveable rogue, but a deadly killer.
If they go with a later episode…it’d be nice to see some Klingons. Errand of Mercy has some potential– Organia, Klingons….what’s not to like?
Khan? I hope not.


Hi, Karla.

They are simply not going to be this coy about Commander Korgoth of the Klingon Empire or Captain SSSSSSzzzzzzth of the Gorn. You can’t jerk the mainstream media around like this only to reveal that you got nothin’.

It’s somebody we know rather well.

Khan. It’s definitely Khan.

He’d would be “fired from the business” for letting out a small detail about a Star Trek sequel?

Man, JJ!

Way, way too strict.

Has Cumberbatch ever actually worked in Hollywood? I think this may be his first large project on this side of the pond.

RDR, let’s face it. They can’t keep it under wraps that much longer. Heck, even Dark Knight eventually told you who the antagonists were, long before the release date. I’m guessing once we see what Cumberbatch is wearing, we’ll know. If we see him with forehead ridges?, and say things like “q’pla” it’s Klingon. Bare chest and the hint above is that he’s working out, Khan. I say you’re right, it’s Khan. And those that don’t want that , I see your point. It’s been done before. Still, can’t judge a movie until it comes out.

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I think that most actors have to sign some sort of non-disclosure agreement. It is the studio’s publicity agents, the producer(s) or director who make any relevant announcements regarding any movie details.

I get the feeling that we’ll be finding out who the villain is from some guy who works for some other guy who accidentally tumbles and stumbles onto a set inside the studio which bumbles its secrecy as J.J Abrams mumbles while the chatter on the internet rumbles!

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#36 Yes Dee, just popped over to take a peek.

Wearing a loose grey hoodie and pants with just a wisp of blonde hair showing and uber clean shaven. Very nice. Such a honey!

Come on, pictures please!

Why do so many people assume that working out means Khan? Klingons, Romulans, Gorn, an android, “Black Omne” from the Phoenix novels–any number of villains would require working out. Unless the villain is going to be a Talosian, of course. I guess Cumberbatch wouldn’t pump iron to play one of those.

#23 – “BTW, *anyone wondered how some of my intelligent, sentient lifeforms manage to travel solar winds et al? The nulis introduced the humanoid menosian people to space travel, not the other way round.
*I guess not, because the story clearly sucked so much (well, according to some) that such queries never entered anyone’s consciousness…oh well…:(”

Um…I’m confused, I guess. Are you referring to something you posted in another thread or something? Since nobody’s responded with queries, and since I don’t see anything else about “nulis” and such, I’m wondering where you posted this…whatever you’re talking about. Just curious…

#41 – Why do you say it’s Khan despite the strong evidence otherwise? (Evidence being statements that they’re doing something “original,” the casting of very un-Khanlike actors, etc…)

Gary Mitchell…
Would be another fiiting villain for BC’s acting skills.

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47. Keachick …

Oh but you forgot to mention the black crocs … LOL … Captain Fine and the Black Crocs…….. so gorgeous…. :-) ;-)

I ‘ve never heard of Benedict Cumberbatch, but I guarantee he’ll make a fine Star Trek villain in 2013. Much luck to him.