Video of the Day: Dog Sings Along With Star Trek Theme

Today the worlds of Star Trek and cute animal viral videos come together with a dog that likes to sing along to the theme from the original Star Trek series. Watch it below, plus a bonus video featuring a kitten that defies gravity.


Dog sings with Trek

Reader Chris Smith sent over this video of his dog Ike singing to the Star Trek theme.

Chris says via email:

I sat down for lunch and popped on an episode of Star Trek (I have been re-viewing everything since they were added to Netflix). Suddenly he started howling along. I rewound the episode and got the camera ready on my phone. Sure enough, he did it again. It isn’t like that was the first episode of Star Trek we have ever watched. He just must be excited about the next J.J. movie starting to shoot! LOL

Bonus: Gravity Defying Kitten

While not directly related to Star Trek, there is another cute animal video going viral this week that is worth sharing. This kitten appears to be like one of those ceiling-clinging Suliban from Star Trek: Enterprise as it defies gravity.


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Harry Ballz

I think the dog is saying, “I’VE HEARD THIS TUNE A MILLION TIMES! MAKE IT STOP!”


Slow day in the news, I see.


lol, poor dog’s like turn it down already can’t you see we’re trying to sleep here.

Bugs Nixon

I like Ike.


My dog use to sing the neighbours theme tune. Better singer than some if the stars that have come off that show


Jejeje liked :)

denny cranium

michael giachino (i hope i spelled his name right) is sampling this right now

That dog has got it easy.

Star Pig

HAHAHA!!! Piggie like…piggie like!!

tom r

haha i love it!!

Gabriel Bell

Suliban kitty! Love it! Thanks, Anthony and TrekMovie staff.

Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup

The awesome thing is that he was on pitch. Woooow…

Plomeek like. ^_^

Love it!


One of my cats does that EXACT same thing under my bed almost every night!


What do you mean not directly related to Star Trek? It looks like that cat has been to the barrier at the edge of our galaxy a’ la Gary Mitchell. Better kill it while you can!

mr. trek77



So if the dog sings the words to that song, does he need to pay royalties to the Roddenberry estate?


I once had a pet rabbit that would sit on the top of the couch watching Star Trek with me, then when the commercials came on, she’d hop away.


Musta been a 1st or 2nd season ep. By season three, the dog would have lunged for Shat’s toupe.
Looks like the kitty eyes are powered by the 44 gigawatt static electricity build-up.

ster j

Hey, the pup’s even on pitch. What talent!