See What Happened After Kid Kirk’s Corvette Joyride In Star Trek Ongoing Comic #5 Preview

The next issue (#5) of the new ongoing Star Trek comic series set in the new movie universe arrives tomorrow. #5 begins a new two-issue storyline which will retell the TOS episode "Operation: annihilate!" in the new movie universe and you can check out the first seven pages below.


What happened next?

As you remember from the 2009 Star Trek movie (and seen in the trailer below), the young James Tiberius Kirk was seen joyriding a Corvette and being chased by a cop. But what happened next? Well the next issue of the ongoing Star Trek comics (due in stores tomorrow) opens with a flashback to the Corvette aftermath. We get a glimpse of the Kirk farm in Iowa, and the designs used come from a deleted scene in the film.

PREVIEW: Star Trek: Ongoing #5
Writer: Mike Johnson
Joe Corroney
Cover: Tim Brandstreet


The voyages of the new crew of the Enterprise continue in this re-imagining of the classic episode OPERATION: ANNIHILATE! Captain Kirk comes face to face with the ghosts of his past when a rescue mission reunites him with the last person he expects to see: his brother! STAR TREK feature writer/producer Roberto Orci oversees this continuation of the story from the blockbuster 2009 movie!

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Star Trek Ongoing #5 cover

Star Trek Ongoing #5 — preview:

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Star Trek Ongoing #5 arrives tomorrow

Star Trek comics can be ordered and pre-ordered from, and all are discounted. (Note: Issues 1 & 2 no longer available).

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If you can wait, the first volume compiling the first individual issues will be released on March 13th. You can pre-order it at Amazon.

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