See What Happened After Kid Kirk’s Corvette Joyride In Star Trek Ongoing Comic #5 Preview

The next issue (#5) of the new ongoing Star Trek comic series set in the new movie universe arrives tomorrow. #5 begins a new two-issue storyline which will retell the TOS episode "Operation: annihilate!" in the new movie universe and you can check out the first seven pages below.


What happened next?

As you remember from the 2009 Star Trek movie (and seen in the trailer below), the young James Tiberius Kirk was seen joyriding a Corvette and being chased by a cop. But what happened next? Well the next issue of the ongoing Star Trek comics (due in stores tomorrow) opens with a flashback to the Corvette aftermath. We get a glimpse of the Kirk farm in Iowa, and the designs used come from a deleted scene in the film.

PREVIEW: Star Trek: Ongoing #5
Writer: Mike Johnson
Joe Corroney
Cover: Tim Brandstreet


The voyages of the new crew of the Enterprise continue in this re-imagining of the classic episode OPERATION: ANNIHILATE! Captain Kirk comes face to face with the ghosts of his past when a rescue mission reunites him with the last person he expects to see: his brother! STAR TREK feature writer/producer Roberto Orci oversees this continuation of the story from the blockbuster 2009 movie!

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Star Trek Ongoing #5 cover

Star Trek Ongoing #5 — preview:

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Star Trek Ongoing #5 arrives tomorrow

Star Trek comics can be ordered and pre-ordered from, and all are discounted. (Note: Issues 1 & 2 no longer available).

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If you can wait, the first volume compiling the first individual issues will be released on March 13th. You can pre-order it at Amazon.

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Are these worth getting?

I only got first issue then didn’t get any others as I felt it was what I thought, derivitive of the classics. Maybe I was too harsh.

Artist Joe Corroney could sure use my help inking. Especially on the hair! Learn to feather, man!


@1 I think it’s worth it. I understand what you mean about issue #1, but if you check out issue #2, you’ll see that they went in a different direction with concluding the Gary Mitchell story.

That seems to be their MO when re-telling TOS stories: part I is pretty close to the original episode and part 2 veers off into new territory.

Keachick - rose pinenut

This comic series is meant to be derivative of the classic TOS episodes, with one or two twists.


This is the only comic I’ve ever read. Mike Johnson’s made it clear that re-imagined episodes will increasingly diverge from TOS stories, and the series will offer new stories, as well.

The next two will cover Operation A., but are promised to diverge–aren’t you dying to know how…?! The next two-part series after Annihilate will cover a new story, about a sect of Vulcans set on revenge.

Happy reading.

“What happened next?”

No offense, but I don’t particularly care.

I’ve enjoyed other Trek comics over the decades, as well as the novels, but I don’t drool over minutiae. So unless there’s a more compelling story point involved here, my first reaction is “pass”.

Anyone else feel the same way about Trek “peripherals” (comics, novels)?

i think they’re worth it, better than most of the trek comics i’ve read, imo. but maybe i’m just eager for new stories with the new crew and didn’t like the others because there were ‘enough’ stories told on tv, movies, etc.

I am LOVING this series so far. I preordered the A and B covers. A covers to read and B covers for my collection. The B variant covers have incredible art, the are fantastic.

A) They are using the original stories with a slight twist, its perfect.

B) We know that there are hints in these about the movie, and like the Countdown series its leading up to the new movie. Whether its alternate cannon or not, does not matter, its cannon to me, just as I consider Countdown as alternate cannon.

The next two will cover Operation A., but are promised to diverge–aren’t you dying to know how…?! The next two-part series after Annihilate will cover a new story, about a sect of Vulcans set on revenge.

Could this be a clue by NCM as to what’s going to happen in Trek XII

The comic series was supposed to start off as a straight forward re-telling with little twists here and there and then begin to evolve into it’s own thing exclusive to the new movie universe. Personally, I think they’re doing a good job and I’d say if you’re a fan of comic books then sure, it’s worth picking up (for me, I’m a big fan of the alt universe so I love seeing anything being done with these versions of the characters). I’ve grabbed this new ongoing series along with a couple of DC’s New52 books each month. If comics arent your thing, then jump on the band wagon close to the end of its run when there will be more tie-ins to the 2013 film.

Basically, it’s either something you’ll enjoy or something you wont but it’s definitely not mandatory reading for every trekkie.

What? No imagination? This is just an old story from the original series.

I thought that the “New Direction” would mean new stories. Not jsut retelling the same old plots with just different players.

Next is the “Trouble with Tribbles”?

