Photo of the Day: Star Trek Voyager Boys Reunion

More than a decade after the show went off the air, the actors from Star Trek: Voyager still like to get together in Los Angeles for a dinner. And just in time for Voyager’s 17th anniversary, actor Robert Duncan McNeill shared a photo from this week’s gathering of the Voyager boys (sans one). Check it out below 


Voyager Boys Reunion

This week is is the 17th anniversary. What better time for the boys of Voyager to get together for a reunion? Actually the actors from Star Trek: Voyager have been getting together regularly, but for the gathering last night Robert Duncan McNeill sent out a photo via Twitter. We can see Garrett Wang (Kim), Robert Beltran (Chakotay), Ethan Phillips (Neelix) Robbie McNeill (Paris) and Robert Picardo (The Doctor). If you are wondering where Tim Russ is, Robbie tells TrekMovie that he usually shows up for their dinners, but wasn’t available this week.

@RobbieMcDunc: Voyager traditional boys steak dinner… A farewell to Neelix who’s moving back to NYC! We’ll miss him!!!

Photo from Robert Duncan McClick to enlarge

Voyager Actress Jeri Ryan wasn’t  there either, but she did retweet the photo saying "Aww, my boys…!! <3"

Happy anniversary to Voyager and thanks for the memories guys

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