Orci Talks Star Trek Sequel Budget, Scale Of The Film, & Engine Room

While interacting with fans here at TrekMovie.com in the comments section, Star Trek sequel co-writer/producer Roberto Orci has dropped a couple of interesting tidbits about the film’s budget, scale and even the engine room. See below for more.


Orci on Star Trek sequel budget, scale and engine room

In interacting with fans here at TrekMovie.com, Star Trek sequel co-writer/producer Roberto Orci has actually dropped some interesting bits of info about the film, which is currently in production and due in theaters May 17, 2013. First up he answered a couple of questions on the scale (and cost) for the sequel.

DS9 IN PRIME TIME:  boborci. What is the budget for this film? Is it the same as the last or are they giving you more?


Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire: Do you think in scope that Trek 13 will be bigger then Trek 09
Bigger? Yup.

It is good to know that Paramount has faith in the film and the creative team. The budget for the 2009 movie was around $145 million, which was a record for a Star Trek film, but not too uncommon for a tent-pole. However, it is worth noting that the film’s budget was set in early 2007, before the latest financial crisis and credit crunch which has hit Hollywood as much as Wall Street. Also, there are built-in cost savings for the sequel, with a lot of design and construction work (especially on the USS Enterprise) already paid for with the last film. And the actors were locked into option deals which traditionally increase per film, but not dramatically. So, it actually wouldn’t have been a surprise if Paramount chose to stick with the same or even a smaller budget for the sequel.

Big scene from 2009’s "Star Trek" – Orci says 2013 will be even bigger

Of course Star Trek movies have seen big shifts in budgets before. The combined budgets of Star Trek II, III and IV was about the first Trek feature. And producers and directors from all the post-Star Trek: The Motion Picture films have complained about Paramount’s budget limitations.

By the way, JJ Abrams has recently talked about the studio requiring him to produce a 3-D conversion version of the film (in addition to the 2-D version). It would not be surprising if this requirement was linked to the increased budget for the film. After all, the studio (and their financial partner Skydance) want to make a return on their investment, and higher 3-D ticket sales (especially overseas) are going to help the bottom line.  

Orci also answered a fan’s follow-up question to his previously reported comment about how we will be seeing "cool improvements" to the engineering section of the USS Enterprise.

VulcanFilmCritic: I’m still mulling over the improvements to the engine room. What could those be? I mean visually.
boborci: You’ll see more of it.

Scotty ejects the warp core in Star Trek 2009 – Orci says we will see more of the Engine room in the sequel

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