@ 9 Commodore Adams

It’s weird, but I do look at Countdown as cannon although I know I probably shouldnt. But it was a great story and fleshed out the fate of B4/Data as I thought they would/could have if there had been a sequel to Nemesis or a more neatly wrapped up ending to Nemesis. To have Data as Captain of the Enterprise, Picard as ambassador (as I always thought he’d be a Sarek type ambassador), Georedi and his team building Spock’s ship along with the Vulcans, the full effect of the Hobus star exploding, etc etc etc… it was all a great story and honestly could have made for an amazing prequel film or TV special to Trek 09.

Makes it hard not to look at this ongoing series as cannon since Orci has his hand in it and it’s actually supposed to be missions that take place between Trek09 and Trek2013. Anyway, it’s great fun and makes the waiting that much more easy.

@13 Yeah, I badly want Countdown to be cannon just because I hate how TNG movies ended. There never was a fitting send-off.

I keep wanting to check these new comics out but I’m 50 years old. But I haven’t acted my age up to now so why start.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this comic series so far, and it is only getting better. This is the closest I think we will get to a serialized adventure like a television show for quite awhile. I take a trip to my local comic store once a month to pick up the new comic with a big @#$% eating grin on my face. Any of you iPhone users out there can also download them if you are too embarrassed to walk into a comic shop.

Dee - lvs moon' surface

Looks cool, I think!……….:-) :-)

I just assumed Kirk realized he didn’t know how to drive a car, as shown in “a piece of the action” & never tried again.

I’m pretty easy, I view everything as canon unless it’s contradicted directly by the films/TV series which are “paramount”. (novels / comics that contradict each other are a subset phenomena) Otherwise, hey, they’re fictional characters and they lead EXCEPTIONALLY BUSY lives.

@15: Andy, I thoroughly agree. It’s great fun and the best ‘ongoing’ access to Trek adventures. I can relate to the rest, too; though it’s probably worse for me. I mention I’m going to the comic store and someone hunches shoulders, rubs his palms together and sneers, “Oooooo, a woman!” I used to breeze in, eyes on my feet, trying to Spock the grin off my face, and beeline for the Trek shelf. But the guys at the counter are delightful geeks, and not too geeky. I’m starting to hold my head a little higher and even feign ease and interest in other articles.

These look interesting, but I think I’ll wait for Volume 1 so I don’t have to pay for them separately. Plus, I like to buy my printed media from a bookstore and I haven’t seen the individual comics on sale, but I have seen compilations on sale at bookstores. I crave anything taking place in the new universe. I’ve even checked out the Starfleet Academy teen novels from the library that take place in the new universe. They’ve been okay. I love picturing the new crew in these roles.

Two potential clarifications:

1. Winona is “off-planet” during the theft of the Corvette. The uncle screams it over the Nokia.

Unless the scenes with the robocop are days/weeks later, it is impossible for her to be in Iowa directly following the car’s drop into the quarry.

2. Kirk’s brother is named “Johnny” in the ST09 (Jim yells at him from the car as he passes). Unless “George” is a second brother. George, who I assume the one on Deneva, is not the kid hitching on the highway. Johnny was born in the pre-divergent timeline, so George was as well.

Also, parenting note: When your pre-teen son runs away from home down the highway to grandpa’s house, mom usually goes and gets him.

I haven’t read the comic, and perhaps it’s all explained. I’ll keep quiet now.

#21 – Was it actually established that the boy walking on the road is Jim’s brother? I don’t recall seeing that?

21 –

1) Off planet doesn’t need to be far. She might have been at Spacedock or the Moon, easily within 23rd-century “business trip” range to beam back.

2) It was never established in dialogue that Johnny is Kirk’s brother. The same actor played his brother in a deleted scene, and that is the only connection – they reused the actor, is all (making use of a day’s shoot or something) and the name could have been overdubbed in post.

My own comments – the coloring is superb – great sense of ambient light in multiple colours from different directions. but the inking is a tiny bit rough, and it’s insanely obvious that for the characters, they are tracing stills from the movie – both here and in the last comic…. To the point where it doesn’t look physically possible for two people to be standing as close / in the positions they’ve layered them in, it’s awkward. The art of comics is about suggesting expression and movement with lines, I would be fine sacrificing literal realism in favour of natural, fluid composition.

@22 Canadianknight; I think it’s established in the extra footage that was cut, or in commentary on the special edition(?) video. I’ve lent out both copies of my Trek 2009 (and no one’s owning up to having them), so I can’t verify for certain, but I’m pretty sure…

The deleted scene established that the hitchhiking kid was “George., Kirk’s brother. When that bit was trimmed to just the ‘vette, Young Kirk’s yell was changed to “Johnny.” I have NO idea why.

Also, shout-out to the ole NX-01 in Kirk’s holo-ship-thingies!

Keachick - rose pinenut

No, it was not established in the actual film that the boy walking along the side of the road was Jim Kirk’s brother. Jim called him Johnny. Johnny was not a pre-teen. For all we know, Johnny may have been a neighbour walking along the road.

I do not see deleted scenes as being canon, so, as far as I am concerned I have not seen Jim Kirk’s older brother, George, just heard an older man screaming at Jim over a phone about taking the Corvette out for a spin while Jim’s mother was off-planet. The section of the latest comic above filled in the gaps, explaining an older, teen George going to live with his grandfather etc.

BTW, the word is CANON, not caNNon. Every time I read the word ‘cannon’, I keep great big guns sitting on an old Spanish galleon ship…

I am enjoying this series and hope in this universe George Jr. survives because he didn’t make out so well in the ‘prime’ timeline.

Waiting fot the trade, enjoying the revisitaton of the old stories but need new ones too- this was a concern when they hadn’t finished the script but now they have a shooting script I think it should not be a problem to do original stories, just don’t kill anyone established in the films…

Love the ongoing. It’s interetsing to see the stories refurbished and refabricated much as Fringe is doing in the early part of its season.

Keachick - rose pinenut
Why is Winona’s hair so dark? She was blonde, fair when she gave birth to Jim Kirk. I have always taken it that Jim Kirk had brown hair, not black hair. George Kirk Snr had fair hair as well. As a fair skinned, fair headed female, you don’t get black hair as you get older, even when you have had three lots of hair darkening pregnancy hormones running around your blood system, ie Rosemary – Keachick. The only other explanation was that Winona Kirk was not naturally fair, just another dyed “blonde”. The dark hair grew out, the dye washed out, leaving her with some non-descript dark hair. As I said once before, Chris Pine does not need to dye his hair blonde/fair because he already has naturally brown hair consistent with how a fair haired boy would look as he got older, especially if some of his family genetics he inherited had some people with darker hair tones. Another trait is the tendency to get freckles. Chris Pine has a few freckles on his lower arms where the hairs are very fair. I love his gorgeous hairy lower arms. Never noticed this on any other guy…oh dear me…:) Perhaps people are not that familiar now with seeing those who are naturally fair headed as this particular human genetic trait, some believe, could become pretty much extinct or extremely rare within another generation or two…Honest truth (as far as I am aware). This has nothing to do with any white… Read more »

Canon schmanon. None of it’s real. I too wonder why they changec george to Johnny (just to avoid confusing fans who would have wondered why George is walking down a road?). Seems like a bad call.

I have to say, I like that this is a jerky uncle instead of a deadbeat boyfriend, although I’d still hope that by the 23rd century, a single mother (even one scarred by the death of her husband) can support kids on her own without leaning on abusive guys.

actually, W leaving her kids might make sense if she’d become a little squirelly and overprotective after the Kelvin and refused to let her kids travel in space or leave Earth (but she still had to leave because of her job? Er, she knew George wouldn’t want her to give up that career? ….Maybe not. Er, not the strongest, but).

Oh, now we know why Kirk only cares about his father and not his mother. She disciplined him in a very non-angry way. I like Kirk a lot less thanks to this.

kinda weird that Chekov’s russian was translated into French for an english speaking audience.

why not just say *good luck, safe travel” ?

I absolutely loved the Countdown series. I haven’t looked into any of the TOS episode re-tells that are selling now, but plan to.

@33: You like him less? Is that even possible?

Great comic book series so far.

I also like the nod to S.T. history — in young Jimmy’s room, he’s apparently admiring holographic images of famous vessels, including an NX-Class starship (Enterprise NX-01, we presume?). You know, this is the kind of detail I’d have liked to see in the NOVELIZATION of the S.T.-11 movie, although I guess we can’t have everything all at once: this story appears to have been well thought-through, and those writing it (as well as those providing the ARTWORK) obviously know their ‘Trek history (as that holo image of an NX-Class vessel above Jimmy’s bed evidently indicates). Excellent work!

How can Vulcan’s want revenge? Doesn’t it take emotion to want revenge? Doesn’t make sense whatsoever.

Like several others, I thought Number 1 was not that impressive in telling the same old story with just different images of the characters except the guest stars. They look the same and totally out of place. Art work was typical of today’s comics, poorly done.
Since the story ending is different I might pick it up to check it out. The thing that may entice me to buy Operation: Annihilate is if Kirk’s family lives, breaking one of the many Star Trek cliche’s – Kill off most if not all the relatives! I hate that. They did it with Picard and that was so badly acted. Patrick Stewart just can’t do emotional sadness. He came across so forced and phony I actually laughed in the theater.
There were several bad calls in the ’09 movie. The theatrical cut (which is JJ’s director’s cut) makes one believe he had no older brother. Where was he? Why were mom that far along and dad in deep space and he wasn’t with them? Also, maybe it’s just me but when I watch the BluRay that line comes out as “HEY GEORGIE!” through my BOSE speakers. Regardless, these retelling of TOS tales seems like just a way to soak the fans one more time by Paramount. The few ;originals’ that come out of this probably won’t be anything to call home about.

He didn’t yell “Johnny”. He yelled “Georgie”

As I mentioned in another post: I’m enjoying the comics for their stated potential to reveal clues and tidbits that may surface in the next movie. What I’m NOT liking are the changed resolutions to previously told stories. In “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” I didn’t mind (SPOILERS):

the absence of Dr. Dehner. That can make sense with a new timeline. What I didn’t feel was motivated or justified was the sudden appearance of Spock on the planet to kill Mitchell. Mitchell would have sensed his approach, just like he did Kirk’s. Also, the story makes much more emotional impact if it is Jim Kirk having to kill his own friend in the fight. When Spock does it, it completely removes any emotional connection for me.

Make changes that might make sense for the new timeline, but don’t change things, particularly endings that come from growth in character development. Otherwise Star Trek goes from well-written drama better than most (TV show-wise) to simply average.

Yeah, I like these comics too. It’s quite interesting to see what (reasonable) changes the authors come up with. So far, I haven’t been disappointed. Though I admit, I’m rewatching the original episodes for direct comparisons. :-) I even have the comics shipped from the U.S. to Germany

Over my quick lunch-rush read, I caught two errors the editor(?) missed. Mike, happy to offer free proofing with a promise to never reveal story details before the comic’s on the racks:)

I LOVE this comic. Can’t wait for next month’s conclusion!!

@#39 – You lose your entire world and most of your species you just might lose a bit of emotional control…

@42 Changes to WNMHGB only make sense. At the time it was made, GR had no idea how strong the Kirk-Spock connection would become. It was Edith Keeler who made the comment about Spock being “at his [Kirk’s] side”. In this alt-universe, Kirk and Spock are already at this point of true service and friendship (namely at the end of Trek 2009: the interaction about offering help to Nero nails this). I can buy that when WNM happens this time, that Spock is involved even moreso. It wasn’t really Kirk alone that killed Mitchell in the prime, it was Dehner together with Kirk’s fatal blow. So, Spock fills in the ‘gap’ by the absence of Dehner. The alt universe tries to match the prime universe as much as it can, it seems. That’s in line with boborci’s interpretation of the multiple worlds view of QM. Universe try to align as best they can, as this reduces the number of “solutions”. @21: boborci can clarify since he’s a supreme, but I’d think that young Kirk wasn’t released until his mother came down planet to “bail him out”. He surely spent a day or two in juvie, no? I think they want George to be quite a bit older, perhaps a teen old enough to have decided to go live with Grandpa Tiberius Kirk up on Georgian Bay in Ontario (read that book, what was it, I forget?) The boy they cast who ended up being called Johnny (which is canonical: whereas… Read more »

I wondered for a split second why Kirk’s older brother wasnt with his father and mother if they were so far out in deep space BUT then I quickly remembered that this isnt a galaxy class ship where families and kids ran around like it was a daycare. it made sense for Winona to be aboard but I couldnt see a kid hanging around the Kelvin. That in itself would give reason for George being fed up with his uncle and just walking away (in the deleted scenes) given the fact that maybe he was stuck there with him while the parents were off on the Kelvin. Who knows. I think it does -again- bring Trek down to an relatable issue that alot of kids face today if they have parents who are both in the military and away from home. Just another form of the human story right there.

@17 This is the alternate timeline, remember. If Jim didn’t live with his mom and uncle (who has a car) (and he lives there because of the timeline disruption that caused his father’s premature death) then he probably would never have learned to drive one.

I’m loving the comics so far and I can’t wait till The Vendetta Conspiracy comes out in March.

I hate to nit-pick, but the fact that there’s just some random kid trudging down the road with a suitcase in the movie really bugged me, especially because I knew he was intended to be Jim’s brother. It’s confusing if you didn’t know that already and if you did, it’s just irritating. The bit of fan-wankery I did to explain this to myself was that it’s still Sam, but prior to that scene, he told Jim that when he ran away, he’d be changing his name to John something.

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